Summer 2018 Week 10

Summer 2018 Week 10


This series seems to be getting worse every week, and it appears to be symbolized by everything going wrong for our main characters. All of the untagged children other than Karen get murdered, Sara’s father is assassinated, and Karen, Sara, and Setsuna are being burned at the stake until Rinne saves them.

The four then leave the island and head to a cave out in the snowy wasteland which seems to be the same cave “real” Setsuna’s body was found in. Sara dies on the way there due to a gunshot wound and Karen dies shortly after due to Soot Blight Syndrome.

Setsuna appears to be in an infinite loop. He went to the past to change the future, back to the future to change the past, and is now going back to the past to change the future once again. At this point I think the future is his real time because he has sex with future Rinne, which means he chose her over past Rinne; I think.

Also, the series is still going by the name “Never Island.”


The tournament continues with the boys’ matches. I’d use the names of the various boys, but MAL seems to think that the only male character in the series is the coach, and so doesn’t have the names of the others listed under the characters section.

The boy who’s good at badminton continues to win for a while in the tournament, but eventually loses. The boy who isn’t as good tries his best, but is defeated earlier on in the tournament. The girl who likes the latter boy (she’s also not on the character list) confesses to him, but he tells her she just loves badminton, not him.

Both boys decide that they’ll continue to play badminton in college even though earlier they had thought they would quit. It seems that this tournament changed something within them, although it isn’t exactly clear why.

On the girls’ side, Ayano is avoiding her mother and also bullying everyone else, but what else is new? She constantly insults Aragaki and tries to provoke her so that she’ll blow out her bad knee. In the end, Aragaki is going to face Ayano in the finals despite her knee injury.

I really hope Ayano loses.

Attack on Titan Season 3

The scouts storm the cavern under the chapel on Rod Reiss’ land to save Historia and Eren. They fight against Kenny’s Interior Police and wound Kenny, but Hange is wounded as well. Contrary to one of the mid-episode information panels, it’s stated at this point that Kenny’s squad does have to reload after every shot.

It seems I was right about Rod Reiss wanting Historia to eat Eren and take on his titan powers, although it’s not completely clear why Rod doesn’t want to become a titan and do it himself. He claims that it can’t be him for some reason, but I think he’s just scared.

Apparently with those powers, the Reiss family can control all of the titans and has the power to wipe them out if they so choose. They also learn the history of the world, and because of this, every Reiss has refused to kill the titans and save humanity once they gain the power to do so.

Historia refuses to eat Eren after learning this and decides to rescue him instead, but Rod turns himself into a titan in her place at the end of the episode. I was starting to think the plot was getting stupid with all these families having special powers, but now I’m interested in the Reiss family.

What exactly do they learn that makes them choose not to kill the titans and save humanity? I hope we find out at some point, but considering Eren would have to die at the hands of a titan Reiss for that to happen, I don’t think we will any time soon.

Rod Reiss from the anime Attack on Titan season 3
Rod Reiss

One Room Second Season

The new girl’s name is Mashiro Amatsuki, and she may be even better than Minori even though she doesn’t seem to make the smartest decisions. She thinks we’re a pervert because we took a picture of her the first time we met. I can’t blame her for that one.

Because of this, she says she’s going to report us to police, and every time she sees us from here on out she refers to us as Mr. Pervert. However, despite her looks she’s actually not a middle schooler, and even lives in the same apartment building as us.

For some reason, and this is where her not making the smartest decisions comes in, when the power goes out in her apartment she invites us into her room despite the fact she thinks we’re a stalker. In the end, she decides we aren’t so bad after all.

You heard it here first, stalk girls until they decide you aren’t so bad and agree to date you. Seriously though, what are you doing, Mashiro?

Overlord III

In yet another good episode of Overlord, the emperor makes his way to Nazarick in order to apologize on behalf of the Empire so it doesn’t get destroyed. There, he sees just how powerful Ainz and the rest of Nazarick are, and realizes there’s no way for humanity to win against them.

We also find out that his old mage has already gone over to Ainz’s side after Ainz revealed his true power to him as the adventurer Momon, or so it seems. If this is really the case, then it would mean the old mage is the only person outside of Nazarick to know that Ainz and Momon are one and the same.

There were also roughly five more countries which were named in this episode. The Empire plans to form a secret alliance with them in hopes that together they’ll be able to take down Nazarick. But, for now the Empire has an alliance with the newly formed country of Nazarick.

I wonder if we’ll get to see all the other countries that were introduced in this episode at some point in the series. I know I’ve complained about the scale of this series in the past, but at this point I just want to see how far it can go while still being a cohesive story.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

The demon lord Klem-chan has been revived by Diablo through some questionable means. He had to violate Rem in order to resurrect the demon lord, but Rem seemed oddly okay with it, as did the rest of the girls who watched on, with the exception of Shera.

