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Series Overview

Kakushigoto (かくしごと) is a comedy series about a father who hides the true nature of his profession from his daughter. While Hime believes her father is your typical salaryman, Kakushi is actually an ecchi manga artist. Yes, his secret is that he draws lewd, comedy manga.

When the season began, Kakushigoto was my pick for the best anime of the season. Both of the main characters are voiced by some of my favorite voice actors, the original creator is known for other successful manga, and I think the art style is pretty nice.

However, if you’ve read my review of Sing “Yesterday” for Me, you’ll know that ended up being my favorite.

Kakushi Gotou from the anime series Kakushigoto
Kakushi Gotou

The first problem I have with Kakushigoto is that while I do think it’s funny and good all around, it got old pretty fast. There are really only so many jokes you can make about Kakushi hiding his job from Hime. And as I’ll discuss more later on in this review, the second problem with the series was the ending.

Some people believe that the end of a series is the most important part. While others believe it’s the journey to the end that matters more. I’d probably consider myself to be more so in the latter group. A good ending won’t necessarily make a bad anime much better, but a bad ending can definitely make a good anime significantly worse.

Nonetheless, if you’re a fan of slice of life, comedy series, you’ll probably enjoy Kakushigoto. And if you like the Monogatari series, as I do, then you may like Kakushigoto even more because Kakushi is basically just an adult version of Koyomi. He looks the same, acts the same, and has the same voice actor.


Back in my review of the first episode, I went over the various levels of wordplay that make up both the series title and main characters’ names. Rather than me going over that again, just take a look at this visual created by @HenkukuNii on Twitter.

Wordplay from the anime series Kakushigoto
Kakushigoto wordplay

Kakushi Gotou is easily the best character of the series, as he should be since he’s the protagonist. The only two things he really loves in life are his daughter and his ecchi manga. Though, if it’s for Hime’s sake, he would give up his work as a mangaka in a heartbeat. His world revolves around her, and this often causes him to go to illogical extremes when it comes to protecting her.

Hime is the next best character, but for very different reasons. For one, she’s just cute. But Hime is also surprisingly funny, though she doesn’t mean to be. It’s fair to say that Hime isn’t the smartest kid around, and this often causes her to do or say things that a normal person would never consider.

In Kakushi’s circle are his assistants, Rasuna, Ami, Kakeru, and Aogu, along with his editor, Tomaruin. Surprisingly, Tomaruin probably has more screen time than any of the assistants simply because he’s always messing things up. But even though Rasuna, Ami, Kakeru, and Aogu don’t get that much screen time, they’re surprisingly developed characters.

In Hime’s circle, we have her friends in the Meguro River Detective Agency (a make-believe detective agency started by her classmates), her teacher Ichiko, her babysitter Nadila, and future idol Naru.

Nadila and Naru specifically are both really good supporting characters. Of course, I’m mostly saying that because they’re cute, but they’re entertaining as well. Naru is my Kakushigoto crush, but I have to admit that Nadila is more entertaining.

Comedy or Drama?

I want to start this discussion of the drama in Kakushigoto by pointing out that this is not a drama series. But, every episode does have a drama aspect to it, usually at the very end. The majority of the series takes place in the past, and it’s only through these ending scenes that we get a glimpse into the present.

This drama element was a bit weird for me. On one hand, drama is my favorite genre of anime, and these ending scenes definitely caught my attention. But on the other, I really just wanted this series to remain a wholesome comedy, because I think that’s what it does best.

In the end, the drama didn’t really amount to anything. And that itself also gave me mixed emotions. I’m glad that the drama didn’t lead to anything that ruined the comedy of the series. However, it’s also true that I would have liked a little more payoff for all that dramatic buildup throughout the series.

Hime discovering her father's secret from the anime series Kakushigoto
Hime discovering her father’s secret

But if I had to place the blame for the bad end on one thing, it would probably be that the final episode tried to do too much. It tried to resolve the drama, tried to add in new plot lines that weren’t necessary, and then tried to squeeze in a bit of comedy too.

