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Series Overview

SUPER HxEROS (Dokyuu Hentai HxEros / ド級編隊エグゼロス) is a supernatural, ecchi, comedy, action series. The title is a play on the words “superheroes” and “eros,” the latter of which means erotic love. So basically, you can think of this series as an erotic version of the Power Rangers.

Now, I know that a lot of people probably read that description and automatically think that this anime is bad. While you’re not necessarily wrong in thinking that, as I’ll discuss later on, the concept is actually pretty good. The series is just poorly executed.

To expand upon the erotic Power Rangers description, there are a few high school students who have overwhelming latent erotic power (H-energy). These students make up the organization known as HxEROS. They use their H-energy to defeat aliens, called Kiseichuu (parasites), that have invaded Earth.

The goal of the Kiseichuu is to eradicate humanity by stealing their erotic energy and thereby causing them to go extinct via lack of reproduction. Also, the Kiseichuu look like humanoid insects for some reason. The type of insect each individual is based on doesn’t really matter, though.

H-energy can be used in a few different ways. Some users can form it into shapes, such as Sora’s H-energy appearing as wings with which she can fly. Others, however, can merely use raw H-energy power to blow away anything they strike. This is primarily how Kiseichuu are defeated.

Unfortunately, the side effect of releasing H-Energy is that it disintegrates the clothing the user was wearing. If a small amount of H-energy is released, the user may only lose their shirt. But a full blast of H-energy will leave the user completely nude.

HxEROS Members

There are five primary members of the local HxEROS branch: Retto, Kirara, Maihime, Momoka, and Sora. Additionally, Chacha joins later on and there are two members from another branch, Shiko and Moena. But for the purpose of this section, I’m just going to focus on the main members.

Retto Enjou is the sole male member of HxEROS that we know of. His uncle is the head of the local branch, but he’s not a true HxEROS member like Retto is. Retto is basically just your standard ecchi harem protagonist. As a member of HxEROS he has to live under the same roof as the other, female members.

Kirara Hoshino is the newest member of HxEROS at the beginning of the series. She’s Retto’s childhood friend who has spent her entire life hiding the fact that she has an immense amount of H-energy stored within her body. She also has a star (hoshi) hair clip because of her last name.

Momoka and Kirara from the anime series SUPER HxEROS
Momoka and Kirara

Maihime Shirayuki is probably my least favorite member of the group. She has pink hair, which is a plus, but other than that I don’t think she has much going for her. She’s a nice girl who becomes bashful whenever anyone mentions her H-energy.

Momoka is the (self-proclaimed, probably) leader of the group. She’s outgoing, somewhat tomboyish, and not afraid to do whatever it takes to store up H-energy.

Speaking of storing up H-energy, this is accomplished by performing lewd acts without “releasing” that energy.

Sora Tenkuuji is the final member, and quite possibly my favorite. Kirara and Momoka are good too, but Sora’s probably cuter. As I mentioned earlier, she can also fly using wings of H-energy. And her preferred method of gathering H-energy is through drawing lewd manga.

Good Idea, Poor Execution

Honestly, I don’t think SUPER HxEROS is a bad concept. It could have been genuinely funny if done properly. And it could have even been a pretty good ecchi anime if it wasn’t as censored as it currently is. But, to be fair, I believe the Blu-ray release is going to be uncensored.

Starting off with the comedy, the whole idea of using H-energy to blow up aliens (and your own clothes) is pretty good. If the series treated it more like how One Punch Man treats Saitama’s complete overpowered-ness, then it could have been funny.

Unfortunately, the fact that clothes get destroyed by the release of H-energy wasn’t often used in a comedic fashion. Rather, it was used either as a serious side-effect or simply as a way to set up ecchi scenes. The latter of which isn’t really necessary because there are a hundred other ways to do that.

Kirara Hoshino from the anime series SUPER HxEROS
Kirara Hoshino

The censoring is another issue that I’m surprised is still around. There are currently censored and less-censored versions of the series out, with an uncensored version coming soon. So, what are the differences and why does it matter?

The censored version censors everything. Breasts are censored by stars, butts are as well (or cut out of frame), naked bodies are covered by shadows even when nothing is specifically shown, and even underwear is censored. The less-censored version (which I watched) removes all of this except the stars over the breasts.

The uncensored version will have the breasts uncensored as well. But, I guess in order to make this make sense, some parts of the series are going to need to be altered. Early on, characters actually comment on the censoring covering their bodies. It’s somewhat treated as a side-effect of Kiseichuu attacks. So how will that be dealt with in the uncensored version?

Also, there shouldn’t be three versions. Have the less-censored version replace the censored version for TV, and keep the uncensored one for Blu-ray. But there’s absolutely no reason to have the current censored version — it’s an ecchi series.


SUPER HxEROS is a 5/10 from me, and even that may be a bit generous. I thought the first few episodes showed promise, but it quickly became apparent that this series was never going to live up to my expectations. Every episode followed the same formula of a Kiseichuu attacking, clothes being blown off, some random ecchi, the end.

I’m not saying that an ecchi anime needs to have some deep plot or unexpected twists. But, I’d like to not get bored with the series by the time I get halfway through it. It became too repetitive, and there wasn’t even uncensored content to save it from this repetition.

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