Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 25

Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 25

The Tower of Wisdom

Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 25 is the final episode of the season. And yes, I mean the season, not only Part 2. We have confirmation that there will be a Season 2 and that it will begin airing in 2023.

But, today’s article isn’t about Season 2; it’s about Part 2 Episode 25. In this episode, the Imperial Scholars and their parents attend the social gathering. This is the event Loid wants to get into so he can develop a relationship with Donovan Desmond.

But, Anya doesn’t have enough Stella Stars for them to attend just yet. And although Loid is a master spy, he has to admit that it would be difficult, even for him, to sneak in. That’s because the social gathering takes place in the Tower of Wisdom and security is tight.

Loid Forger wearing a disguise from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 25
Loid Forger wearing a disguise

If Loid’s mission was only to assassinate Desmond, it wouldn’t be much of a problem. He’d be able to get in once. But, that’s not his mission. His mission is to get close to Desmond so he can gather intel from him over an extended period of time. And to do that, Loid needs to meet Desmond as himself, not in a disguise.

Meeting Desmond in a disguise could cause issues. He can’t disguise himself as a celebrity because Desmond might meet them “again.” And he can’t disguise himself as a waiter, because then he wouldn’t get to have a conversation with Desmond.

With all this in mind, Loid comes up with a plan to meet Desmond outside the social gathering. He finds out that Damian is going to meet up with his dad in a courtyard. And so, all Loid has to do is happen to be in that courtyard at the same time.

First Contact

Loid’s plan to meet Desmond is simple. First, he pretends that Anya lost the keychain she keeps on her bag. Then, he asks Damian and his friends if they’ve seen it anywhere. Of course, he knows they have. Loid planted it in the courtyard where they’re waiting for Damian’s father.

So, when Damian returns the keychain to Loid, that’s Loid’s opening to introduce himself. Loid’s then able to stall by talking to Damian about Anya until Donovan Desmond arrives. And, once Desmond arrives, it’s time for the second phase of Loid’s plan.

Loid assumes that Desmond has heard that his son was assaulted at the opening ceremony. And, this assumption turns out to be correct. So, he introduces himself as the father of the assailant and apologizes for Anya’s actions. He then attempts to go a step further and invite himself over to apologize at the Desmond home.

Loid Forger meeting Donovan Desmond from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 25
Loid Forger meeting Donovan Desmond

However, Desmond shuts Loid’s self-invitation down. And once this happens, Loid doesn’t push further because he doesn’t want to make Desmond too wary. Instead, he shifts to talking about their children and how hard it is being a parent. He’s trying to figure out what Desmond’s relationship with his kids is like.

And when Desmond mentions that he doesn’t understand what his kids are thinking, Loid has his in. That’s when he brings up Desmond’s meeting with Damian and how it means he wants to be closer to his son. Regardless of whether Loid is right, he at least gets Desmond’s attention with this.

While Loid wasn’t able to get close to Desmond, this interaction was very important. It accomplished 2 things. First, Loid learned more about the dynamic of the Desmond family. And second, he got Donovan Desmond to remember his name. That’s a win.

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Donovan Desmond’s Secrets

Why does WISE want to get Loid close to Donovan Desmond? Desmond is the chairman of the ruling political party in the country. That doesn’t mean he’s the leader of the country. But, it does mean he holds significant power and influence. And, he has access to a lot of information.

If Loid can get close to Desmond, he can help the West in 2 ways. First, he can get critical information out of Desmond and provide it to the West. For example, he could find out that the East is planning a false flag attack and the West could prevent it.

Information is also powerful when it comes to negotiations. If Loid provides state secrets to the West, they could use them when negotiating with the East. And that doesn’t necessarily mean blackmail. It could mean offering things they know the East needs, but hasn’t asked for.

Donovan Desmond from the anime series Spy x Family Part 2 Episode 25
Donovan Desmond

The second way a position close to Desmond could help is if Loid can influence him. Let’s say the West really wants the East to agree to a particular treaty. Loid could drop subtle hints about it when around Desmond and influence his stance over time.

If Operation Strix is successful, the West will be able to be proactive in how it deals with the East. They’ll be able to act on intel before the East makes its moves. And they’ll be able to push the East in the direction they want before it chooses an alternative course.

Now, what I’m wondering is what the future of the series is going to look like. It’s not like Operation Strix is over once Loid has a relationship with Desmond. But, how will the series change once that relationship is in place? Will there be a new target?


What do you think of the final episode of Spy x Family Part 2? Are you looking forward to the next season coming in 2023? How were you expecting Loid’s first contact with Desmond to go? And do you think there will be a new target once Loid gets close to Desmond? Let me know in the comments.

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