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Fire Force Season 2

Fire Force Season 2

Fire Force Season 2 anime series cover art
Fire Force Season 2

Season Overview

Fire Force Season 2 (Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou / 炎炎ノ消防隊 弐ノ章) is 24 episodes long and covers four primary arcs. I’m just going to give these arcs names based on the important aspects of them. First is the Inca arc, then the Chinese Peninsula arc, followed by the Nataku arc, and lastly is the Nether Raid arc.

There are also some episodes that don’t really fit into any of these arcs spread throughout the season. But those are the main four groupings of episodes.

The Inca arc introduces the Fifth Pillar, Inca Kasugatani. I’ll discuss her a bit more in the new characters section. But what you should know for now is that she’s a complete wildcard who just wants anarchy. She also has a fairly unique pyrokinetic ability the likes of which we haven’t seen before.

My favorite arc of the season was probably the Chinese Peninsula arc. In this arc, a rag-tag group of fire soldiers heads to a peninsula on what was formerly the Chinese mainland. What I like about this arc is that it gives us a lot of lore about the world.

The Nataku arc introduces the Sixth Pillar, Nataku Son. In this arc, Company 8 once again looks into the dealings of Haijima Industries. While there was a lot going on in this arc, I didn’t feel like it added all that much to the series besides introducing some characters.

Finally, there’s the Nether Raid arc, which I thought was the worst arc of the season. Rather than being a climactic end, it had some surface-level action but mainly focused on how poorly the author writes his female characters. There was a lot wrong with this arc from a character development perspective.

New Characters

There are five new characters of note in Fire Force Season 2. These are Ogun, Inca, Ritsu, Nataku, and Kurono. Ogun might have been in Season 1. But I don’t believe he was so I’m including him.

Ogun Montgomery is a member of Company 4 and a friend of Shinra and Arthur. The three of them trained together before officially becoming fire soldiers. Ogun is somewhat unique in that he appears to have three different pyrokinetic abilities.

First, he can control a flame-powered hoverboard. Second, he can create spears out of flames. And third, he can boost his physical abilities to insane levels by altering his internal temperature. Ogun is probably the coolest new character.

Inca Kasugatani from the anime series Fire Force Season 2
Inca Kasugatani

I’m going to pair Inca and Ritsu together here because they work together. As the Fifth Pillar, Inca is given a Protector to, well, protect her. This Protector is Ritsu. Inca’s pyrokinetic ability allows her to sense when a fire is going to start. She can also start fires by tracing a line she sees in the air, but it doesn’t appear that she can start fires at will. Ritsu is a necromancer who uses fire to reanimate corpses.

Nataku is the most recent Pillar to awaken. He’s the kid who was forced to become a pyrokinetic by Rekka using one of the bugs on him. He was then taken in (captured) by Haijima Industries, where he was forced to undergo combat training to bring out his Adolla Burst. We don’t really know what his ability is yet, but it seems to be a cursed-arm type ability.

And lastly, we have Kurono Yuuichirou, Nataku’s (tor)mentor at Haijima Industries. Kurono’s defining character trait is that he loves beating up those weaker than himself. He also has a smoke-based ability, which is the first of its kind in the series.

Comparison to Season 1

Generally speaking, I think Season 2 is better than Season 1. However, I wouldn’t say that the gap between the two seasons is very large. The second season had some better fights, such as Shinra vs. Arthur. But overall I wouldn’t say that the fights were all that much better.

Where Season 2 really shown was its lore and world-building. We learned a lot about the history of this world throughout the season, but primarily during the Chinese Peninsula arc. It’s in China that our heroes learn a bit of the truth regarding the founding and maintaining of their home nation.

In fact, I think that the first half of Season 2 is much better than Season 1. The reason that it’s not overwhelmingly better as a whole is that the second half of the season really dropped off. It slowed down, started looping back around to old plot points, and dismantled a lot of the series’ character building.