The result of all that was an ending that felt all over the place while also not really providing a conclusion that solved everything the series had built up.

It was sort of saved by the very last scene of the episode when Hime reveals that she has a secret of her own. But even with that and the one gag I mentioned I liked in my review of the episode, I think the last episode of the series was probably the worst.


For me, Kakushigoto is a 7/10, but I almost want to give it a 6 because of the end. Without the final episode, it’s definitely a 7 though. I’d like to know what other people who have watched the series think of the end, so if you’ve watched it, let me know in the comments.

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Kakushigoto Episode 12

Kakushigoto Episode 12

Hidden Truths

Just as Kakushi was keeping a secret from Hime, I’ve been keeping a secret from all of you. I actually knew how this anime ended ever since the third episode or so.

You see, a little problem with writing about anime that’s currently airing is that manga readers love to spoil it. And for one of my early episode reviews, someone decided it was a good idea to comment a spoiler for the end of the series. Obviously, I blocked their comment so it wouldn’t spoil all of you, but I was spoiled.

I also get people who tweet spoilers at me (follow me on Twitter by the way) because I guess they think that’s acceptable as well. To be honest, I don’t mind being spoiled myself. However, if I already know what’s going to happen, I can no longer give my honest speculation about the future of the series in these reviews.

Kakushi being crushed by Weekly Shounen Jumpo magazines from the anime series Kakushigoto
Kakushi being crushed by Weekly Shounen Jumpo magazines

Moving on to the actual episode at hand, Kakushigoto episode 12 was much more serious than anything else in the series. I think we all kind of assumed that would be the case based on the buildup over the course of the series. However, what surprised me a bit was how little the disappearance of Kakushi’s wife played a role.

We knew that she either died or went missing in some kind of boating accident, but we didn’t know more than that little bit that was hinted at. And this episode didn’t really give us anything more to go on. It simply confirmed that it happened and that the news of it getting out is why Kakushi quit drawing manga.

But the one joke this episode had that I thought was pretty good was the nature of Kakushi’s accident. The fact that he was crushed by a pile of Weekly Shounen Jumpo magazines was great — especially when Tomaruin mentioned that if it was any of their competitors he would have been fine.

Seven Years Gone

After Kakushi is crushed by the magazine pile, he ends up in a coma for one year. He goes into his coma when Hime is 17 and wakes up from it when she’s 18 — old enough to know the secret he’s been keeping from her all this time.

But when he wakes up, things aren’t all back to normal. His memory of the previous seven years before his accident has been erased (hidden, actually). So when Hime goes to visit him in the hospital, he doesn’t recognize her because in his mind she’s still 10 years old, not 18.

This is the part of the episode that I was spoiled on. I was told that Kakushi had an accident that put him in a coma, and that when he wakes up, he doesn’t recognize Hime and has no memory of anything since she was 10.

Kakushi and his underlings creating manga in the hospital from the anime series Kakushigoto
Kakushi and his underlings creating manga in the hospital

A lot has changed in the past seven years since Hime’s 11th birthday in the previous episode. We don’t know exactly when a lot of these events occurred within that 7-year span, but Tights in the Wind was officially concluded, Rasuna became a top-selling mangaka with a studio of her own (including some of Kakushi’s old assistants), and Naru became a reporter rather than an idol.

First of all, it was nice to see that Tights wasn’t abruptly ended due to Kakushi’s retirement. It actually went on for at least another 100 chapters after we last saw it and got a proper ending. What surprised me most, though, was that Rasuna became a popular mangaka. Of Kakushi’s assistants, Ami and Aogu were the two who really wanted to go down that route.

And of course, it’s disappointing to see that Naru had to give up on her idol dreams.

The Meguro River Detective Agency is on the Case!

