Summer 2018 Week 3

Summer 2018 Week 3


This week started off with Setsuna, Sara, and Karen attempting to lure Rinne out into the sunlight by pretending to have fun on the beach by reading from scripts. It worked, and it turns out that Rinne won’t disintegrate if she comes in contact with the sunlight.

Next, the group finds an abandoned shack on Rinne’s property under some cliffs near the beach which triggers Rinne to have a flashback. On an unrelated note, later on, Rinne breaks into song for no apparent reason while taking a bath and we cut to a montage of the gang doing Summer activities.

This sudden breaking out into song with a montage of seemingly unrelated events reminded me of when the same exact thing happened in Children of the Whales. Being compared to Children of the Whales typically isn’t something you want to happen to your anime.

At the end of the episode, Setsuna and Sara conclude that Karen doesn’t actually want to leave the island, but is instead simply rebelling against her father.

Rinne wearing a space suit from the anime Island


Next we have Hanebado!, one of the few anime this season for which I still don’t know any of the characters’ names. At the start of this episode, the badminton prodigy still doesn’t want to play badminton, but that’ll change soon enough.

Her friend, the one who has been pushing the prodigy to play, bails on her and goes to watch a movie instead. Then, the pink haired girl from the end of last episode shows up and demands to play a match against the prodigy girl. Pink hair wins easily.

Despite how I usually feel about girls with pink hair or twin tails, she’s the most annoying character of the series so far. We later learn that the prodigies mother was a badminton pro who left her family after pink twin tails girl beat her daughter in badminton, because that’s the reasonable response.

Oh, also after leaving her family, she apparently took on an apprentice and started training her in badminton instead of her own daughter. It seems as though the mother is going to be the primary antagonist of the series.

In the end, the sporty girl and the prodigy’s best friend get the prodigy to begin liking badminton again.

One Room S2

Apparently we have a lot of work this week and Yui thinks we’re ignoring her. That’s basically all that happened in this week’s episode, but it seems like our reason for working a lot is probably due to us going to propose in the near future. How will this affect our relationships with the other girls?

Overlord III

The Great Tomb of Nazarick has begun moving forward with their apparent plan for world domination. Meanwhile, the goblins are helping out some of the villagers who Ainz Ooal Gown saved in season one, but I’m afraid this will turn into another lizardmen arc.

From this episode it seems like we’ll finally be connecting all the content from the first two seasons as the Great Tomb of Nazarick make their move across the underworld of the kingdom, and announce themselves to the public at the same time. This could be the best season of Overlord so far.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

This week’s episode of How Not to Summon a Demon Lord wasn’t as funny as the previous two episodes, but that doesn’t mean it was bad either. Diablo and Shera head out to fulfill a quest by taking refreshments to the soldiers defending the border.

Suddenly, an army of 100 Fallen (a type of boss-level enemy) attacks and Diablo decides to fight them on his own in order to save the citizens. The episode ends just before Diablo fights the Fallen commander, who will likely join his harem afterwards.

Meanwhile, Rem has been in town while Diablo and Shera have been out on their quest and she’s about to be attacked by a Fallen the last time we see her. Earlier in this episode we also met a white knight, whose name I forget, who attempted to fight Diablo for the honor of Rem and Shera.

Harukana Receive

Haruka and Kanata join the beach volleyball club at their school this week with the twins Emily and Claire. The four girls end up having a practice match, during which I learned that the “Harukana” in the title of the anime is a combination of Haruka and Kanata.

The practice match devolves into a real match when Emily (or Claire, I forget which) notices that Kanata is solely relying on her spike, which isn’t working. By the end of the match, Kanata stops relying on her spike and actually starts to play better, thanks to the other three girls.

During this match, Haruka also learns a new move, the pokey, which is a way to fake a spike, but actually hit the ball over the defending opponent. Finally, Haruka asks Kanata to officially be her beach volleyball partner at the end of the episode.

Angels of Death

The new enemy for this episode is a kid named Eddie (seems to be a monster of the week format for this anime). Eddie wants to give Rachel the death she craves, but for some reason Rachel rejects him because apparently she’s a death elitist or something.

Despite her wish to die, she seems to only want Zack to be the one to kill her even though Eddie would do it now instead of later. It doesn’t really make any sense why she’s so picky, but I’m expecting it to turn into some dumb romance between Rachel and Zack by the end of the series.

In the end, Eddie is killed by Zack after Rachel figures out that Eddie is manipulating the lights with a handheld remote. Finally, Rachel and Zack move on to the next floor of the building which looks to be set up like a prison.

Cells at Work!

This week (in another monster of the week anime) Influenza B has made its way into the human body and infected the normal cells. White Blood Cell rescues a Naive T Cell from the infection, then a Macrophage comes to the rescue of them both.

More White Blood Cells and Killer T Cells join the battle against the Influenza B zombies. The Naive T Cell then transforms into an Effector T Cell and rejoins the battle. B Cell comes to help produce antibodies to fight the infection as well.

After the battle, Influenza A shows up (no longer Influenza B) and this causes a massive panic because all of the antibodies and cells were prepared for type A, not type B.

The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar

The final episode of the week was The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar. The episode started off exactly as I expect an episode of this series to start, with some yuri, incest, loli fan service because it’s complete trash.

A rival patriarch of the Lightning clan appears and shows off his power in front of the protagonist and the rest of his clan members. We then see the twins from the opening scene again and they claim to have come in order to marry the protagonist.

In reality, it seems they have come to be made the protagonist’s daughters, but he suspects they have ulterior motives. In the end, he decides they need to prove themselves worthy of being named as his daughters, and that’s where the episode leaves us.

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