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Series Overview

Super Cub (スーパーカブ) is a slice of life anime series about girls who own Honda Super Cubs — a type of motorcycle that was (is?) popular in Japan. Super Cubs are basically workhorse motorcycles, used for a wide variety of activities.

The two main draws of the Super Cub are its reliability and versatility. With the right care, a Super Cub can last for an extremely long time. And with the right modifications, it can be used in almost any situation. The latter is what Koguma, our protagonist, learns as she spends more time with her own Super Cub.

Unlike most slice of life series, Super Cub almost has a game aspect to how it’s structured. As Koguma and her friends encounter problems, they have to upgrade their bikes and gear to solve them. The upgrading of gear is the driving force behind the plot.

And, there’s just something satisfying about seeing the ways in which the upgrades are applied. Each upgrade makes the girls’ bikes more unique and adds character. While Koguma starts the series off with a basic Cub, by the end of the series, she’s made it her own.

Of course, the series isn’t only about upgrading bikes. It also highlights all of the things Super Cubs can do. From being reliable commuter vehicles, to transporting goods, to climbing mountains, and even being used in search and rescue operations.

But, what’s potentially more important than all of that is that Super Cubs provide their owners with freedom. You can go anywhere and do anything with a Cub — that’s really the main takeaway of the series. And I think one of the girls, either Koguma or Reiko, explicitly states that as the primary benefit of Cubs early on.

Main Characters

As I already mentioned, Koguma is the protagonist of the series. That’s the only name we have for her, so we can assume that’s her family name and not her given name. But, something important to know about Koguma is that she has no family. She’s all on her own — until she gets her Cub.

Koguma also doesn’t really have much of a personality before she becomes interested in the Cub life. She has no other interests, hobbies, or friends. She basically just lives her ordinary life and doesn’t have any plans for the future.

Reiko, Shii, and Koguma from the anime series Super Cub
Reiko, Shii, and Koguma

Reiko, who we’re also not given a full name for, is a girl in Koguma’s class who also has a Cub. If I’m remembering correctly, Koguma decides to look into getting a Cub of her own after seeing Reiko ride past on hers, before the two had ever spoken to one another.

While Koguma’s Cub is the titular Super Cub, Reiko’s is a Hunter Cub. I think the primary difference between the two is that Hunter Cubs are a bit more rugged. But, anyway, Reiko’s Hunter Cub is like her child; it’s all she ever thinks and talks about.

Shii Eniwa (yes, she has a full name) is the third wheel of the group. She’s introduced much later in the series, doesn’t have a Cub of her own, and is often left behind by Koguma and Reiko as a result.

Shii has a bicycle, so she could technically go places with the other two. But instead, they use Shii’s family’s restaurant as a meeting place to plan trips and then go on them without Shii. When you think about it, Koguma and Reiko are actually pretty bad friends.

Or, maybe Shii should just get a Cub so she can join in on the fun.

Cute Girls Go Cubbing

Have you ever watched Laid-Back Camp? Super Cub has the same appeal. I don’t think it looks quite as nice as Laid-Back Camp, the characters aren’t as good, and generally, it’s just worse overall. But, if you like the vibe of Laid-Back Camp, you’ll probably like Super Cub too.

It’s a pretty cozy anime. And a large part of that comes from the fact that throughout the series, we see the progression through the year into the winter. As the weather gets colder, the girls have to get kitted out with winter gear — which leads to the cozy atmosphere.

Also, while I said the characters aren’t as good as those in Laid-Back Camp, that doesn’t mean they’re bad. The girls are all cute and unique, but they aren’t really as dynamic as you might hope. They grow, but they don’t change, if that makes sense.

Koguma riding her Super Cub from the Super Cub anime series
Koguma riding her Super Cub

Let’s look at Koguma as an example. Even by the time the series ends, she hasn’t really changed all that much. She’s grown a bit more independent thanks to her Cub and she’s made two friends. But at the same time, she’s still a very matter-of-fact, fairly socially inept girl.

On one hand, I want to say that’s a good thing because it’s realistic. Your entire personality probably isn’t going to change just because you bought a bike and made a friend or two. However, it’s not all that interesting from a storytelling perspective.

Also, I’m not saying that Koguma can’t handle social situations. She survives out in the world on her own just fine. But she’s very much a “speaks only when spoken” to kind of person and doesn’t hold back from speaking or acting in a blunt manner that can be seen as rude.


Overall, Super Cub is a 6/10. It’s an enjoyable anime to watch, though I don’t think it’s something I would ever be able to binge if that’s what you’re looking for. But, as a CGDCT anime, it gets the job done.

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