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Ranking of Kings

Ranking of Kings

Ranking of Kings anime series cover art
Ranking of Kings

Bojji’s Grand Adventure

Ranking of Kings (Ousama Ranking / 王様ランキング) is a fantasy adventure anime based on a web manga. It’s 23 episodes long, began airing in the fall of 2021, and was animated by Wit Studio.

As you may have guessed by the fact that I’m reviewing the series now, I didn’t watch it while it was airing. But, the second OP of this series was in the DoubleSama Discord server’s “Best Anime OP of 2022” bracket. Not only did that remind me that Ranking of Kings existed, but the second OP is extremely good. It’s what made me want to watch it.

So, what is Ranking of Kings about? It’s about the adventure of Prince Bojji, a tiny, deaf, and mute boy destined to be the next king. Or, he would be the next king if those around him didn’t think his disabilities made him incompetent for the role.

Prince Bojji sitting on some ruins from the anime series Ranking of Kings
Prince Bojji sitting on some ruins

To prove everyone wrong, and to prove to himself he can do anything, Bojji sets out on a journey. The initial plan was for this journey to be rather short and simple. But, no good adventure has ever gone to plan.

On his travels, Bojji discovers a lot about himself and the world around him. Most importantly, he learns that his disabilities don’t define who he is and what he can do. He may not be able to speak, but he can still make friends. And while he may not be physically strong, he can still fight in his own way.

The series also covers the best and worst of people. On one side, there are those who only take from others and even commit genocide. But, on the other, we see that kindness can be found in even the most unlikely of places.

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Some Amazing Characters (Hiling Appreciation Section)

I’m already jumping into spoilers. So, if you don’t want the series spoiled, go watch it and come back.

Ranking of Kings has a lot of great characters. And, it might surprise you to find out that Bojji isn’t one of my favorites. He’s fine. The characters I like the most are those who are on Bojji’s side no matter what. The ones Bojji can always count on to be there for him.

There were many of these characters. In fact, pretty much every character — even the “villains” — cared about Bojji in their own way.

But, my favorite character of the whole anime has to be Queen Hiling. Kage might be Bojji’s #1 fan. However, Hiling has been in Bojji’s corner since day 1. And what I liked most about her is that we didn’t know that at the start of the series.

Prince Bojji and Queen Hiling from the anime series Ranking of Kings
Prince Bojji and Queen Hiling

When the series started out, Hiling seemed like this evil stepmother character. It seemed like she disliked Bojji and wanted her own son to become the next king because she wanted power. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. To Hiling, both Bojji and Daida are her sons, and she always does what she thinks is best for them.

I was planning to write about other characters here, too. But, I might as well just make this the Hiling appreciation section of the review.

I absolutely loved when we got to see some of the flashbacks of when Hiling first came to the castle. It was great to see how much she wanted to connect with Bojji. She was one of the very first people to put in the effort to learn sign language so she could communicate with him.

She also inspired others to do the same.

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An Unexplored World of Possibilities

Besides Hiling, there are other good things about Ranking of Kings (I swear). There are a lot of other good characters. Kage of the Shadow Clan is a great companion for Bojji. King Desha is a cool pseudo-antagonist. And there’s even Bebin, an assassin who, like Hiling, cares about Bojji despite how it seems at first.

But, all these good characters lead to my biggest issue with the series. It sets up an amazing world of interesting characters and places. And then, we only get to see a small fraction of it.

For example, let’s consider the title of the series. What is the Ranking of Kings? It’s an international ranking of all the kings of the various kingdoms. This concept introduces a lot of cool ideas and places we could explore. But, we don’t. Instead, I think we know of like 4 kings in total.

King Desha summoning lightning from the anime series Ranking of Kings
King Desha summoning lightning

Also, since this is a fantasy series, there are a lot of magical things going on. And we don’t really explore those either. Are there other giant creatures that can speak like the 3(2)-headed snake? Do more people have superpowers like Desha’s lightning and Ouken’s immortality?

