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Dr. Stone: New World Part 2 Review

Dr. Stone: New World Part 2 Review

Dr. Stone: New World Part 2 anime series cover art
Dr. Stone: New World Part 2

Defeating Ibara

Dr. Stone: New World Part 2 is the second cour of the third season of the Dr. Stone series. I remember a few years ago when having a two-cour season split into Part 1 and Part 2 was unheard of. Now it’s the norm.

Anyway, this “season” (cour) of Dr. Stone has me back to thinking that the series isn’t good. For some reason, I thought New World Part 1 was fine and even rated Ryusui as good. Both the original season and Stone Wars were only average.

New World Part 2 is the first part of the series I’ve rated as bad. But, why is that? Well, to me, the biggest issue is that the villains of this part weren’t very interesting. And when I say the villains, I’m referring to Ibara, Mozu, and Kirisame.

Ibara with the petrification device from the anime series Dr. Stone: New World Part 2
Ibara with the petrification device

Let’s go through them in reverse order. Kirisame is the least interesting of the villains because she doesn’t have any goals. She’s a powerful warrior and the one who carries the petrification device. But, she just follows Ibara’s orders. She has no motivations and her character doesn’t have much depth.

Mozu is better in that he has personal a personal motivation. He works under Ibara. But, he also has the goal of overthrowing Ibara and becoming the king of the island. That makes him pretty decent as an antagonist. Well, except for the fact that he’s yet another “super strong and smart” enemy — like Tsukasa and Hyouga.

As the primary antagonist, Ibara should be the best of the villains. He’s not. Mozu is better. And the reason is that Ibara is kind of evil for the sake of it. He just wants power and wealth for himself and that’s it.

The Power of Petrification

In this season, Senku’s primary goal was to obtain the power of petrification. And, in the end, he succeeds in doing that. But, why did he want that power, in the first place? There are a few reasons. However, one stands above the rest.

Obviously, one reason is that having a weapon like the petrification device is good. It would make the Kingdom of Science stronger. But, we know Senku doesn’t care too much about having weapons like that. So, a better reason is that if the Kingdom of Science has it, their enemies don’t.

But, the main reason is that the petrification device can heal all wounds. If someone suffers a major injury, you can petrify them to stop them from dying. And when you free them from the petrification, their injury will be healed.

Senku wanted the power of petrification so he could use it to save Tsukasa.

Senku being petrified from the anime series Dr. Stone: New World Part 2
Senku being petrified

However, there’s a flaw with the Kingdom of Science having the petrification device. If they can heal anyone, where’s the suspense? Any time they’d attempt something dangerous, we’d know that there’s no real threat. Did someone get stabbed? Petrify and heal them. Problem solved.

Of course, we know none of the characters are going to die anyway. This isn’t the kind of series to do that. But, it’s different when we know that there’s an in-universe reason why they’re not going to die. It just makes everything less interesting.

That’s exactly why the Kingdom of Science no longer has the power of petrification. They got to use it to revive everyone after the events on Treasure Island. And they got to use it on Tsukasa. Then, the power ran out. So, unless they figure out how to charge it, they can’t use it again.

Taking A Trip to the Moon

All the major players in the Kingdom of Science are back. And by that, I mean both Hyouga and Tsukasa are back. I think those were the only two major characters who were out of commission. But, with them here, it’s time to move on to the next adventure!

Senku and the gang have determined where the Why Man’s signal is coming from: The moon. And, to back this up, one of the people they revived told them an interesting story from the past. The last thing Matsukaze remembers is petrification devices rained down from the sky.

So, the Kingdom of Science’s next move seems pretty clear. They need to go to the moon and confront the Why Man. Or, at least, go to the moon and figure out what’s going on up there. We really don’t know anything about the Why Man or what they’re trying to accomplish.

Hyouga revived again from the anime series Dr. Stone: New World Part 2
Hyouga revived again

Well, there is one other thing I should mention about the Why Man. At one point, a signal from the Why Man comes over the radio and attempts to activate the petrification device. It doesn’t work. But, that shows the Why Man’s intent to petrify the surviving humans, right?