The Meguro River Detective Agency (MRDA) is back in business after a long hiatus. But before talking about their role, I should probably mention something from when they’re first shown in this episode: The “hot guy” as Hina Toumi referred to him.

The introduction of Hime’s cousin could have been left out as far as I’m concerned. There was no real need to say that Kakushi was the product of an affair, or that he came from a kabuki family which is why Hime’s grandfather disliked him, or even that he had a half-sister with a child.

All of that could have been left out without affecting the story. The only part that it mattered for is that we’re told Kakushi’s half-sister is the one who gave Hime the key to their old home — and even this could have been solved simply by saying Rasuna did it.

Hime running from the anime series Kakushigoto
Hime running

But the MRDA doesn’t have time to look into the claims made by this “hot guy” who says that Kakushi is the product of an affair. They have bigger fish to fry! That’s right, they need to help Hime drag all of Kakushi’s old manuscripts to the hospital.

I have to say I actually liked this part of the episode. It was good seeing the MRDA back together (including the one girl who wasn’t a founding member). And the fact that their work actually brought Kakushi’s memories back was a nice, wholesome ending.

However, even the MRDA has its fair share of secrets. Founding member Hime Gotou has actually been hiding the fact that she draws shoujo manga from her father. And to make things even more scandalous, her fellow detectives are actively helping her hide this information.


What do you think of the final episode of Kakushigoto? I probably would have preferred it to be a little less serious — with more stuff like when Kakushi was crushed by Weekly Shounen Jumpo. But aside from that, I thought it was a good ending to the series. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Kakushigoto Episode 11

Kakushigoto Episode 11

The Last Chapter Doesn’t Bother Her

I thought Kakushigoto episode 11 was going to set up the end of the series, but that isn’t what happened. It looked like the episode was taking us in that direction, but then in the end everything went back to normal for Kakushi both at work and in his relationship with Hime.

Hime’s relationship with her father is something I want to touch on before moving forward with the episode review. We know they have a good relationship when Hime is a child, but from the present day scenes we’ve been shown, the two appear to be distant — if we’re still assuming Kakushi is alive.

Why would their relationship have soured? I don’t think Kakushi would begin neglecting Hime just because he’s no longer creating manga. There must be more to it — perhaps regarding his wife’s death.

Kakushi and the editor-in-chief from the anime series Kakushigoto
Kakushi and the editor-in-chief

At first, the episode title appeared to be hinting at something going on with their relationship. I figured that we might see Hime reading the final chapter of Tights in the Wind as an 18-year-old at the end of the episode. Perhaps it would have shown her liking the manga and questioning why her father stopped making it.

But that wasn’t the case. Even after watching the entire episode, I’m still not quite sure what the title is referring to.

The closest thing I can think of (that was actually shown in the episode) would be the “her” referring to either Rasuna or Ami not minding that Tights in the Wind was supposedly ending. However, even that doesn’t make sense for a number of reasons. I still think it was supposed to be referring to Hime in some way, but I’m not sure how.

Tights in the Wind is Ending

As I’ve already alluded to, the episode almost made me think Tights in the Wind really was winding down. We know that Kakushi stopped creating manga once his fans learned of his tragic past, but we haven’t yet been told whether or not that’s the reason he stopped the Tights series specifically.

From what I was seeing, it looked like Tights was going to come to an end due to the misunderstanding between Kakushi, Tomaruin, and the editor-in-chief. Then, before Kakushi could start up his next series, the news would come out and he would opt not to return as a mangaka.

But, no. Tights in the Wind wasn’t canceled after all, and it actually saw an increase in popularity thanks to Kakushi’s extra effort when he thought it was coming to a close.

Kakushi working on Tights in the Wind from the anime series Kakushigoto
Kakushi working on Tights in the Wind

What if Tights really did end here, though? What would have happened to Kakushi’s employees? We can skip over Kakeru because we never actually got to hear what he planned to do after the series ended. But the other three all had plans.

