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KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World! Review

KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World! Review

KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World! anime series cover art
KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!

Unsealing the Dark God

KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World! (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo! / この素晴らしい世界に爆焔を!) is both a spin-off of and a prequel for the main KonoSuba series. It follows Megumin before she joins Kazuma and Aqua’s party. And, yes, it’s just as funny as the main series.

An Explosion on This Wonderful World! starts off with a young Megumin accidentally unsealing the Dark God Wolbach. Wolbach then uses explosion magic to defeat (and seal) her other half. And, this is Megumin’s introduction to the wonderful world of explosion magic.

As payment for unsealing her, Wolbach offers to grant one of Megumin’s wishes. And, after shooting down a few wishes, she ends up teaching Megumin the Explosion spell. However, Megumin doesn’t yet have the skill points to unlock advanced magic. So, she decides to dedicate her life to saving up her skill points to achieve her goal.

Arnes from the anime series KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!

Now, later on in the series, Komekko (Megumin’s sister) ends up unsealing the other half of Wolbach. This other half is someone you’re already familiar with if you’ve seen the main series. That’s right, it’s Megumin — I mean Chomosuke. Chomosuke actually used to go by Megumin before she was renamed.

With Wolbach and Chomosuke unsealed, things start to go wrong for the Crimson Demons. Or, at least, for Megumin. Wolbach’s followers, like Arnes, begin to show up searching for their master. But, Megumin doesn’t want to part ways with Chomosuke (in most cases). And so, Megumin’s battle against the Demon Lord’s forces begins.

Also, while Megumin is dealing with Arnes, Komekko has her own Wolbach follower to deal with. Host is a large, grey demon. But, while Arnes and Megumin are enemies, Host becomes Komekko’s follower. Though, none of the other Crimson Demons know this — they view him as an enemy.

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Megumin’s Classmates

Have you seen the Legend of Crimson movie? If so, you’ll be very aware that almost all Crimson Demons suffer from chuunibyou (中二病 / ちゅうにびょう). That means they behave like teenagers during puberty. They think things are cool that are most certainly cringe.

The one exception to this is Yunyun. She’s a normal girl who’s embarrassed by the behavior of the other Crimson Demons. And, we see this embarrassment in full force at the Crimson Demon school. Megumin fits right in with her classmates. But, despite being the daughter of the village chief, Yunyun does not.

So, who are their other classmates? There’s Arue, Dodonko, Funifura, Kaikai, Makaromi, Nerimaki, Poritan, Sakiberry, and Sansara. Of these, the most important three are Arue, Dodonko, and Funifura. Nerimaki is a distant fourth, and the other five don’t really matter at all. They’re also all girls.

Arue, Dodonko, Funifura, Megumin, Nerimaki, and Poritan from the anime series KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!
Arue, Dodonko, Funifura, Megumin, Nerimaki, and Poritan

So, why do we care about Arue? Arue is arguably the most important of Megumin’s childhood friends other than Yunyun. This is because she’s the one who gave Megumin her “cursed” eyepatch. Though, when giving it to Megumin, she admits there’s nothing special about it.

Dodonko and Funifura are less important than Arue. But, they still play a pretty major role in the series. These two are almost always seen together, and they tend to guilt Yunyun into helping them. For example, when Funifura’s brother gets sick, they convince Yunyun to give them money. Dodonko has a ponytail and Funifura has twin tails.

Nerimaki might be my favorite of the Crimson Demon students because she has a cute design. But, I don’t remember much about her. I know her family runs the pub in the village. However, I’m pretty sure we learned that from the movie, not from this series.

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From Axis Cultist to Arch Wizard

While Kazuma and Aqua do appear in this series, they’re always shown in the background. Instead, Yunyun and Cecily take their roles. Normally, Kazuma is the voice of reason in his party. But now, that role goes to Yunyun. Cecily, on the other hand, is basically the same as Aqua.

While not a goddess, Cecily is a priestess of the Axis Order. That’s the religious order that worships Aqua. So, it should be pretty clear how she and Aqua are similar. Everyone in the Axis Order is a psycho. Though, Cecily is a bit more tame than most.