The Benefactor from the anime series Fire Force Season 2
The Benefactor

I think the slide downward started in the Nataku arc. Going back to Haijima Industries didn’t feel like any progress was being made. Company 8 already dealt with Haijima during the original Dr. Giovanni arc and the Captain Hibana arc back in Season 1. So returning to Haijima now just felt like we were rehashing something that was already done.

To use a game analogy, have you ever played The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass? That game makes you return to the same main temple about five times just to make a little bit of progress each time. It’s not fun when you know that you’re wasting your time there rather than making real progress elsewhere.

The biggest issue with Season 2 is how it deals with Maki and Tamaki, though. I won’t go too much into this since I wrote about it extensively in my weekly episode reviews. But basically, Maki’s character was “undeveloped” just to redevelop her in a condescending way. And Tamaki continued to be nothing more than fan service.


In the end, I gave Fire Force Season 2 a 7/10, which is the same score I gave to the first season. If I was just rating the first cour of this season though, it probably would have been an 8. Which season do you like more? Let me know in the comments.

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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 24

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 24

Signs of Upheaval

Fire Force Season 2 episode 24 was a good conclusion to the season. I thought the first half of the episode was entertaining. And as we’ll discuss later on, the second half set up a lot of plot points that will occur in the following season. And yes, I’m assuming there will be a season 3.

Remember how last week I said that I didn’t think Tamaki was ever actually going to redeem her character? Well, that still holds true after this episode. While Shinra and Arthur were being trained to achieve new levels of power, Tamaki was simply watching from the sidelines.

If her character is really going to change in any meaningful way, then she should be training to upgrade her powers as well. The fact that she’s not just goes to show that there’s no serious attempt being made to keep her relevant for any reason other than fan service.

Benimaru Shinmon from the anime series Fire Force Season 2
Benimaru Shinmon

Skipping to later on in the episode, one thing I wasn’t expecting was the death of Captain Hague of the 4th Company. This is a very interesting development that will have consequences for the next season. For starters, who’s going to replace Hague as the captain? Probably Pan, but is he really on the same level as the other captains?

And probably more important is the question of who are the Destroyers? If a single Destroyer was able to defeat Captain Hague, are they stronger than the Protectors? What about the Pillars? And how did the Destroyer’s power work who killed Hague?

If we’re going to be encountering new enemies even stronger than the Protectors and Pillars, it’s no wonder that Shinra and Arthur need to train.

Ultra Instinct (The Press of Death)

I don’t watch Dragon Ball, so I don’t actually know what Ultra Instinct does. But I’m going to assume that the Press of Death is Fire Force’s version of it anyway. I also don’t entirely understand how the Press of Death works. Even so, I’ll try to explain it as I understand it.

As Shinmon says, the Press of Death is what you experience when you push beyond the limit of your limits. And “limit of your limits” just seems to be a long way of saying “your limits.” Anyway, once this is accomplished, your survival instincts will kick in and give you a second wind of flame energy signified by the blue flames.

Now, there are a few issues I see with this power upgrade. First, doesn’t this simply mean that the Press of Death could always be achieved by anyone as long as they kept fighting? It’s never come up before, so does that mean nobody we’ve seen in this series has ever fought to that point?

Shinra feeling the Press of Death from the anime series Fire Force Season 2
Shinra feeling the Press of Death

Second, does the existence of the Press of Death invalidate tephrosis as we know it? Supposedly, a third-generation pyrokinetic will suffer from tephrosis if they continue using their flames beyond their limit. But as we’re told and shown here, that’s not the case.

Shinra and Arthur were both beyond their limits and reached the point at which they physically couldn’t use their flames anymore. So why were they able to unlock a new level of power rather than suffering from tephrosis? It doesn’t make sense.

It feels like tephrosis was just retconned because the author realized that it got in the way of being able to power up the characters. And what about Konro? Surely he can (or could) utilize the Press of Death, but that clearly didn’t stop him from developing tephrosis.