Rasuna said she was going to travel to Europe and also go back to school to get a few more credits for graduation. Ami and Aogu, on the other hand, both mentioned that they have personal projects they’ve wanted to work on for a while now. So, how have their plans worked out from what we’ve seen of the present?

Rasuna may be taking university classes, but from what we’ve seen, she’s definitely not in Europe. As for Aogu, he’s now working at a bookstore, so we can assume his personal project didn’t take off. And as for Ami, we’ve seen here, but there’s been no indication of how her project is going.

Happy Birthday, Hime

Hime’s 11th birthday has come and gone — and something to note is that she never opened one of the age-marked boxes hidden away in the closet. I believe I mentioned this in one of the earlier episode reviews, but it doesn’t seem like she’s ever actually opened one of those boxes on her birthday.

As she said when we saw her open up some of the boxes earlier on, she only opened up to the box marked “10” because she was 10 years old at the time. She wouldn’t have had any to open if she had actually been given them on her birthday each year.

Why doesn’t Kakushi give these boxes to Hime? We still haven’t been given a reason for this — even after Kakushi decides to make more boxes for her for the future.

Hime's 11th birthday picture from the anime series Kakushigoto
Hime’s 11th birthday picture

Also with the passing of Hime’s birthday, almost every “plotline” that was set up throughout the series has concluded. Obviously we haven’t seen the end of Kakushi’s career as a mangaka yet, but we know that should be coming in the final episode.

The one thing I can think of that hasn’t happened yet is that Hime hasn’t seen her grandfather. Based on the next episode preview, I think we may be getting this in the final episode. There was a line Hime said about possibly being the product of an affair, and perhaps this is something she misunderstands after meeting her grandfather.

Though, I’m pretty sure that was the voice of 17/18-year-old Hime who said that line. So it was probably in reference to whatever Kakushi’s secret is (being a mangaka).


What did you think of Kakushigoto episode 11? And what do you think is going to happen in the final episode? Now that we’ve passed Hime’s 11th birthday, is the entire episode going to be in the present timeline? Or do you think Kakushi’s mangaka career came to an end while she was still a child? Let me know in the comments.

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Kakushigoto Episode 10

Kakushigoto Episode 10

Kakushi in Critical Condition

Last week I made a prediction about Kakushi’s fate based on the preview for this episode. My prediction was way off, but that’s probably what the preview was going for. Kakushi wasn’t in any sort of accident and didn’t come down with a serious illness; he just got a cold from overworking himself at the end of the year.

Normally Kakushi isn’t one to overwork himself. But Hime won them a stay at an Inn over the winter break, so he worked extra hard to get his manuscripts done before then. I’ll discuss what happens at the inn in the next section, but first I need to complain about a trope in anime.

When Kakushi comes down with his cold, he’s bedridden and all of his staff and the women who are in love with him come to his side to watch over him. This was actually used for a pretty good gag with Tomaruin believing that Kakushi was critically ill.

Why else would everyone he knows be surrounding his bed in silence?

You Shiokoshi and Kumi Jouro from the anime series Kakushigoto
You Shiokoshi and Kumi Jouro

But while Tomaruin reading the room and believing Kakushi was dying is a good joke, it’s actually based on a trope featured prominently in anime. When someone comes down with a cold, they’re always bedridden and so weak that they can’t do anything.

I don’t know about you, but a cold has never put me in that state. In fact, unless your immune system is compromised in some way, even the flu shouldn’t do that to you. Sure, you’ll feel tired and terrible, but you won’t be literally helpless.

This is just one of those things that happen in anime I can’t wrap my head around. It’s sort of explained by Eastern culture, but not really.

The Ghost of Izu

The hot springs inn Kakushi, Hime, and Roku win a trip to is known as Izu. It’s a historic hot spring location that still holds a number of secrets from its past. And the most important of those secrets is that one room is supposedly haunted by the ghost of an author who died while writing at the inn.