After leaving the Crimson Demon village, Megumin plans to make her way to Axel. That’s the beginner adventurer town where she eventually meets Kazuma and Aqua. But, on her way there, she stops in Arcanletia for a while. This is the hot spring town home to the Axis Order.

Megumin, Cecily, and Yunyun from the anime series KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!
Megumin, Cecily, and Yunyun

It’s during this part of the series that we learn an important fact about the Axis Order. The one who taught them their underhanded recruitment methods is Megumin. Yes, the Axis cultists were always annoying and persistent. We see that with Cecily.

But, it’s not until Megumin teaches them how that they start using more manipulative methods. For example, Megumin is the one who taught them how to pretend they were injured and needed help. Then, when a passerby tries to help, the cultist hits them with a recruitment paper.

Also, I don’t remember this being in the main series when the gang is in Arcanletia. But, the Axis cultists are all lolicons — Cecily included. The biggest lolicon is Zesta, the order’s leader. He wants Megumin to do things like step on him. But, Cecily also frequently asks Megumin to bathe with her.


Overall, I gave KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World! an 8/10. This is a very good series. But, it’s missing the group dynamic that made the main series what it is. The dynamic between Megumin and Yunyun is great. However, it’s no replacement for Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness.

Oh, but An Explosion on This Wonderful World! has an amazing ED. So, it gets another half a point for that.

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KonoSuba: Legend of Crimson

KonoSuba: Legend of Crimson

KonoSuba: Legend of Crimson anime movie cover art
KonoSuba: Legend of Crimson

Movie Overview

KonoSuba -God’s blessing on this wonderful world!- Legend of Crimson (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!: Kurenai Densetsu / この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!紅伝説) is the first movie for the KonoSuba anime series. Before this there were two seasons and two OVAs, with a third season hopefully coming eventually.

The movie follows Kazuma’s party (Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness) traveling to the Crimson Demon village along with Yunyun. The reason they head there is due to Yunyun receiving a letter from her father mentioning that the village is about to be attacked by the Demon Lord’s forces.

The army attacking the Crimson Demon village is led by one of the Demon Lord’s generals, Sylvia. I honestly forget how many generals the Demon Lord has, but Sylvia is the fifth one to appear in the series. The other four are Verdia, Wiz, Vanir, and the slime guy from season 2 whom nobody remembers.

Kazuma's party meeting Megumin's family from the anime movie KonoSuba: Legend of Crimson
Kazuma’s party meeting Megumin’s family

Legend of Crimson also introduces us to Megumin’s family, which is made up of her father, mother, and younger sister, Komekko. Megumin’s family is potentially the best thing about the movie. All three of them are great characters.

Megumin’s family is pretty poor, so when her parents learn that Kazuma is going to be a millionaire due to “his” inventions, they’re suddenly very interested in marrying Megumin off to him. Komekko is just the extra cute younger sister, and that’s all she needs to be. My only real complaint about this movie is that Komekko didn’t get enough screen time.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I do recommend watching it before continuing on with this review because there will be spoilers from here on out.

The Crimson Demon Clan

When we’re first introduced to Megumin in the series, she mentions that her name isn’t anything strange for a Crimson demon. And throughout the series she continues to exist that there’s nothing strange about the (chuunibyou) way she acts.

Yunyun is strange too, yet not quite in the same way as Megumin. But when we meet the rest of the Crimson Demon Clan in this movie, we can finally see what those two have been talking about this whole time. They are normal by Crimson Demon standards.

The entire clan of Crimson Demons are suffering from chuunibyou — basically that cringey phase middle schoolers go through where they think they’re special and take everything too far.

Members of the Crimson Demon Clan from the anime movie KonoSuba: Legend of Crimson
Members of the Crimson Demon Clan

Later on in the movie we also actually get to learn about the origins of the Crimson Demons, which explains why they act the way they do. Apparently the Crimson Demons are an artificial race created by a mad scientist whom Aqua previously sent to this world.

This scientist is also the one who first named their clan the Crimson Demons — a name he admitted was pretty lame. He then created a giant, magic-repelling machine to function as the “bane of the Crimson Demons” because they wanted to have something they could refer to as their natural enemy.

It’s this invention which Sylvia is after. And in what’s probably the best scene of the whole movie (Megumin’s family is still the best thing), we find out that the invention is sealed behind a door that requires the Konami code to open.

