SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 2

SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 2

Dynazenon Training Arc

I believe that episode 2 is the first time we’ve actually seen the SSSS.Dynazenon opening. At least, I don’t remember seeing it in episode 1. I think in episode 1 we just got the opening song but not the visuals to go with it.

As far as openings go, I thought this was a pretty good one. I wouldn’t say that the song is really anything special, but it’s the same band that did the SSSS.Gridman opening, so that’s neat. The visuals were pretty nice though. Pretty colors make my brain think things are cool.

Aside from the opening, I wasn’t too big of a fan of the start of this episode. I didn’t really feel like we needed that mini recap of the kaiju fight from the previous episode. But, I guess the scene directly after it with Gauma giving everyone else a piece of Dynazenon was important.

Chise showing Gauma that a new kaiju has appeared from the anime series SSSS.Dynazenon
Chise telling Gauma to follow @DoubleSama on Twitter

One thing I’m a bit unsure about still is Chise’s role in all of this. Didn’t Gauma give Chise the “legs” of Dynazenon? I guess those are the submarine when separate from the main body. But Chise’s still not one of the four pilots. So what was the point of giving her a piece?

Anyway, the first half of this episode is primarily focused on the characters, except Yomogi, training with their various parts of Dynazenon. I’m a bit disappointed that they don’t all look like dinosaurs. But vehicles are cool too, I guess.

Oh, and of course, the most important part of the first half of the episode is the scene of Yume in the bath. If they just extended that scene for a few more minutes, it would have been perfect.

A New Kaiju Appears

The kaiju from this episode was a lot more interesting than that from the previous episode. For starters, I really liked the colors of this one — as did the Kaiju Eugenicists, apparently. Pink, purple, and teal are just a good combination, what can I say?

Beyond its appearance, I also liked this kaiju‘s warping ability. I thought it made the battle a lot more interesting because it was more than just two giant mechs slamming into each other. Once warping is introduced into a fight, strategy becomes much more important.

Building on that, it was nice to see that there were actually some rules at play during this fight. I mean, super robot series fights don’t really follow many rules in general. Usually, anything goes, which often results in random beams being fired.

The warping kaiju from the anime series SSSS.Dynazenon
The warping kaiju

However, it was noticed that the kaiju spread its wings before it warped each time. And once our heroes had this information, they could form a plan to take advantage of that weakness. If they can restrict the kaiju‘s wings, they can stop it from warping around.

The Kaiju Eugenicists are an interesting inclusion in the series even if we don’t know anything about them. I think the fact that they control the kaiju is a good dynamic for the series to have because it allows for the kaiju to be more than mindless monsters.

And, while we don’t actually know what their goals and purpose are, we can make some assumptions. Based on their group name and the fact that one of them said “kaiju shall steer the world,” we can assume they believe kaiju to be the life forms deserving of ruling over the planet.

Dyna Soldier Wing Combine!

Already, I’m trying to think about where this series is going to go in the future. Based on the events of SSSS.Gridman, I can’t believe that this is going to remain a standard super robot series throughout its entire run. There has to be some twist later on.

So far, I can think of three areas in which that twist could manifest. First, there are the kaiju users. Gauma claims to be a kaiju user himself, and yet he’s not with the other kaiju users. So there must be something more to their relationship.

Also, if Gauma is a kaiju user and also a good guy, doesn’t that imply that kaiju aren’t inherently bad? After all, the kaiju in this episode was minding its own business until the Kaiju Eugenicists showed up and began controlling it.

The Dyna Soldier and Dyna Wing combined from the anime series SSSS.Dynazenon
The Dyna Soldier and Dyna Wing combined

The second form the twist could take is in relation to Yume’s older sister. How did she die? Did it have anything to do with kaiju? And is there more behind the scenes of Yume’s situation at home that we’re not seeing? It seems like her parents don’t really care about her, but cared a lot about her sister.

Finally, there’s the combining nature of Dynazenon. I don’t really know how this could be worked into a twist later on. But maybe it has something to do with kaiju combining as well? And then it turns out Dynazenon is actually a kaiju itself? I don’t know.

I feel like there has to be something more to the combining nature of Dynazenon, though. The T-Rex form it took last week was kind of similar to a kaiju in appearance. And since even Gauma doesn’t know what Dynazenon really is, there’s always a possibility.


What do you think of SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 2? Was it any better than the first episode? I think it was. Which individual part of Dynazenon is your favorite? Personally, I like the car the most. And what’s your early prediction for the twist that’s sure to come later on?

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