And now, it’s time to get a bit off-topic and discuss the final part of the post-credits scene. This scene features Haumea looking at the moon, which then glitches out and is replaced by the smiling moon from Soul Eater.

If you weren’t already aware, Atsushi Ohkubo, the author of Fire Force, is also the author of Soul Eater. He’s written three series (four if you count Soul Eater NOT separately from Soul Eater), and two of them (or three, depending) were adapted into anime. So he’s had a fairly successful career in that regard.

I haven’t read B.Ichi, so maybe the smiling moon is originally from that. But it’s safe to say that most people identify it with Soul Eater. So why was it included at the very end of the final Fire Force Season 2 episode?

The moon from Soul Eater as seen in the anime series Fire Force Season 2
The moon from Soul Eater as seen in Fire Force

The way I see it, there are three possible reasons for the inclusion of this specific moon. One is that it signifies that Soul Eater and Fire Force are connected in some way, such as being part of a shared universe. That wouldn’t necessarily have any effect on either series, but it would be a neat piece of trivia.

Another reason, which I think is potentially the most exciting, would be that it’s hinting at a Soul Eater reboot of some sort. The Soul Eater anime had an original ending, so maybe there’s going to be a reboot that follows the end of the manga. This seems unlikely, but I’m just throwing out possibilities.

And the last, most mundane option is that it was simply a reference to Soul Eater without any further implications. It would be cool if this wasn’t the case, but that’s probably all it is.


What do you think about the final episode of Fire Force Season 2? Where do you think the Destroyers will stack up against the Protectors and Pillars? Does the Press of Death invalidate tephrosis? And do you think the smiling moon has any significance? Let me know in the comments.

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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 23

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 23

Lieutenant Konro

I know Fire Force Season 2 episode 23 was supposed to be all about Tamaki. But I’d be lying if I said that Lieutenant Konro wasn’t the star of the episode. And as such, he’s going to be the focus of the majority of this review, with the end set aside for Tamaki.

So, normally at this point, I would be bragging about how I predicted the connection between Konro’s tephrosis and his fight against the Devil Infernal last week. However, that was probably the most lowball prediction I’ve ever made. I think we all saw that coming.

What I find most interesting about Konro at this point is that he’s effectively unpowered. I believe the only truly unpowered member of the Fire Force is Captain Oubi. Maybe I’m forgetting someone else, but I think he’s the only one. But Konro is effectively the same because of his tephrosis.

Also, speaking of his tephrosis, I think he’s the only character we know of who suffers from that condition as well. Konro is a unique character in multiple ways.

Lieutenant Konro defeating a White Clad member from the anime series Fire Force Season 2
Lieutenant Konro defeating a White Clad member

I’ll admit that I originally thought the series was going to go in a “Konro is the final Pillar” direction when the topic of him having an Adolla Link first came up. I still believed that it awakened when he fought against the Demon Infernal, but I was preparing for him to be the final Pillar.

After all, why else would they suddenly set him up as an important character like that? But I think it’s safe to say now that he’s not going to be a Pillar. Konro, like Burns and Joker, just happened to be pulled into Adolla.

Doppelgangers and Tephrosis

When the concept of doppelgangers was introduced into the series in this episode I began having a few ideas. As I just mentioned, there must be a reason for Konro to have suddenly been focused on. For Burns and Joker, it was to give us more information about the Evangelist and the church.

With Konro, the focus appears to be on doppelgangers. The fact that all of the non-Pillars who have witnessed Adolla have facial scars is another idea that was brought up at the same time. However, I think this one is bait. Shinra pointing out the fact that they all have scars is probably just a coincidence.

What we really need to focus on is the doppelganger Demon Infernal Konro fought. From what we saw, this Demon Infernal was built just like Konro and even mimicked his attacks. So, what if Demon Infernals are the cause of both pyrokinetic abilities and tephrosis.