Also, I didn’t go back to the second OVA to check, but isn’t the mad scientist from this movie the same one who built the golem (mech)?

Kazuma x Megumin

The whole Kazuma x Megumin “ship” has been around for a long time, but it seems to have been all but confirmed in this movie. Of course, Megumin’s parents are also firm believers that Kazuma and Megumin should get together, but even if we ignore them trying to set the pair up, there’s some compelling evidence.

First, though, we should probably take a look at the alternatives. If Kazuma were to end up with anyone in the series, who are the possible candidates? Megumin is obviously one, but we also have Aqua, Darkness, Yunyun, Wiz, Luna, Chris, and technically Eris, I guess.

Aqua and Eris are both goddesses, so we can probably toss them out straight away. Wiz, Luna, and Chris also don’t really have a close relationship with Kazuma, so they’re out too. That leaves Megumin, Darkness, and Yunyun. And funnily enough, Yunyun attempts to “seal the deal” with Kazuma at the start of this movie — something Kazuma is more than willing to do.

Megumin laying on Kazuma from the anime movie KonoSuba: Legend of Crimson
Megumin laying on Kazuma

But over the course of the series as a whole, we get the idea that while Kazuma is certainly physically attracted to Yunyun and Darkness, there’s not anything more to it than that. And that’s where we finally come to Megumin.

Sure, Kazuma has been in provocative situations with Darkness, but he’s been in even more of them with Megumin. And I think Megumin is also supposed to be the one closest in age to Kazuma (aside from Yunyun who’s the same age as her). Maybe Darkness is closer in age, but we know she’s definitely older than Kazuma and doesn’t seem to view him in that sort of way.

With Megumin, though, there’s definitely some interest in Kazuma expressed. And in this movie, we actually see Megumin be the one to make the first move because she knows that Kazuma won’t do anything to escalate the situation.

So basically all I wanted to say with this whole section is that Megumin continues to be the best girl of the series and that it seems to be confirmed.


KonoSuba: Legend of Crimson is possibly my favorite entry in the KonoSuba series. It’s a 10/10 from me, and the only real competition it has is the first OVA, which (not so) coincidentally also has some great Megumin and Yunyun content.

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KonoSuba OVA 2

KonoSuba OVA 2

KonoSuba OVA 2 anime cover art featuring Megumin
KonoSuba OVA 2 Cover Art


On Wednesday I reviewed the first KonoSuba OVA, and today it’s time to review the second. Unfortunately, this OVA isn’t as good as the first, but if you enjoyed the KonoSuba series, then you should still enjoy this. It’s basically just more of the main characters doing stupid things.

Once again, Kazuma is at the center of the rest of the gang’s misfortune. Ever since he and his party have become famous due to “defeating” three of the Demon King’s generals, he’s been bragging and showing off around the guild hall. Because of this, a variety of quests have come in asking for him specifically.

Normally Kazuma would be the kind of person to decline such ridiculous quests in favor of a life of leisure, but his pride seems to be getting the better of him because he can’t decline a quest if someone is watching (especially a fan of his). This is where the trouble comes in for the rest of the party.

The first quest Kazuma accepts is to defeat a golem hiding within some ruins. After convincing Darkness and Megumin to join him, he steals Aqua‘s staff in order to force her to come along as well. When they arrive, he discovers that the golem is actually a giant Japanese mech.

Darkness distracts the mech in the only way she knows how, and Megumin gives it a good ol’ blast of explosion magic, but not after making Aqua agree to build her something even cooler than the mech in return for destroying it. While the gang is celebrating their victory, the collapsed mech self-destructs, catching them all in the explosion.

Megumin and Chomusuke from the second KonoSuba anime OVA
Megumin and Chomusuke

The next quest Kazuma accepts is to go back to the same ruins where the mech was and explore it. Surprisingly, this seems like a fairly simple quest (it is) and Kazuma and his party can even keep whatever treasure they find within. The mention of treasure is all it takes to convince Aqua to help out this time.

Within the ruins they find a variety of modern Japanese appliances and toys, which only Kazuma, and probably Aqua, recognize. In one of the inner chambers they also find a diary left behind by the creator of the ruins, a Japanese man who was sent to this world much like Kazuma.