This whole thing about the hot springs being haunted isn’t really all that important, but it does set up what I’ll be discussing in the next section. For the author who died at the inn, this mysterious and tragic death served to elevate his status as a writer.

But when Kakushi makes a joke about something similar happening to him, Rasuna comments that it wouldn’t work the same way for a gag mangaka. If something tragic were to happen to a gag mangaka, their career would effectively be over because they’re supposed to be funny, not tragic.

Keep that in mind for later.

Ichiko Rokujou from the anime series Kakushigoto
Ichiko Rokujou

Some other things that happen at the inn are Rasuna and Ami being recruited by Kakushi to watch over Hime and everyone in the inn attempting to get Kakushi to reveal his secret. I thought the direction they were going with the latter was that the hot springs have some sort of power that makes people reveal secrets. But that wasn’t the case.

The part with Rasuna and Ami was pretty good, though. Kakushi went out of his way to pay for them to stay at the inn too because he didn’t want Hime to be unattended in the women’s public bath. But Hime only spends about five minutes in there, so he ended up hiring them for nothing.

A Fatal Blow to a Gag Manga Artist

At the end of episode 10, we finally learn what happened to Kakushi to make him “disappear.” Kakushi wasn’t injured. He didn’t come down with a serious illness. And he didn’t die. Instead, he quit being a mangaka because he believed he could no longer make his audience laugh.

The reason he believes this is because his readers, and the wider world, learned of his tragic past. This is where you’re supposed to remember the setup from earlier regarding mangaka and tragic events that took place at the inn.

I have to admit, I didn’t see this coming at all. While we weren’t explicitly told what this tragic event was, we can assume it has to do with the death of his wife. We actually don’t know how she died yet, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility for her to have died in some sort of accident.

As for what that accident is, it’s implied to have been either an airplane or boat crash out at see. The newspaper article Kakushi is seen looking at when the episode ends mentions something about the search still being on for those missing from the crash. Either his wife definitively died in this crash, or her body was never recovered.

Kakushi reading a newspaper from the anime series Kakushigoto
Kakushi reading a newspaper

I have two opposing predictions to make regarding the end of this series. I really don’t think it’s going to end on a depressing note, so something’s going to happen to lighten the mood at the end.

One possibility is that Hime convinces Kakushi to restart his mangaka career. I think that with Hime’s support, Kakushi would be able to overcome anything, so this could be a happy and hopeful end despite the revelation about Kakushi’s wife.

The other possibility is that Kakushi’s wife never died and she makes a reappearance at the end of the series. This may seem far-fetched, but there are a lot of things pointing to this being the case:

  1. We know that the search for survivors is still ongoing (unless that was an old newspaper). But even if it’s not ongoing, it told us that not all the bodies were recovered, so there’s still hope.
  2. Kakushi hasn’t been interested in any of the other women in his life who are interested in him. This makes it much easier for him to be reunited with his wife in the end.
  3. We’re never shown the grave of his wife. You’d think there would have been a scene of Kakushi and Hime visiting a grave, but there hasn’t been one. This could imply her body wasn’t one recovered, which lends credibility to the possibility of her still being alive.


What are your thoughts on Kakushigoto episode 10? Mainly, what did you think happened to Kakushi before the truth was revealed? And how do you think the series is going to end? Will Kakushi become a mangaka once again? Will his wife return? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Kakushigoto Episode 9

Kakushigoto Episode 9

Your Lie in December

This week’s episode title is an obvious reference to the series Your Lie in April. I won’t say what the lie in that series is because it would be a major spoiler, but Kakushi’s lie in December is that the Godansha (Kodansha) publishing company’s end-of-year party isn’t actually happening.

But before we get to the party, let’s go through some other parts of the episode.

At the beginning of the episode, before Hime knows what a chandelier is, Kakushi mentions that the end of the year is when sensei are running around trying to finish their work. And this bit of information leads to a couple of good gags throughout the episode.