Konro vs. a Demon Infernal from the anime series Fire Force Season 2
Konro vs. a Demon Infernal

Considering that we don’t actually know how pyrokinetic abilities started or their background at all, I think it’s likely that there’s some dark underside to them. Maybe pyrokinetics get their powers from a connection to a doppelganger of themself within Adolla.

And what if the more a pyrokinetic uses their power, the more their doppelganger feeds on their “energy” or life force. Perhaps Konro’s doppelganger being a Demon Infernal was a sign of this. He used his power to the point of tephrosis, and his doppelganger was strong enough to be a Demon Infernal.

There has to be some downside to using pyrokinetic abilities. Tephrosis is that downside, but perhaps it’s just a surface-level symptom. For now, pyrokinetics believe they’ll be safe as long as they don’t push their limits. But perhaps even using their powers a little bit at a time is creating more powerful Infernals.


I guess this episode is supposed to be the beginning of Tamaki’s redemption, but I also think it’s too late. She didn’t really redeem herself in this episode, but rather just set up the possibility for it to happen in the future. And considering the next episode is the final one of the season and doesn’t appear to feature her, I don’t see it happening.

A few weeks ago I did mention that when Tamaki was first introduced into the series, we actually saw that she’s capable of combat. Unfortunately, since then her character has continuously been sidelined as nothing more than a cheap gag.

And it’s this role of hers as the gag character that I think is going to prevent her from ever truly being redeemed. I’m not saying this because I think her ecchi role is stupid and pointless in this series, but because it’s actually a part of her character at this point.

Tamaki using Nekomata Fireball from the anime series Fire Force Season 2
Tamaki using Nekomata Fireball

Within this episode, we were shown how Tamaki has struggled because of her lucky lecher ability for years. This ability has caused her to be a social outcast and is a huge part of why she lost confidence in herself. So, it makes sense that for her to truly be redeemed, she would need to first overcome this ability.

But as I said, the lucky lecher ability is a part of her character at this point. I don’t think it can easily be written out of the series even if I think that would be for the best.

With this difficulty in mind, it appears that the author has attempted to go with the “Tamaki learns to accept her lucky lecher ability” route. This probably goes without saying, but I think that’s a cop-out. I don’t think this will lead to her actually being redeemed and I don’t think she’ll ever become a strong member of the team.


What do you think of Fire Force Season 2 episode 23? Do you think Konro is going to continue to be an important character? Or is his role done for now with the discovery of the doppelgangers? And do you think there’s a connection between the doppelgangers and tephrosis? Let me know in the comments.

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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 22

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 22

Plot for Extinction

Fire Force Season 2 episode 22 wasn’t a bad episode, but I’m having a hard time seeing what the point of it all was. I’m sure some things will make more sense in the future of this series, though probably not within what remains of this season.

One such seemingly pointless plot development was that the White Clad wanted to blow up the entirety of Tokyo. I’m sure there’s some reason for them to do this, but I have no idea what it was. And since their plan failed, I get the feeling it won’t be explained for a long time.

I mean, what does blowing up Tokyo accomplish for them? They don’t have all of the Pillars at their disposal, so they would still need to collect the rest of those. And the destruction of Tokyo would probably have killed Shinra and Nataku.

Arrow from the anime series Fire Force Season 2

Maybe those with Adolla Bursts can withstand an explosion like that and the heat it would generate. But based on what we were told about the scale of this explosion, it seems unlikely. Out of all the fire soldiers, it was stated that Tamaki was the only one with a realistic chance of survival.

But let’s say that they did blow up Tokyo and both Shinra and Nataku survived. What does that accomplish? As Dr. Giovanni stated, the entire Tokyo Empire was created solely to further the Evangelist’s goal. So there must be a good reason for the White Clad to blow it all up.

Sure, Dr. Giovanni also said that they’re going to use the people of Tokyo as a fuel source. But again, to what end? I assume to help them create a second cataclysm — but don’t they need the Pillars for that?

Adolla Links

Another topic that Dr. Giovanni brought up was that Adolla Links can only happen between two people with Adolla Bursts or those who have come into contact with Adolla. This has already been implied multiple times throughout the series, but Dr. Giovanni puts more emphasis on it here.