Not so fast. Let’s not jump to that conclusion. You see, the Why Man didn’t exactly try to activate the device. Instead, the signal coming from the Why Man was a recording of Senku. It was a recording of when Senku tried to activate the device via radio against Ibara.

So, that’s interesting. If the Why Man wanted to activate the device, why use a recording of Senku? Why not say the command themself? Does the Why Man even exist? Could it be a radio station on the moon that’s merely mimicking signals it receives?

Final Thoughts

Dr. Stone: New World Part 2 is a 4/10. It’s bad. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t like it or have fun watching it. I like plenty of anime other people think are bad. I even like anime that I think are bad. But, the plot, characters, and overall writing of this season were not good.

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Dr. Stone: New World

Dr. Stone: New World

Dr. Stone: New World anime series cover art
Dr. Stone: New World

New World Part 1

Dr. Stone: New World is the third season of the Dr. Stone anime. After the original season, there was Stone Wars. And after Stone Wars, there was the Ryuusui OVA. New World comes after the OVA. And in case you’re wondering, yes, the OVA is canon.

If you don’t watch the Ryuusui OVA before New World, you’re going to be a bit lost. The OVA introduces two new characters, one of which is very important. And, it sets up what’s going to happen in New World. Think of it like New World Episode 0.

So, what happens in New World? A portion of the Kingdom of Science’s citizens set out on an adventure. And there are three things they’re looking for.

1. The origin of the petrification beam.
2. The origin of the “Why Man” radio signal.
3. The Soyuz space capsule.

Kohaku kissing Senkuu from the anime series Dr. Stone: New World
Kohaku kissing Senkuu

This search leads Senkuu and his companions to an island that may hold all three. But, is that a blessing or a curse? If this island is the source of the petrification beam, its inhabitants may be enemies. However, the Soyuz capsule might also contain the materials needed to save the world.

Now, there’s one thing I’ve glossed over so far that you may have noticed in the title of this section. This season is only Part 1 of the arc. Unlike the previous seasons, the arc doesn’t get wrapped up within these 11 episodes.

There is good news for Dr. Stone fans, though. You won’t have to wait long for New World Part 2. It’s set to air in the fall of 2023. So, while this part focused mainly on the setup, the next part should be better. It should give us the answers to our questions.

New Characters

There are five new characters in this season. Two are on the side of the Kingdom of Science. And three are part of the enemy nation. I’m not sure if that nation has a name that we know. But, whatever it’s called, they’re the bad guys.

Soyuz is the first new character. He’s actually a member of the Kingdom of Science and one of the Ishigami villagers. But, it turns out that he’s not originally from the village. He was born on the island Senkuu & Co. are heading to. And, as you may have guessed, he was named after the Soyuz capsule.

Amaryllis is the next new character. She’s an inhabitant of the island. But, she’s part of a rebel force that wants to overthrow the island’s leader. So, it was only natural for her to team up with the Kingdom of Science.

Kohaku, Gen, Amaryllis, Soyuz, and Senkuu from the anime series Dr. Stone: New World
Kohaku, Gen, Amaryllis, Soyuz, and Senkuu

Ibara is a high-ranking official on the island and the main antagonist. He doesn’t actually do much in this season. But, he’s clearly the bad guy. His job is to gather the prettiest girls from the island and present them to the island’s leader.

Mozu is one of the two strongest warriors on the island. Ibara is the brains of the operation and Mozu is the muscle. If someone’s not complying with Ibara’s orders, Mozu gets involved. He’s also very interested in cute girls, which sometimes puts him at odds with Ibara’s job.

Kirisame is the other strongest warrior on the island. Like Mozu, she serves Ibara and enforces his policies. However, what makes Kirisame unique is her use of a petrification device. She has a device that, when thrown, emits a short-range petrification beam. Unfortunately, we don’t know how this technology works or why Kirisame was chosen to wield it.