I’d also like to learn more about the Demon. We got a bit of backstory involving the Demon and Miranjo. But, I would have liked more than what we got. The existence of the Demon was one of the most interesting things about this world, to me.

And, I should mention that the anime doesn’t cover the entirety of the series. Chapter 155 is the final manga chapter covered. But, as far as I know, there are 185 current chapters and it’s still ongoing. So, it’s possible we get a second season. But, I honestly doubt it will happen.


In the end, I gave Ranking of Kings a 9/10. It has some slow parts in the middle. And I wasn’t the biggest fan of how the season ended. But, the world and characters are very good — mostly the characters. If you want a great fantasy adventure anime to watch, this is a good pick.

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Belle anime movie cover art

Beauty and the Beast for Zoomers

Belle (Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime / 竜とそばかすの姫), also known as Ryuusoba, is Japanese Beauty and the Beast for zoomers. Just by looking at the cover art for the movie, you should be able to tell. But, there’s a lot more to it than that.

The main character’s name is Belle, which is the same as in Beauty and the Beast. Well, her name is Suzu (鈴 / すず), which translates to “bell.” And because of that, she’s known as Belle online. Also, there’s the Beast, which is pretty self-explanatory.

But, why do I say it’s for zoomers (Gen Z)? The movie Belle modernizes Beauty and the Beast by having most of it take place online in VR social media. Now that’s how you get the kids to relate. Also, there are a lot of cringy moments that I guess today’s kids would find compelling.

The Beast and Belle from the anime movie Belle
The Beast and Belle

If you couldn’t already tell, I didn’t like this movie. In fact, it’s the worst anime movie I’ve ever seen. But, I don’t want this review to be all doom and gloom. So, let me point out the two scenes I liked before continuing.

The first good scene comes right at the beginning of the movie when Suzu loses her mother. The whole lead-up where we got to see Suzu’s relationship with her mother was good. And so was the scene when her mother actually dies. The other good scene was when Ruka confesses to Kamishin because his reaction was funny.

Great, there were 2 good scenes. That’s not so bad, right? Well, this movie is a painful 2 hours long. Combined, these scenes might add up to 10 minutes of that 120-minute run time. They don’t make up for how boring and poorly written the rest of Belle is.

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Unimaginative Digital Universe

My next complaint about Belle has to do with the digital universe it portrays. The popular social media site everyone uses in the movie is U. As I mentioned, U is a VR social media site. But, you don’t wear glasses or goggles. You put in headphones and it connects to your brain or something.

How the device works makes no sense. But, what I care about more is what U looks like. It’s an expansive space with a lot of random characters in it. There are also giant, nondescript buildings we never see inside.

This isn’t only a problem with Belle. Summer Wars was kind of the same. I’m not sure why this is how anime represent virtual worlds. There’s nothing going on within U. Everyone just floats around. And when Suzu logs in and starts doing things, they all hate it. How dare she interrupt their mindless floating.

Suzu Naitou from the anime movie Belle
Suzu Naitou

Now, in Belle’s defense, its depiction of U isn’t that far off from Meta’s (Facebook’s) Metaverse. That’s also an empty wasteland. But, at least the Metaverse (poorly) tries to be a world you can interact with. U doesn’t even have that going for it.

Another weird thing about U is that it has a moderation team led by a single, all-powerful moderator. His name is Justin because he represents justice. And how does he dish out justice? By doxxing anyone he deems to be a troublemaker. Like, that’s the official moderation policy. You don’t get banned. You get doxxed to billions of people.

There are a lot of things in Belle that make me think the creators have never used the internet. It feels like an interpretation of what the internet would become from 30 years ago. If U was real, nobody would use it. It’s garbage.

Idols Against Child Abuse

I guess now’s a good time to explain the plot of Belle. And, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the plot was. It went through some pretty drastic transformations over the course of the runtime. And these transformations didn’t make much sense.

