SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 8

SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 8

A Kaiju is Born

Alright, let’s get the obligatory “there was no review of Episode 7 last week” out of the way. I watched Episode 7, but there were no reviews last week and I’m not going to review it now. I may reference it in this review, though (or I may not).

Anyway, SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 8 was a pretty average episode. And I think a large portion of why that’s the case is that the Kaiju featured in this episode wasn’t anything special. Yes, there were other possibly important aspects of the episode. But if the Kaiju isn’t exciting, the episode probably won’t be either.

While this Kaiju did go on a rampage eventually, it didn’t do so with any kind of special ability. Its ability was simply to paint multi-colored splotches on things. So when it came time to fight it, the fight wasn’t all that interesting.

Yomogi showing Yume the baby Kaiju from the anime series SSSS.Dynazenon
Yomogi showing Yume the baby Kaiju

The only really interesting things about this Kaiju are that it started off as a baby and that Yomogi was able to connect with it in the same way the Kaiju Eugenicists do. However, Yomogi wasn’t able to actually control it, and he killed it in the end.

What I think is more interesting from this episode than the Kaiju was the little bit of Koyomi’s backstory that we got. Over the past few episodes, we’ve been getting small pieces of his backstory and connection to the girl he knew in high school.

Previously, I assumed the bag they found in the abandoned building belonged to Yume’s older sister. I still think that’s the case. But now that we know the bag was full of cash, it makes her death seem more likely to have been murder than suicide.

Gridknight x Dyna Soldier

Something you may have noticed in this episode is that Gridknight and Dyna Soldier were able to “combine.” They didn’t actually combine in the same way that the various pieces of Dynazenon can. But, Dyna Soldier resonated with Gridknight and became a weapon for it.

Why is this significant? Well, it might mean that Dynazenon and Gridknight are the same type of thing. I don’t really know what they are. I don’t feel like they’re Kaiju, but they’re connected to Kaiju in some way. And the fact that they resonate with each other implies they have the same origin.

It might seem kind of obvious that Dynazenon and Gridknight would have the same origin since they’re both used to defeat Kaiju. But, that’s not necessarily the case. Dynazenon is a combining mech with five pilots while Gridknight is a humanoid mech-thing that might actually be its pilot.

Dyna Soldier and Gridknight combining from the anime series SSSS.Dynazenon
Dyna Soldier and Gridknight combining

If you’ve been paying close attention, Knight never says that he’s the pilot of Gridknight (and neither does his assistant). They say that Knight is Gridknight. So rather than piloting it, he might actually transform into it.

I actually don’t remember what the deal with Gridman was. Did Gridman have a pilot, or did the main character turn into Gridman in a way? I know that Gridman had its own sentience. But I feel like it fused with the protagonist to fight or something.

Anyway, going back to Dynazenon, is it new information that the person who gave Dynazenon to Gauma is a princess? We knew it was a woman, but I think the princess part might be new. Is it going to end up being the Kaiju girl from Gridman? Is she a princess?

Yume x Yomogi

Let’s talk about Yume and Yomogi. Obviously, these two are going to end up together. At this point, I’d be shocked if by the end of the series it wasn’t at least heavily implied that the two of them were dating. And while I know a lot of people don’t like romance subplots, I don’t mind this one.

In fact, I think the whole love triangle between Koyomi, his high school crush, and Chise is way more forced than anything going on between Yume and Yomogi. With Yume and Yomogi, we’ve seen their relationship develop over the course of the series.

Well, when I say that we’ve seen their relationship develop, what I really mean is that we’ve seen how Yume feels about Yomogi change throughout the series. From the start, Yomogi seemed to always be interested in Yume. I think he’s just interested in any girl who looks in his direction.

Yume and Yomogi from the anime series SSSS.Dynazenon
Yume and Yomogi

At the beginning of the series, Yume wasn’t really interested in Yomogi. To her, he was just another person she could stand up after asking him to wait for her somewhere. But now that he’s become involved in the investigation into her sister’s death, things are different.

I think I’ve also finally figured out why Yume always asks people (guys) to meet up with her somewhere before ultimately ghosting them. To me, this seems like she’s almost replicating what happened with her sister. Wasn’t her sister supposed to come right back home and then never showed up?

I don’t think that this is Yume having some weird abandonment obsession, though. There must be a better reason for it, right? Like, since she observes the person she ghosted from a distance, maybe she wants to see how other people react to being abandoned?


What do you think about SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 8? Did you like the Kaiju featured in this episode? Do you think that Knight actually turns into Gridknight? And what are your thoughts on Yume’s and Yomogi’s relationship? Let me know in the comments.

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