Mystery of the Petrification

Obviously, Kirisame having petrification technology is a big deal. Does that mean this island is where the original petrification beam came from? That seems pretty unlikely. The petrification beam supposedly came from the other side of the world (the Americas).

So, how did the islanders get their hands on this technology? Did they somehow develop it themselves? Did someone give it to them? Neither answer makes very much sense. After all, we know that the islanders are the descendants of the Soyuz astronauts. That means their ancestors had nothing to do with the petrification event.

So, if someone gave the islanders the petrification technology, it happened later. It must have happened after the deaths of the Soyuz astronauts. This is because they would have recognized what the petrification beam was. That’s why we know it must have come to the island at a later date.

Chrome petrified from the anime series Dr. Stone: New World
Chrome petrified

There’s another piece of evidence pointing toward the petrification beam being a gift. If the islanders developed this technology themselves, why does only Kirisame have it? Surely, others such as Mozu and Ibara would have the ability to petrify people, as well. Since they don’t, we can assume this technology is rare.

And, the technology being rare is actually a good thing. It means that if the Kingdom of Science can destroy it, it’s gone for good. The islanders won’t be able to reproduce it. Also, it’s not like the Kingdom of Science needs to keep it intact.

Senkuu has no need for the petrification beam. Using it on people would go against the mission of the Kingdom of Science: to revive all of humanity. And he doesn’t need the beam’s technology to figure out how to undo the petrification. He already knows how to accomplish that with platinum.


Dr. Stone: New World is a 6/10. I’m a known Dr. Stone hater, so if you think it’s better than that, fine. But, I thought this season was pretty okay. I didn’t dislike it quite as much as the previous seasons. And part of that may be because I was interested in the mystery this time.

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My review of New World Part 2 is available now.

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Dr. Stone: Ryusui

Dr. Stone: Ryusui

Dr. Stone: Ryusui anime special cover art
Dr. Stone: Ryusui

Manifest Destiny

Dr. Stone: Ryusui (Dr. Stone: Ryuusui / Dr.STONE 龍水) is a special episode that takes place between Seasons 2 and 3. Dr. Stone: Stone Wars is Season 2 and Dr. Stone: New World is Season 3. Ryusui is also canon, which means you should watch it before Season 3.

And, that’s exactly why I watched it this week. I originally planned to skip this special because I figured it wouldn’t matter. But, since it’s canon, I figured I should watch it since I’m going to be watching Season 3 as it airs.

Well, I plan to watch Season 3 as it airs. But, because I put off watching Ryusui, I’m a week behind now. Still, it’s not hard to catch up on a single episode. And since I’m not reviewing the newest season of Dr. Stone on a weekly basis, there’s no pressure.

You Uei plotting to become king from the Dr. Stone: Ryusui anime special
You Uei plotting to become king

As for the plot of Ryusui, it sets up the next hurdle for the Kingdom of Science to get over. Previously, we saw the Kingdom of Science forge an alliance with the Tsukasa Empire. Now, the two groups are working together to get to the bottom of the mystery of the petrification event.

All they know right now is that the event started somewhere on the other side of the world. That, and the fact that the next season is called “New World” implies it came from the Americas. But, how is the Kingdom of Science supposed to get there from Japan?

The answer is simple: they’re going to sail. Sailing is the easiest way to cross the ocean with the Kingdom’s current level of technology. But, crossing an entire ocean is no small feat. To do this, they’ll not only need a sturdy ship, but an experienced captain.

Ryusui Nanami

Unfortunately for the Kingdom of Science, they don’t have an experienced captain. But, fortunately for them, they do have a former reporter with a superpower. She can find anyone with any skill the Kingdom requires. And she knows just the person to revive as the new captain.

The man chosen for the job is Ryusui Nanami. He’s the son of a wealthy businessman who owned a variety of companies in Japan. And, as a hobby, he sailed ships. No, not boats. Ships. And, this is what made him the perfect candidate.

Sure, they could have revived an experienced captain. But, they’d likely only be experienced with modern ships. What the Kingdom of Science needs is someone experienced with sailing ships. And throughout this special episode, Ryusui proves himself to be just that. He’s a master of reading the wind, which will be a vital skill.