However, despite being revived, Klem-chan doesn’t remember why she’s supposed to kill all of the mortal races and so she decides not to after she’s told killing them would be bad. It seems that she’s an incomplete revival of the demon lord as one of her followers claims.

Edelgard states that even if the demon lord won’t kill all of the mortal races, she’ll still follow her simply because that’s her duty. Klem decides to join Diablo and company because she wants to eat more biscuits (she’s basically a child), but it seems that Alicia is actually the evil one.

Alicia wants the demon lord to kill all of the mortal races for some unexplained reason. At first I thought it was because she wanted a reason to defeat the demon lord, but Alicia refers to the mortal races as ugly, so it’s probably something deeper than that.

In this episode, Diablo also fights against the most powerful Fallen soldier who recognizes his magic reflection ability as that belonging to one of the previous demon lords. It turns out Diablo got his magic reflection ring from being the first to defeat that boss in-game.

Harukana Receive

The first game between teams Harukana and Eclair begins! For some reason, Haruka and Kanata are worried they won’t be able to tell Emily and Claire apart even though Emily wears glasses and Claire doesn’t. You’d think they’d have figured that out by now.

Team Eclair takes the first game after Harukana tries to get Claire flustered by focusing on her. Emily responds by going on the offensive, which neither Haruka nor Kanata expected. Apparently Emily typically just supports her sister and doesn’t try to make plays on her own.

The second game begins at the end of the episode and we get halfway through it in a short amount of time. Team Eclair is winning once again, but Kanata begins a comeback by using an offensive receive which team Eclair wasn’t expecting.

Meanwhile, Akari cheers from the sidelines for all four girls.

Angels of Death

The story has completely broken down by this point. This entire episode took place either in one of Rachel’s dreams, a hallucination, or just makes no sense anymore. All three of these options are equally viable at this point.

First, Rachel encounters the ghosts of the various floor residents, then she’s put on trial by the Father. During this trial, he asserts that Rachel is actually a witch and that the floor residents are angels who she’s tried to coerce with her evil ways.

He has the ghosts of the floor residents, along with the still living Danny, give testimony during the trial. The entire time Zack is assumed to still be bleeding out somewhere in the building, but nobody really seems to care all that much about him.

I also just learned that this series is 16 episodes instead of the standard 12 or 13. I really wanted it to be over soon and I’m not sure how much more I can take. I may drop this series from these weekly reviews starting next week because I dislike it so much.

If I do that, I’ll still finish the series and write a full review of it once it’s complete. It’s just hard to force myself to write about things I hate every week.

Cells at Work!

This week’s episode of Cells at Work! was alright. It felt more like a continuation of multiple other episodes than an episode of its own. I’ve heard that the episodes in the anime are all out of order compared to the source material, so this may be the reason for this episode feeling strange.

There were a few scenes from previous episodes such as Red Blood Cell squeezing through an ally to deliver O2, or the platelets setting up their fibrin nets over a scrape wound. Even the primary antagonist of the episode had been seen previously.

Overall, however, the episode was about how Monocytes are the same cells as Macrophages; they just go by different names depending on if they’re inside or outside the blood vessel. I feel like this could have been worked into another episode rather than being its own.

Also, Red Blood Cell appeared to be surprisingly competent today. What was that all about?

The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar

Like Angels of Death, Master of Ragnarok is another anime from this season which I don’t enjoy and find it hard to write anything meaningful about. I planned on dropping it from this series this week, but I’ll do my best to power through it one last time.

As I mentioned for Angels of Death, if you wanted to read more about this series, I’ll still be finishing it and writing a full review of it after the season ends, it just won’t be a part of this weekly series from here on out. I also didn’t take notes on it this week, so this will be even more basic than the other series above this one.

The fantasy world version of Yuuto’s girlfriend is actually the emperor of the world or something, so I guess she’s not exactly evil like I once thought. Well, she could be, but once we learn she’s the emperor, she stops acting in any way I would consider to be evil.

Yuuto also goes into battle against the clan led by the guy with the hammer, but is outsmarted because the clan who’s led by his ex-brother comes to back up hammer guy (I don’t care enough to look up any of their names). That’s basically where the episode ends. Also the emperor is part of his harem now.


So next week there will likely only be eight anime showcased in this weekly series, possibly seven if I decide I don’t feel like dealing with Island anymore either. Based off how I’ve been feeling while writing these weekly reviews this season, the Fall 2018 season will definitely be different.

Instead of doing one weekly post like this, I’ll be picking out a couple of the anime that most interest me and doing weekly episode reviews of those just like I currently do for both Boruto and My Hero Academia. This will be more interesting for me to write, and will hopefully focus on what you, the readers, want to read.

Goblin Slayer is one series I definitely plan to write about next season, but if there are any others you want me to consider, let me know in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, or enjoyed the fact that certain anime are being dropped from it, leave a like down below.

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