At first, the movie was about how Suzu learned to sing again. Music was something she and her mother shared. So after the death of her mother, Suzu couldn’t sing anymore. But, as the anonymous Belle within U, she could sing again. If that was the whole story, it would be good.

From there, it turned into the Beauty and the Beast story you’re probably familiar with. Everyone hates the Beast. Then, Belle meets the Beast and realizes he’s not actually that bad. The problem with this part of the story is that it’s boring. I’d rather watch the Disney version.

Belle singing in U from the anime movie Belle
Belle singing in U

Where things get wild is the final act of the movie. It turns out the beast is a 14-year-old boy. This makes sense because he’s an edgy teen. But, it was also foreshadowed earlier through a story one of Suzu’s choir members told. She told of her romance with an 8th grader in her youth.

That’s not the craziest part, though. Why is the Beast a menace online? Because he’s taking out his frustration from being abused at home. His father abuses him and his younger, seemingly special-needs, brother. And guess what. Belle (Suzu) is the only person who can save them.

It makes no sense. The police say they can’t help for 48 hours even though there’s literal footage of the abuse. So, Suzu travels across Japan to save some kids from their abusive father. And then there’s some “power of music” garbage at the end. The movie sucks.


I know a lot of people won’t agree with my assessment of Belle. But, at the very least, I know there’s one person who agrees with me. The top review of the movie on MyAnimeList by user BigOat brings up a lot of the same issues I had with it.

In the end, I have to give Belle a 2/10. The only reason it’s not a 1 is that it does actually look nice. And the music is fine. Some people like the music. But, I didn’t care much about it despite music being a major theme of the movie.

And, I need to wrap up this review by reiterating that this is a 2-hour movie. That’s very long for an animated movie. For anyone thinking about watching it, be prepared.

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Shadows House

Shadows House

Shadows House anime series cover art
Shadows House

Welcome to Shadows House

Shadows House (シャドーハウス) is a fantasy mystery series animated by CloverWorks. It follows a “living doll” named Emilico as she begins working as a servant at the Shadows House. The Shadows family is a noble family of shadow beings — they’re living shadows.

Each living doll is assigned a shadow master or mistress who looks exactly like them. The only difference is that the Shadows are silhouettes. And, this is the first mystery of Shadows House. Why are the Shadows and their living dolls identical? And why is it that the Shadows are the masters?

Normally, you’d think of yourself as the master of your shadow. So, why is the opposite true here? And is there even a connection between the Shadows and their living dolls? Surprisingly, Emilico doesn’t worry about such things. She’s happy to work for the Shadows family and doesn’t question her situation.

Emilico from the anime series Shadows House

The same can’t be said for Kate, Emilico’s shadow mistress. Despite being a member of the Shadows family, Kate is suspicious of what’s happening. There are a lot of rules for both Shadows and living dolls to follow in the house. And Kate’s interested in figuring out the family’s secrets.

Something else about the Shadows is that they have a connection to soot. They constantly give off soot, which the living dolls spend most of their time cleaning. And pretty early on, we learn that at least some Shadows family members can control soot.

Cleaning soot isn’t the only thing living dolls do, though. Their most important job is actually to serve as the face of their master. Since Shadows are silhouettes, you can’t see their facial expressions. To fix this, they train their living dolls to mimic their emotions and rely on their dolls to present how they feel.

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Shadows and Dolls

There are 5 main pairs of Shadows and living dolls. The first pair is Kate and Emilico. This pair is unique (sort of) in that their names aren’t similar. It’s customary for Shadows to give their living dolls names similar to their own. But, Kate wanted Emilico to be her own person.

John and Shaun are the next pair. John is one of the more adventurous and carefree Shadows and likes to go on walks. It’s not uncommon for Shaun to be the one telling John what he should or shouldn’t do. Shaun also wears glasses, while John does not.