Ryusui wearing his captain's hat from the Dr. Stone: Ryusui anime special
Ryusui wearing his captain’s hat

There’s a major problem with Ryusui, though. Due to his upbringing, his personality isn’t great. He’s materialistic, obsessed with money, and thinks of himself as being above others. Ryusui is also a ruthless businessman. However, that doesn’t mean he has the brains to back that up, as Senku can still control him.

For example, one of the first things Ryusui does is negotiate his price for being the captain. The ship is going to be a hybrid that uses sails as well as an engine. And to power the engine, the Kingdom needs oil. As compensation for his services, Ryusui wants ownership of the oil.

He then plans to sell the oil to the Kingdom of Science. And to facilitate this sale, he prints his own money. That’s right, Ryusui created the first economy of the new age. But, Senku is able to turn this economy to his advantage.

First Flight

While some members of the Kingdom work on building the ship, others need to find oil. That doesn’t sound very easy, to me. And due to the landscape changes over the past 3,000 years, it’s more difficult than Senku thought it would be.

Without an accurate map of the terrain, it’s going to be hard to find oil. But, walking around on foot and making a map the old-fashioned way would take too long. So, the solution Senku comes up with, thanks to Suika’s comment, is to fly. It’ll be much easier to draw a map when you can look down on the terrain.

At this stage, powered flight is out of the question. From what I remember, they do have access to batteries. So, you may think they could build an electric aircraft. But, the batteries they have are large, heavy, and not very good at storing energy.

Senku flying with man-made wings from the Dr. Stone: Ryusui anime special
Senku flying with man-made wings

So, Senku decides to create a hot air balloon out of hemp. Hot air balloons are among the simplest ways to fly. Though, they’re not very good when it comes to controlling where you’re flying. But, luckily, as I mentioned earlier, Ryusui is an expert at reading the wind.

He, Senku, and Chrome hop in the balloon’s basket for its maiden voyage. And their destination is Ishigami Village, which would be a 2-day trek. By air, the travel time is only about 2 hours. However, not everything goes as planned during this trip (of course).

The trio runs into a thunderstorm and the balloon gets damaged by an earlier run-in with a bird. But, Ryusui is still able to navigate them out of the storm and to safety. Something I noticed, though, is that after the storm, the damage is miraculously gone. My immersion, ruined.


As much as I don’t want to admit it, I thought Dr. Stone: Ryusui was pretty good. I gave both previous seasons of the series 5/10 ratings. But, at the end of this special, I rated it a 7/10. Don’t expect my rating of New World to remain that high, though.

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Dr. Stone: Stone Wars

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars anime series cover art
Dr. Stone: Stone Wars

Season Overview

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars (ドクターストーン STONE WARS) is the second season of the Dr. Stone anime series. Compared to the 24 episodes of the first season, this season is considerably shorter, at only 11 episodes. But, I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Spoilers Incoming

The Stone Wars season covers the “war” between Senku’s Kingdom of Science and the Tsukasa Empire, lead by Tsukasa, of course. The only thing is, it’s not really much of a war. It’s a single attack by the Kingdom of Science on the Tsukasa Empire that lasts about 1 episode.

You may recall from the first season that Senku’s plan for defeating the Tsukasa Empire is to use information warfare. If Senku can create a radio with which to contact Taiju and Yuzuriha, he can outmaneuver Tsukasa’s forces and win the war without bloodshed.

That’s what this second season is all about. The entire season focuses on the construction of a two-way radio, sneaking one of the radios into the Tsukasa Empire, and then using it to bring Tsukasa’s allies over to Senku’s side.

This season also features some new characters who I wasn’t all that impressed with. To be fair, I don’t really care about any of the cast. But the newer characters in particular felt a bit out of place.

For example, Tsukasa’s trying to create the ultimate army of useful people, and one of them is just a fangirl of a singer. Maybe there was something else to her character, but I honestly can’t remember what. And another guy was just a former prison guard with nothing special about him. Yet, these are some of Tsukasa’s elite forces.