So, how many people do we know who can utilize Adolla Links? First, we have the seven Pillars: Amaterasu, Haumea, Sho, Shinra, Inca, Nataku, and the unknown Seventh Pillar. Then we have Captain Burns, Joker, Captain Hague, Dr. Giovanni, and Lieutenant Konro.

There’s a pretty good chance that I’ve missed some characters, but those are the ones I can think of. Burns and Joker we know were caught up in the Evangelist’s plans in the past and transported to Adolla for a short period of time. I forget what happened to Captain Hague, but it’s already been established that he made contact with Adolla in the past as well.

Dr. Giovanni from the anime series Fire Force Season 2
Dr. Giovanni

That leaves Dr. Giovanni and Lieutenant Konro. Dr. Giovanni is an odd case because as he tells us, he’s never actually witnessed Adolla. His goal is to become closer to Adolla, and probably to witness it one day, but he hasn’t fully achieved that yet. That’s what all of his experiments are aimed at accomplishing.

What’s weird about that is that despite never coming into contact with Adolla, he’s achieved a one-way Adolla Link. Shinra was able to link to him, but he wasn’t able to link back. I’m interested in seeing if Dr. Giovanni ever does achieve a full Adolla Link, or if he’ll be an example of why humans shouldn’t “play god.”

Lieutenant Konro is set up as the next great mystery, but I’m not sure if there’s all that much mystery there. He probably witnessed Adolla when he fought the demon Infernal in the past.

Maki is Back

A week or two ago I wrote about how Maki’s transfer to a job as a secretary for the military was a stupid development that served no real purpose at this point in the story. I also explained exactly how this stupid development would be resolved. And guess what. I was right.

This entire character arc for Maki was the most unnecessary and predictable arc I think I’ve ever seen in an anime. I don’t know if the author thought this was a good idea or if his editor at Weekly Shounen Magazine was the one who told him to include it. But clearly, someone made a poor decision.

I’ve been complaining about this author’s inability to write strong, heroic, female characters for a few weeks now. This arc is the epitome of bad female character writing. I don’t think even Kishimoto ever wrote such a bad female character arc.

Maki Oze from the anime series Fire Force Season 2
Maki Oze

Why did we need an arc about male characters thinking Maki wasn’t strong enough to be in Company 8? As I’ve said many times, Maki already established herself as a very powerful member of that team. So all this arc did was regress her character so that she could get some artificial development to put her back where she started.

How it was all going to play out was obvious, too. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that Maki would show up in the Nether at the last moment to save everyone with her pyrokinetic ability. As soon as she was sidelined, that was the only logical conclusion to the arc.

But, I think what made this whole arc even worse was the ending. Lieutenant Hinawa literally said that he purposefully sidelined Maki like that to test if she could really handle the challenges that await them.

Really? Hinawa’s supposed to be the one person in Maki’s corner even if everyone else doubts her. He’s literally the one who picked her to be a member of Company 8!


Fire Force Season 2 episode 22 had its good moments, to be sure. But I think the conclusion of Maki’s character “redevelopment” arc tainted the whole thing. If you just take that out, it was a pretty good episode.

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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 21

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 21

Enemy Contact

Fire Force Season 2 episode 21 was all over the place with its constant switching back and forth between fights. I’m not really sure why shounen battle series like to do this so much, but it’s pretty annoying. I’d much rather just watch a single fight all the way through before swapping over to the next one.

Let’s start this review by focusing on the fight between Shinra and Dr. Giovanni, which didn’t even get wrapped up in this episode. There wasn’t much of an actual fight here (yet), but there were some interesting things said by Dr. Giovanni.

I thought it was very strange for Dr. Giovanni to bring up some clearly false conspiracy theory about insects originating from outer space as an allusion to the origin of the Adolla insects. There were probably better ways to explain his point than that.