Patrick and Ricky are the third pair. These two are the bullies of the group. They feel superior to the other Shadows and living dolls in their cohort. And they tend to prefer using underhanded tactics over cooperation with the others. At least, that’s how they are at first.

Kate from the anime series Shadows House

Louise and Lou are my favorite pair. Like Patrick, Louise believes she’s better than everyone else. But, the difference between them is Louise is right. She’s also obsessed with Lou. And for good reason. Lou has the best character design of all the living dolls and her kuudere personality is cute.

The final pair is Shirley and Rum. Something you may notice about them is that their names aren’t similar. There’s a reason for this, which we find out later on in the season. But, both Shirley and Rum are quiet girls who don’t talk much.

In the second half of the season, the child Shadows and their living dolls make their debut. The debut is a test to determine which Shadows and living dolls have adequately bonded. If a living doll can’t understand their shadow master’s emotions and serve as their face, they fail. Will everyone pass the debut?

Mystery of the Shadows

It’s time to get into some spoiler territory. And the first thing I want to spoil is the living doll situation. From the very start of the series, I assumed the living dolls were just normal humans. That turned out to be the case.

The Shadows family brainwashed the humans they took in to make them believe they were dolls. Why? Because it makes it easier to control them and convince them to give everything to the family. The “living dolls” believe they were created by the Shadows family to serve the Shadows family.

Next, let’s go over some of the mysteries surrounding the Shadows themselves. The first of these is why the Shadows and their living dolls look the same. It turns out that the Shadows take the form of the living doll they choose. Before that, they’re little soot creatures.

Lou with a pair of sheers from the anime series Shadows House
Lou with a pair of sheers

Okay, but why do the Shadows take the form of their living dolls? The end goal of the Shadows is actually to merge with their living dolls. Once a shadow and doll become emotionally compatible enough, the shadow can take over. They effectively become the human they were mimicking.

While we know all this by the end of the first season, there are still plenty of mysteries to solve. How did the Shadows come to be in the first place? What’s their end goal? Are they only after power? And, is there a lesson the series is trying to teach us?

Not every anime has to teach its viewers a lesson. And I’m not sure if Shadows House is. But, the focus on soot seems like it’s intentional. We see that even outside Shadows House, soot pollution is everywhere. And it seems to be how the Shadows control the civilians.


Overall, I’d say Shadows House is a 7/10. I was very invested in it for the first three-quarters of the season. But, I didn’t like the ending that much. It was pretty lackluster and didn’t amount to much. Hopefully, the second season has more of the mystery feel the start of this season had.

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Lupin III: Part 6

Lupin III: Part 6

Lupin III: Part 6 anime series cover art
Lupin III: Part 6

Season Overview

Lupin III: Part 6 (ルパン三世 PART6) is the latest season of the Lupin the Third anime series. It aired from October 17th, 2021 to March 27th, 2022, and included 24 episodes. This is also the fourth season of the series I’ve watched (and I’ve seen four movies).

Sure, I haven’t seen everything that the Lupin III series has to offer. But by this point, I think I can say I’m pretty familiar with it. And, with that in mind, this is my least favorite Lupin III entry.

Even putting aside the content of this season, just the OP and ED were worse than those of Part 5. I know every season of Lupin III has the same OP song. But I didn’t like the visuals as much this time around. And the ED song was just worse.

Anyway, the main content of this season focuses on Lupin “finding his roots.” Throughout the whole season, we get hints about the woman who raised Lupin and taught him everything he knows. And because her name keeps coming up, Lupin begins to seek out answers to questions from his past.

I guess Lupin’s past could be interesting. But at the same time, I never really cared about his past. I care about who he is and what he’s doing in the present. How he became the person he is today doesn’t matter all that much.

And, I’d argue that this season did a pretty poor job of exploring Lupin’s past. At the end of the day, all the “setup,” which is a pretty strong word for it, amounted to nothing. I have no problem spoiling that because it was such a disappointment.