The Same, But Slightly Worse

The reason I think it’s good that the second season of Dr. Stone is less than half the length of the first season is that it’s basically the same thing, but slightly worse. One of the biggest problems is that Stone Wars is very linear, as I alluded to in the previous section.

In the first season, there are a lot of detours along the way to Senku’s relatively minor goal of taking down Tsukasa. Things go wrong, and Senku is forced to adapt and go down a different path temporarily. But, these detours still end in inventions that will further Senku’s ultimate goal of reintroducing modern technology to the stone world.

This type of storytelling framework was good because it kept the story progressing while also not falling into a predictable rhythm. The second season basically throws that away in favor of a direct route to the minor goal.

A tank-like vehicle made by Senku & friends from the anime series Dr. Stone: Stone Wars
A tank-like vehicle made by Senku & friends

Unfortunately, the linear nature of this season is also what leads to the second issue. Despite the fact that a lot of the science in Dr. Stone is dumbed-down, or flat out wrong, I will admit that Senku using this “science” to invent things was probably the most entertaining part.

But there’s not much of that in the second season. Senku still does invent some things, like paper armor, but nothing exciting. You could argue that the radio he makes is exciting, but the explanation is so simple that it’s not satisfying.

To be fair, my expectations for this series are probably too high. It’s just a generic shounen series. It was never going to have a great story, characters, or complex topics. So in that regard, I guess Dr. Stone is exactly what it’s supposed to be — easily digestible entertainment you can put on and not pay much attention to.

The Ultimate Twist

Something that a lot of these anime with “extremely smart” characters do is that they pull really stupid plot twists out of thin air and pretend like the protagonist, or whoever the smart character is, figured it all out. This is a major complaint I have with Death Note, for example.

Dr. Stone has its own version of this trope, and it was just as bad as any other, if not worse. Without any lead-in, it was randomly revealed that the reason Tsukasa is doing everything he’s doing is that he wants to save his younger sister who’s never been mentioned before.

When this is revealed, the viewer is supposed to be surprised by Senku’s genius. After all, he was able to figure out Tsukasa’s true motivation when nobody else could! But there’s one problem. No matter how smart Senku is, this isn’t something he could ever figure out with the information at his disposal.

The Kingdom of Science launching their attack from the anime series Dr. Stone: Stone Wars
The Kingdom of Science launching their attack

There’s absolutely no evidence to support Senku’s claim. I don’t remember the exact “evidence” he gives since this was weeks ago and Dr. Stone isn’t important enough for me to remember all the details.

But basically, his evidence was that Tsukasa is a “protector.” So, therefore, he must have been wanting to protect someone important to him, such as a younger sibling. And why does his younger sibling need protecting? Because she’s been in a coma for (thousands of) years.

You can’t get from “Tsukasa is actually a nice guy who protected me when we first met” to “Tsukasa has a younger sister he’s never mentioned who’s in a coma and he murders people in order to save her.” There’s very obviously a huge gap in that logic.


Although I do think that Dr. Stone: Stone Wars is worse than the first season of Dr. Stone, I’ve ended up giving it the same score: 5/10. It’s worse, but I still think it’s “average,” not “bad.” I dislike it, but that alone doesn’t make something bad.

What I will say is actually bad, though, is the OP for this season. The Stone Wars OP is very bad. The song doesn’t really match the visuals, and the visuals are garbage. I’m sorry if you like the OP, but it’s just not good.

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My review of Dr. Stone: Ryusui is available now.

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone anime series cover art
Dr. Stone


Dr. Stone (ドクターストーン) isn’t one of my favorite anime. I’m sorry to everyone who loved this series, but I need to mention that right from the start so you don’t get your hopes up. And from what I’ve experienced, those of you who love this series are extremely opposed to evidence of its shortcomings.

But, hopefully you’ll take the time to actually understand what I’m saying in this review. And if you disagree with anything I say, or have questions about why I said the things I did, I’m more than happy to have a discussion with you in the comments or over on Discord.