This unnamed man was reborn with the divine power to create anything he could imagine, and unsurprisingly, he was the one who created the giant mech guarding the ruins. It turns out that he had been researching how to create a beautiful female mech, but had failed many times over the years.

It’s also revealed that this is the same inventor who created the giant walking destroyer the gang had to take down in order to save the city. You know, the guy who wrote another diary entry mentioning how he was stuck on the destroyer because he didn’t invent a way to stop it.

Anyway, he apparently succeeded in creating his beautiful female mech, but it’s a sadist who uses whips and other BDSM “devices” on its master. The gang finds and activates the mech, and Kazuma declares himself its master, which is how we learn of the mech’s affinity for sadism.

Supporting Characters

In my review of the KonoSuba series I covered the four main characters, Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness, and in my review of the first OVA I covered the supporting characters Yunyun, Wiz, and Eris. This time around I’ll be covering some of the supporting characters who appear in this OVA.

The new character, specific to this OVA, is Ran. She introduces herself to Kazuma as one of his fans after she heard about his exploits as a veteran adventurer. Ran explains that she’s a novice adventurer about the same age as Kazuma and that she wants to be like him one day.

It’s because of Ran’s presence that Kazuma accepts the unreasonable requests that he does throughout this episode. He doesn’t want to look like a loser in front of his first fan, after all. However, it turns out that Ran was actually hired by the adventurers guild itself to pretend to be Kazuma’s fan as a way to motivate him.

The guild recognizes that although Kazuma’s party is made up of a bunch of troublemakers, they do actually get results when needed. Because of this, the guild needed some way to motivate Kazuma to keep accepting requests that were too difficult for other parties, and Ran was the answer.

Ran from the second KonoSuba anime OVA

Luna is the official quest-giver in the guildhall and as such appears to be the one who gave Ran the quest to motivate Kazuma by pretending to be his fan. It’s from a conversation between Luna and Ran that we learn the details of Ran’s quest.

Other than doing her normal duties as an official quest-giver, Luna doesn’t play any special role within this OVA.

The third supporting character is Kyouya Mitsurugi, a veteran adventurer who, like Kazuma, is a Japanese citizen who was reincarnated into the fantasy world in order to defeat the Demon King. He was reincarnated with the cursed sword, Gram, which only he can wield.

Kyouya is essentially the white knight protagonist that you would expect to find in an isekai anime, but instead we get Kazuma, and I’m so glad that’s the case. In this OVA, Kyouya isn’t tailed by his two female party members like he is in the series.

As a bonus, Chomusuke made an appearance in this OVA as well. Chomusuke is Megumin’s pet demonic cat.


While the series is a 9/10 and the first OVA is a 10/10, this second OVA is only a 7/10. Unfortunately, while I found it to be entertaining, it simply wasn’t as funny or engaging as the rest of the series’ content. But, as I stated at the beginning of this review, it’s still more KonoSuba.

The OP for the second OVA is the same as the second season of the series and can be viewed here.

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My review of the Legend of Crimson movie is available here.

KonoSuba OVA 1

KonoSuba OVA 1

KonoSuba OVA 1 anime cover art featuring Yunyun, Megumin, and Chomusuke
KonoSuba OVA 1 Cover Art


The first KonoSuba OVA was released in 2016 after the conclusion of the first season, and yet I’ve just gotten around to watching it. Since OVAs such as this aren’t streamable on Crunchyroll, it typically means I don’t see them until long after they’ve aired simply because it’s not as convenient.

While our main cast is all present in this OVA, as you may be able to tell from the cover art, Megumin and Yunyun steal the show this time around. But let’s be honest, Megumin was always one of the best parts of KonoSuba anyway.

The basic plot of the OVA is that Kazuma puts on a magical (cursed) choker he finds in Wiz’s shop, and the rest of the girls must do his every bidding in order to remove it. Now, you may be asking yourself, “why would they need to do that?”

Well, dear reader, the choker will slowly strangle the wearer to death over the course of four days unless their wish is granted. And by wish, I mean whatever they happened to be wishing for at the time they put the choker on. It. seems simple enough, except for the fact that Kazuma doesn’t remember wishing for anything.