Episodic to the Extreme

Generally speaking, Lupin III isn’t a series with a whole lot of continuity. There’s an overarching theme or storyline, sure. But, for the most part, it’s episodic or comprised of small arcs that aren’t all that strongly tied together. This structure can certainly work; it’s worked for the series in the past.

However, I’d say that Part 6 takes this to the extreme. At least half of the episodes in the season felt like they were filler. They’re just random, one-off episodes that don’t seem to have anything to do with the main story or even the other episodes around them.

For example, there was an episode about Goemon becoming a male runway model for some fashion designer. And there was another episode about some CEO of a security company setting up a challenge for Lupin because she’s his biggest fan.

Fujiko Mine dressed as a maid from the anime series Lupin III: Part 6
Fujiko Mine dressed as a maid

It’s really hard to care about an episode when it feels like filler, even if it’s not actually filler. Goemon is already my least favorite character of the series. I’ve said many times before that he feels extremely out of place. So, obviously, I’m not going to care at all about him becoming a runway model.

Additionally, every arc and individual episode has a new heroine. From what I remember of Parts 4 and 5, they each had a seasonal heroine who was with Lupin throughout the part. That’s not the case this time around. Some girls showed up more than others, but most of them are forgettable.

But, guess what? It turns out that all of those forgettable girls from the filler episodes are actually important in the end. That’s definitely something I didn’t like about this season. You can’t just pretend like all those characters mattered in the final few episodes.

It All Comes Together (Poorly)

So, how do all these random girls from the various episodes and arcs become important at the end of the season? Well, it turns out that they were all trained (and hypnotized) by the same woman who taught Lupin growing up. And she planted them in his path so that he’d run into them at some point.

Each girl then mentioned a special phrase or word that, when all put together, acted as a key to unlock a suppressed part of Lupin’s memory. What could that suppressed memory be? Well, it’s just that Lupin himself has been hypnotized.

I guess the special phrases act more like a trigger, in that sense. But, whatever. The point is that after coming into contact with all of these girls, Lupin falls under the control of his former teacher and believes that she’s actually his mother.

Arsene Lupin III from the anime series Lupin III: Part 6
Arsene Lupin III

The mystery of who Lupin’s mother was is a recurring theme throughout the season. When we first learn about his teacher, it’s implied she’s his mother. But, once we meet some of the girls and they also refer to this person as their mother, it’s revealed that they all call her this because she views her students as her children.

Fair enough. However, it then somehow comes up that she might actually be Lupin’s birthmother and not just his teacher. And, that’s the mystery that we — along with Lupin — are trying to get to the bottom of at the end of the season.

Since I spoiled earlier in the review that none of this ends up mattering, allow me to go all the way. Lupin decides she’s not his mother, kills her, and then opts not to figure out the truth. So this whole season-long puzzle ends up without a definitive answer.

If it was a good puzzle, I wouldn’t mind the open-endedness. But it wasn’t a good puzzle.


Lupin III: Part 6 is a 5/10 from me. It’s not bad, though I did think the animation during the climax of the final episode was bad. But, I don’t think it’s good either. It exists and if you’re really into Lupin you’ll probably watch it regardless of what I say.

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World’s End Harem

World’s End Harem

World's End Harem anime series cover art
World’s End Harem

Series Overview

World’s End Harem (Shuumatsu no Harem / 終末のハーレム) is an ecchi sci-fi anime series. The premise of this series is that a virus has wiped out the vast majority of the male population of the world, leaving humanity on the brink of extinction.

The only males to survive were those who were in cryogenic sleep when the outbreak occurred. And, a handful of those males have a gene that makes them immune to the virus. These brave heroes must mate with the females of the world to save the human race.

Basically, it’s a hentai plot. And as you’d expect from a series like this, there are both censored and uncensored versions. As always, I watched the uncensored version. I don’t see a point in watching anime censored if there’s an uncensored option.