And with that said, it’s not like I hate Dr. Stone. This series had a good premise, but unfortunately wasn’t able to live up to that premise for a number of reasons. I also recognize the fact that this is a shounen series, which means I’m not the target demographic.

So, for everyone who hasn’t seen Dr. Stone, what is it about? Basically everyone on Earth gets turned to stone during some sort of petrification event. Then, 3,700 years later, our protagonist breaks free from the petrification and sets off on his plan to rebuild the world.

And one major part of this plan is to “revive” everyone else who was petrified. Senku is similar to most shounen protagonists in that regard. He doesn’t just want to rebuild the world — he wants to save everyone.

Like I said, it’s a good premise for an anime, and it would allow for a lot of historical topics I’m personally interested in to be explored, but the series falls short. Instead, what we get is a series which at some parts feels like it’s ripping of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and at other times is teaching children semi-correct science.


Rather than going through individual characters, let’s go through them in groups. The first group is Senku (the protagonist) and his friends from school, Taiju and Yuzuriha. While Senku is the brains of the operation, Taiju is the brawn. Together they make the perfect team.

But then we throw Yuzuriha into the mix, and even after watching the entire first season I’m still not sure what she brings to the table. As far as I can tell she’s just the token female character of the main trio.

Taiju and a broken "statue" from the anime series Dr. Stone
Taiju and a broken “statue”

The Tsukasa empire is the next group, which is the antagonistic group of the series so far. I’m guessing at some point the Tsukasa empire has to be defeated and the series won’t end there, but I’m not entirely sure. This group is dedicated to being “anti-science,” and no, there’s not a good reason for this to be the case.

Basically, they don’t want the entire world to be revived from petrification. And since Senku does want that, and is also very much into science, the Tsukasa empire takes an anti-science stance simply because it’s the opposite of Senku’s stance.

The final I’ll just refer to as the stone village, because the name of the village isn’t actually revealed until later in the series. This is a village made up of people who were born and raised post-petrification event. They don’t really know anything about the world of 3,700 years ago.

This village is also where we spend the majority of the series, and some of the notable characters are Kohaku, Chrome, Kinro, Ginro, and Suika (I guess). The most important is Chrome, because although he doesn’t know what science is, he’s a scientist at heart.


I’ve discussed the issues with the science in this series at length in my episode reviews. So instead, let’s discuss how the “science” of this series actually diverted the series from the premise it laid out at the start: which is to rebuild and save humanity. And yes, this section will include spoilers.

Dr. Stone sort of advertised itself as this science x history series which was going to go through all the major scientific developments throughout human history. However, it quickly became apparent that this wasn’t actually going to happen, which is a shame because it seems a lot of people, myself included, were looking forward to that.

But that in itself isn’t really an issue. Just because a series isn’t how I wanted it to be doesn’t make it a failure.

Senku holding a gun from the anime series Dr. Stone
Senku holding a gun

It didn’t take long for Senku to reinvent gunpowder, which would make taking down Tsukasa relatively easy. However, that would also eliminate the major conflict of the series, so that obviously can’t happen. To prevent this, we get some mental gymnastics on the part of the author.

It goes like this: Tsukasa figures out that Senku is making gunpowder (because apparently he’s also a super genius). Then there’s a weak excuse for why Senku can no longer make gunpowder. And then Senku decides to build a whole bunch of other inventions to take down Tsukasa in a roundabout way.

However, none of his new inventions will actually take down Tsukasa. He still needs either gunpowder, or the talk-no-jutsu. And since this is a shounen series, I have a feeling the latter is what we’re going to see in the end.


Overall, Dr. Stone is a 5/10 from me. It’s almost a 6, but not quite. There were just way too many flaws with the logic of the series for my liking. And that’s especially egregious considering this series advertises itself as a science series.

If you really want a more in-depth look at this series, I did weekly reviews for every episode. In those reviews I discussed the specific issues I had with the science of each episode, so they’ll give you a much better understanding of why I have this series rated as I do.

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My review of the second season: Stone Wars is available.