Dr. Giovanni as a space bug from the anime series Fire Force Season 2
Dr. Giovanni as a space bug

But ignoring that, we also saw that Dr. Giovanni turned himself into a mutant bug-man. He alleges that this was done so that he could resonate with the Adolla insects on a deeper level. Something tells me that it shouldn’t work like that, though.

Is he implying that insects in general are closer to Adolla than other life forms? I don’t see any other reason for why turning himself into a mutant bug-man would matter. It’s not like the bugs he combined with his body have anything to do with the Adolla bugs.

Am I missing some mythological connection between insects and fire that’s being referenced here? I would understand if he was a salamander-man, but the whole bug thing is lost on me.

The Martensite Man

While I may have not understood the whole bug-man thing, one thing I did understand was the martensite man. Martensite isn’t something that I would expect many people to know about, so I was surprised to see it referenced by Iron when referring to his pyrokinetic ability.

Iron did a pretty good job of explaining what martensite is in a basic sense. But just to make it a bit more clear, martensite is a microstructure of atoms that forms when certain metals are heated to specific temperature ranges and then cooled. He mentioned it in terms of tempering a blade, but it can also be achieved through a variety of other metal heat treatments.

I didn’t really like Iron’s character design all that much, but that mainly has to do with the White Clad having stumps rather than real feet. His beefed-up body looked extra odd standing on those stumps.

Iron of the Knights of the Purple Haze from the anime series Fire Force Season 2
Iron of the Knights of the Purple Haze

However, I did like Iron’s whole ability and theme. There’s actually a character who’s currently relevant in Boruto, Deepa, who has a very similar ability. The difference is that Deepa alters the carbon structure in his body to make it as hard as a diamond. Of the two, I think Iron is much cooler in how his ability works.

Altering your internal carbon structure arbitrarily as an ability is one thing. But using actual metallurgic principles to harden the iron in your body as an ability is way more creative. I love when there’s actually an explanation behind how powers work beyond just “magic.”

That’s something I feel Fire Force has been fairly good with. Obviously, most of the pyrokinetic abilities are just magic, but there are some that are grounded in reality to an extent. Aspects of Arthur’s, Haumea’s, and Ogun’s abilities come to mind.

Tamaki was Almost Redeemed

Last week, I expressed that while I was surprised that Hajiki died, it didn’t really matter all that much. What I really didn’t expect was for Juggernaut to die in this episode. It’s possible that he’s not really dead, but that would really take away from the emotional impact of his death scene, which I found to be quite good.

In fact, for a moment there I thought that Tamaki was going to redeem herself as a character. I previously called for Tamaki to be written out of Fire Force, and I thought I was going to have to retract that statement. But as it turns out, I still stand by it today.

Juggernaut’s death and the appearance of the final two Knights of the Purple Haze was the perfect opportunity for Tamaki to redeem her character. She had the chance to show us that she’s more than just a damsel in distress or an object to be lewded for fan service.

But, of course, that didn’t happen.

Tamaki being objectified as usual from the anime series Fire Force Season 2
Tamaki being objectified as usual

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming Tamaki for her failures as a character. I’m blaming the author for repeatedly writing her character in this way. When you think of mangaka who are extremely bad at writing female characters, you may think of Reki Kawahara or Masashi Kishimoto. But, I think Atsushi Ōkubo is showing them both up.

Every time I think he’s starting to do something right with his female character writing, he immediately goes in the opposite direction. How difficult is it to write a strong female character? He can do it for male characters. Just do the same thing, but this time it’s a woman.

To be fair, I have said that I think his female antagonists are good. And I do stand by that. I really like Haumea, and I thought Captain Hibana was good when she was in a more antagonistic role as well. But none of the Company 8 girls get the same treatment.


What do you think of Fire Force Season 2 episode 21? Do you like that Dr. Giovanni is now a bug-man? Could Iron survive a hit from Charon? And did you think Tamaki was about to be redeemed in this episode as I did? Let me know in the comments.

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