However, before writing this review, I did check to see what the censored version of the series looked like. It did not disappoint. The censoring of this series takes the form of large blotches of what looks like dead pixels. It’s almost as good as the rainbow censoring of Nobunaga Sensei’s Young Bride.

Now, something you might not expect from World’s End Harem is that it does actually have a real plot alongside its hentai plot. You see, there’s a shadowy organization called UW that rules the world now that men are gone.

What are the true goals of UW? Did they have anything to do with the virus outbreak? And if they did, why are they facilitating a breeding program with the surviving males? I don’t really care about the answers to these questions. I just watched for the ecchi.


There are two protagonists of World End Harem. The first, and worse of the two, is Reito Mizuhara. Reito is extremely boring. He refuses to mate with any girls because he wants to find his crush whose whereabouts are unknown. He’s your typical white knight loser — and that’s no fun in a series like this.

Mira Suou is Reito’s handler. It’s her job to get him to mate with as many girls as possible, herself included. She also looks almost identical to Reito’s crush whom he’s trying to find. But, Mira’s pretty bad at her job considering Reito’s lack of mating.

Shouta Doi is the other protagonist and is an enjoyable character. He’s a nerd whom you wouldn’t expect to be much fun. But, he embraces his new life as one of the last remaining males on the planet.

Shouta Doi and a female student from the anime series World's End Harem
Shouta Doi and a female student

Included in Shouta’s harem are his teacher, three girls who make up the core of his harem, all the other girls in his class, and even one girl whom he keeps as a pet. It’s also through Shouta that we get the majority of the ecchi content of the series.

My favorite character of the series is Shouta’s handler, Karen Kamiya. Not only does Karen have one of the best character designs of the series, but she’s also the most interesting. She always has some plan working in the background to advance her goals.

Also, apparently, Karen is the favorite character of the author of the series, LINK. He has good taste.

The third and final male who’s been taken out of cryo is Kyouji Hino. Like Shouta, he’s embraced his new life. But, he’s only a supporting character. His handler, Neneko Isurugi, also has a great design. I’d have liked for those two to be a bit more prominent.

Just as Terrible as You Would Expect

Obviously, World’s End Harem has a lot of cute girls. That’s the best thing about the series. Also, if you watch the uncensored version, it has some pretty decent ecchi scenes. That’s nice too. But aside from those two things, it’s absolute garbage.

I think the biggest problem with the series is that it attempts to have a real plot instead of focusing solely on the ecchi. Maybe having a plot works out better in the manga. But I think we all know why most people watched this anime — and it wasn’t for the plot. It was for the plot.

There were even entire episodes dedicated to this plot that most people don’t care about. Yes, these episodes still had some ecchi. But the ecchi was just a female character randomly being nude. For example, there’s one member of UW who’s always naked when she’s on video calls with her superiors. She wears clothes every other time we see her.

Karen Kamiya pointing at Shouta Doi from the anime series World's End Harem
Karen Kamiya pointing at Shouta Doi

What makes these episodes, and parts of episodes, that focus on the actual plot even worse is that they prominently feature Reito. As I previously mentioned, Reito’s not a good character. He’s extremely bland — both in terms of his personality and his actions.

I’m also going to say that the fact that this isn’t just a single-season anime makes it worse. There’s only one season right now. But the season doesn’t end in a good spot. Nothing is resolved and it makes it clear that a second season is going to continue the story.

Whether or not it’s actually going to get that second season is currently up for debate.

However, I think it probably would have been better if the anime adaptation set out to be just one season from the start. Just shorten the plot and wrap everything up. Again, the plot isn’t what people are watching for anyway.


For the majority of the time World’s End Harem was airing, I had it rated as a 2/10. Once it ended, I finally dropped my score down to a 1/10. But now that I’ve written this review, I think that may be too harsh. I’m going to officially say it’s a 2/10.

World’s End Harem is garbage. But it does deliver (somewhat) on the part that matters. Still, it would be better if it was just a hentai through and through.

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