My favorite gag of this week’s episode is one of these, and it’s when one of Hime’s friends is listing off all the professions the word sensei can refer to. Specifically, I liked how she didn’t classify mangaka as artists, but instead put them in a (lower) class of their own.

Kakushi and Hime with their Christmas tree from the anime series Kakushigoto
Kakushi and Hime with their Christmas tree

I’d also like to get the “present” timeline discussion out of the way right now as well. This time we see one of Kakushi’s assistants, Aogu Shiji, working in a bookstore. That’s important because if Kakushi was still around, this probably wouldn’t be the case.

The customer he rings up buys a book about mangaka who have disappeared, and we see that Kakushi’s name is on the cover as one of said mangaka. That’s another important clue, but then Shiji comments that it isn’t true. So, where has Kakushi gone?

Well, from the next episode preview it would appear that Kakushi was either injured or fell ill. So this seems to be implying that Kakushi didn’t “disappear,” but rather something happened to him which has ended his mangaka career.

The Party isn’t Happening

The fact that the Godansha publishing company’s holiday party isn’t happening this year is a big deal — at least to Kakushi’s assistants. Kakushi didn’t want to go anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal for him. However, he didn’t want to break the news to his assistants because he knew it would destroy their morale.

And, of course, leave it to Tomaruin to let the secret out.

Kakushi's assistants after learning there is no party from the anime series Kakushigoto
Kakushi’s assistants after learning there is no party

What I really liked about this scene is that you really got a sense of the personalities of each of Kakushi’s assistants based on their reactions to this news. Shiji looks like he’s about to quit, Keshi has gone into shock, Rasuna is having a breakdown, and Ami is just dead inside.

It might seem odd for me to say that I like how each of these supporting characters has their own personality. They’re different characters, so of course they each have their own personality. But what’s really impressive about them is that we have such a good understanding of their personalities from so little content.

These characters don’t really have a lot of screen time and lines overall. And yet we know them all well enough to understand that their reactions to the cancellation of the party are perfect fits for their personalities.

How to Spot a Mangaka

In the end, Kakushi, his assistants, Hime, and even Tomaruin end up going to the holiday party of another publisher Kakushi has worked with in the past. I don’t remember the name of this one off the top of my head and I’m not going to go back into the episode to find it.

When we got to this part of the episode, though, I had just one question: What happened to Nadila? You may be thinking that Nadila didn’t need to attend because Kakushi came to pick Hime up and bring her to the party so there was no need for a babysitter.

However, if that’s what you’re thinking, then you’re forgetting that the reason Nadila was invited in the first place was simply that Hime wanted her to come. Did everyone — including Tomaruin for some reason — bail on Nadila and leave her at the Karaoke place alone?

The mystery of Nadila aside, the party act of the episode had a few good gags as well. There were all the talent scouts attempting to recruit Hime, causing Kakushi to become distressed. And there was also the fact that Tomaruin crashed the party and needed an escape route.

Tomaruin disguised as a mangaka from the anime series Kakushigoto
Tomaruin disguised as a mangaka

Seeing a bunch of mangaka pointing and laughing at Tomaruin as he was disguised as a mangaka was pretty good. But, this gag about mangaka being dirty degenerates is a trope you’ve probably seen before — and it’s one I find particularly interesting because I’ve never seen a mangaka like that.

Obviously, it’s self-deprecating humor and not meant to be a realistic portrayal of (most) mangaka. However, I like how it couples with the other trope we often see about manga (and light novel) editors basically being slave drivers. On one hand, you have the free-spirited mangaka who doesn’t care about deadlines or looking nice, and on the other, you have “the man.”

Although Tomaruin doesn’t exactly fit into this trope. He’s a dunce, but he still looks down on mangaka like any editor worth their salt should.


What did you think of Kakushigoto episode 9? Do you think a disco ball counts as a chandelier? What do you think happens to Kakushi to cause him to be injured or become ill? And, most importantly, where did Nadila go? I like to think she’s doing Karaoke on her own, but let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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