Normally, since the characters of KonoSuba are literally the worst people ever, you’d expect nobody to really care about Kazuma. In fact, Aqua even mentions that there’s nothing to worry about because she’ll just resurrect him again after he dies, but Kazuma responds by saying he’ll choose to stay dead so she’s permanently stuck in this world.

While Aqua’s response was easy to predict based on what we know about her character, the rest of the girls, oddly enough, felt that they were in part to blame for Kazuma’s predicament.

Yunyun was the one who dropped the choker that Kazuma picked up, Wiz had it on display in her shop in the first place, and Megumin and Darkness distracted Wiz so she wasn’t paying attention to Kazuma putting it on. Aqua was also distracting Wiz, but as she says, she did nothing wrong.

As you would expect from an episode of KonoSuba, or most anime for that matter, with a plot like this, fan service ensues.

Lalatina "Darkness" Dustiness Ford doing some bad-posture push-ups

In order to figure out what his wish was, Kazuma has the girls do a variety of things he thinks his wish might have been. For starters, he uses Wiz as a pillow in a variety of ways, which is pretty tame compared to some of his requests of the other girls.

He has darkness exercise without her armor on. First he tells her to do 100 push-ups (pictured above) and then he tells her to do 100 sit-ups. Despite her terrible form doing push-ups, I believe it should be abundantly clear what his main objective here was.

But Wiz and Darkness are my least favorite of the five girls in this episode, so what about the other three?

Megumin and Yunyun are forced to duel, something which Yunyun was already wanting to do. However, much to her dismay, their duel is in the form of strip Rock-Paper-Scissors, or as Kazuma calls it, Rock-Paper-Strippers.

Finally, although Aqua believes Kazuma is going to “defile” her in a similar manner as he did to the other girls, this doesn’t end up being the case. It would seem that Kazuma doesn’t actually view Aqua in the same way as the other girls, which is something I’ll mention more about later on.

Instead, Aqua is simply forced to run errands for Kazuma by bringing him food and alcohol. That said, this punishment seems to be more than enough because, well, it’s Aqua. She overreacts to everything.

At the end of the episode Kazuma still hasn’t fulfilled his wish and so before he dies he wants to apologize to the girls for things he’s done to them without their knowledge.

In Megumin’s case, he said that as he carries her back from using her explosion magic he shifts her weight so he can feel her (flat) boobs on his back. For Wiz and Yunyun, he stares at their boobs when talking to them, and for Darkness, he only sees her as her boobs, not a person.

Aqua, on the other hand, is different. You’d expect Kazuma to say something about her boobs, or about her non-existent panties, but this isn’t the case. Instead he admits that he tried his best to see her as the main heroine to his story, but she’s so useless and annoying that he just couldn’t do it.

After he admits to these things, the choker falls off and Kazuma remembers that his original wish was to have some peace. By getting everything off his back, he was able to be at peace with himself before dying, and so his wish was granted.

However, Aqua and the other girls force the choker back on him after learning how he views them and he subsequently dies from it four days later. The episode ends with him sitting in front of Eris in the afterlife as she tells him not to die in such a ridiculous way again.

Supporting Characters

Since I’ve already gone over the four main characters (Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness) in my review of the KonoSuba series, today I’ll be focusing on the three supporting characters who appear in this OVA. Unfortunately, although Chomusuke is on the cover art, he does not make an appearance (I think).

The most prominent of the supporting characters in this OVA is Yunyun. She’s a member of the Crimson Demon clan just like Megumin and is apparently the next in line to be their leader. She’s also Megumin’s self-proclaimed rival who doesn’t appear to have ever beaten Megumin in a duel.

As previously mentioned, her duel against Megumin in the OVA involves a game of Rock-Paper-Strippers, and is the best part of the entire episode. Even though I’ve seen stills from this scene before, I still cried from laughter when I watched it.

To provide context to the following video, Megumin and Yunyun tied multiple times in a row, so, suspecting they’re cheating, Kazuma declares that if someone doesn’t win in the next three turns, they both must take off a layer of clothing.

The next character is Wiz. She’s the owner of a magical items shop within the town as well as one of the Demon King’s generals. Although she works for the Demon King, she’s simply the one who placed the barrier around his castle and doesn’t play an offensive role.

