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A Sister’s All You Need

A Sister’s All You Need

A Sister's All You Need Cover Art
A Sister’s All You Need Cover Art


Along with Blend S, A Sister’s All You Need is the other of the two best anime of Winter 2017.  It’s also a romantic comedy, which I tend to think I don’t like until I watch them.

Where I thought A Sister’s All You Need shined, however, was in its references to other popular anime.  The reference that stood out the most to me was to Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works since I had just finished that series the day before the episode with the reference aired.

I also liked that it even referenced itself at least once.

This anime is about light novel authors who dream of having their novels turned into manga, and then anime.  Since it was from the author’s perspective, I found it entertaining that the editors were shown as evil people who will lock authors in dungeons to force them to finish on time for deadlines.

I wonder how the editors felt when they were reading the first drafts of this and saw how they were being portrayed.


There are five main characters, three of which are light novel authors.  These are Itsuki, Nayu, and Haruto.  The other two are Miya, Itsuki’s former classmate, and chihiro, Itsuki’s younger sibling.

Itsuki is the main character.  He is an author who has an obsession with little sisters and so they are a key feature in all of his works.  However, he doesn’t have a sister of his own.

Nayu is another author who is younger than Itsuki, but also much more popular.  Her favorite author is Itsuki and she is in love with him to the point of obsession.  She’s probably the most entertaining character in the show.

Itsuki (left) looking at his phone, bored, and Nayu (right) looking excitedly at Itsuki
Itsuki (left) and Nayu (right)

Next is Haruto, the third author.  He’s the oldest of the group and probably the most boring as well.  I don’t really have much else to say about him.

Miya is Itsuki’s friend from university before he dropped out.  Her role in the group is essentially to be the one person who doesn’t understand what’s going on at any given point because she’s not an author like the other three.

Finally, Chihiro is Itsuki’s younger step-sibling.  Itsuki moved out on his own and so Chihiro often comes over to cook for Itsuki and his friends.  Chihiro is more of a pseudo-group member rather than an actual part of the group.


I’ll start out by saying that A Sister’s All You Need is a 7/10.  Originally I had it at an 8, but after thinking over the anime as a whole I decided it wasn’t really any better than something like Blend S.

I liked the references and the general plot, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.  It does seem like there will be a second season based off how this one ended, so maybe that one will be even better.