Wiz is also an undead which is the reason she and Aqua don’t get along very well, or rather, Aqua doesn’t like Wiz, she has no real problem with Aqua. Incidentally, Wiz’s shop is often the place where Yunyun lies in wait for Megumin since she knows Megumin and the gang frequent the shop.

The final supporting character of the OVA is Eris. Eris is the goddess who works directly under Aqua. Her followers are known to be some of the nicest and selfless, which is the opposite of Aqua’s followers. She’s seen taking over Aqua’s job of helping souls on to the afterlife since Kazuma took Aqua with him to the fantasy world.

It’s also important to note that according to Aqua and her followers, Eris pads her chest. This has yet to be confirmed nor denied by an objective third-party, but all we do know is that Kazuma doesn’t care.


While I rated the two current seasons of the KonoSuba series at 9/10, this OVA episode is a 10/10. I didn’t really expect it to be as good as it was considering I knew there was going to be a lot of fan service going in, but it actually ended up being one of the funniest episodes so far.

In case you’re looking for the OVA’s OP, it’s the same one as season one, but I’ll link it here anyway.

I plan to watch the second OVA by Friday of this week, so expect a review of that in the near future. But, before we get to that, tomorrow is going to be a review of the next Boruto episode, just as every Thursday is.

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Megumin Nendoroid

Megumin Nendoroid

Megumin Nendoroid Packaging (front)
Megumin Nendoroid Packaging (front)

It’s now time for our third Figure Friday and today we’ll be taking a look at Megumin from KonoSuba! As we can see from both the image above and below, Megumin has a similar styled box to Aqua. This time around, however, the box is a bit wider than the previous ones due to the size of what’s inside (Megumin’s hat).

We can also see that as number 725, Megumin is one of the newer Nendoroid releases and as such she is the most expensive Nendoroid I own. I believe she just came out in the Fall of 2017. Even so, she already has another Nendoroid confirmed to be coming out in the future which is a school uniform version.

Megumin Nendoroid Packaging (back)
Megumin Nendoroid Packaging (back)

Once again, we can see some of the assembly variations on the back of the box, and there are more pictures like these on the sides of the box as well. Like with Aqua we again have circular windows into the box on either side.

Pay attention to the explosion graphic in the bottom right image on the back of the box. This is a piece that comes with Megumin, but it’s not exactly the easiest piece to find.

You’ll notice that this piece isn’t included in the picture below of the pieces she comes with. This piece is actually found taped in between the outer and inner portions of the box and so it’s quite easy to miss. I originally forgot about it until i was putting all the extra parts away after assembly and noticed I never took it out.

Megumin Nendoroid Pieces
Megumin Nendoroid Pieces

These are all the pieces that come with Megumin with the exception of the explosion graphic as noted above. There is actually a second, smaller platform and stand for the explosion graphic tucked beneath the platform for Megumin.

As usual, I try to make my assembly based on how I feel represents the character as a whole the best and so I ended up with the assembly pictured below. Unfortunately, I originally was going to go with a very similar setup, but Megumin’s left hand (our right) for holding her staff wouldn’t stay attached to the arm correctly so I ended up with this instead.

Megumin Nendoroid Assembled
Megumin Nendoroid Assembled

Other than her one hand not working for me, I have two other, smaller complaints. The first is that her staff is not gripped as tightly as the spear for Kyouko or the staff for Aqua. This means that while maneuvering her arm into position, the staff falls out too easily.

The second complaint is that her hat is basically just balancing on top of her head. I would have preferred it to be a more snug fit, but as long as you don’t plan on moving her around too much after assembly, this, like her staff, isn’t much of an issue.

Finally, we’ll close by mentioning the future of Megumin Nendoroids. As I mentioned at the start, there is already a second Megumin Nendoroid announced which is a school uniform version.

While more of Megumin is always good, this seems to be a bit of a waste since we already have a Yunyun school uniform Nendoroid. It seems like they made this second Megumin to be part of a matching set with the Yunyun.

Instead, I would have rather had the second Megumin be the Winter variant since that is a more unique outfit. Hopefully in the future we will get a Winter variant of Megumin, along with one for Aqua, because I’d be interested in that as well.