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Redo of Healer

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Redo of Healer

Series Overview

Redo of Healer (Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi / 回復術士のやり直し) is an ecchi, harem adventure series. In fact, some might say that it goes beyond simply being ecchi. I’ll get into that later in this review. But for now, just think of it as an ecchi.

The big difference between Redo of Healer and other ecchi anime, though, is the fact that this series is all about rape. The protagonist gets raped, rapes other people, and even makes people rape other people. It’s clear to see what the author’s fantasies are.

And, for some reason, I don’t feel like this series got a lot of backlash for that. Goblin Slayer got a whole bunch of backlash despite having a pretty obvious anti-rape message. Redo of Healer is very much the opposite — it never paints Keyaru’s (the protagonist) actions in a negative light.

Maybe what sets Redo of Healer and Goblin Slayer apart is that from the outset it’s very clear what kind of anime Redo of Healer is. This isn’t the kind of series that people would want to watch and then be put off by the graphic content. The graphic content is the whole point of the series.

But, if you were to attempt to pay attention to the plot, you’d quickly find that it makes almost no sense. The protagonist awakened as the “Hero of Recovery,” which should mean that he’s the most powerful healer, but as you’ll see, means much more than that.

The series’ definition of healing is extremely broad. He can turn back time, transform, brainwash people, and make people explode all with his “healing” ability. Oh, and his “master plan” to get revenge involves turning himself into a drugged-up sex slave for years. I still don’t understand why he chose to do that unless he’s into it.


As already mentioned, Keyaru is the main character of the series. He comes from a small village somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. That’s not really important though. What’s important is that he became the hero of recovery and was then conscripted to join a party made up of the other heroes.

Once a member of that party, Keyaru was quickly turned into the healing slave of the other heroes. And, of course, the best way for them to be healed by him is through sex. So naturally, they drug him, lock him up, and use him as a sex slave after combat — yes, both males and females.

Eventually, Keyaru breaks free from his drug addiction and decides to reset the world so he can get revenge on everyone who wronged him. That’s where our second main character, Flare Jioral, comes in.

Flare Jioral from the anime series Redo of Healer
Flare Jioral

Flare is one of the heroes and also a princess of the kingdom. She’s the one who came up with the idea to use Keyaru as a tool, drug him, and everything else. So in return, she’s the first person he brainwashes and adds to his harem.

The next member to be added to Keyaru’s (literal) harem is Setsuna, a beast girl who Keyaru buys as a slave. Yes, she’s the Raphtalia of this series. Setsuna isn’t brainwashed with Keyaru’s healing magic like Flare, but he does brainwash her the old-fashioned way — with words and sex.

And while there are more members of Keyaru’s group, the third and final one I’m going to mention in this review is Eve Reese, the future demon lord. Unfortunately, Eve doesn’t officially join the harem and is basically just bait for the entire season.

Is This Hentai?

Considering the fact that the entire plot of this series revolves around sex and that it has an uncensored version (which is the one I watched), you might expect it to be a hentai. However, that’s actually not the case.

You see, the uncensored version isn’t any more uncensored than any other ecchi series. “Uncensored” simply means that the girls’ breasts are uncensored. Nothing below the waist is shown unless it’s from behind. So, no, this isn’t a hentai.

In fact, even anime that aren’t considered ecchi have the same level of nudity — though it generally isn’t as frequent. For example, Haganai is just a romantic comedy, and yet it has uncensored breasts just like Redo of Healer. What makes Redo of Healer an ecchi is the context within which the nudity is found.

Eve Reese from the anime series Redo of Healer
Eve Reese

Now, I know I said that nothing below the waist is shown, but that’s not entirely true. Early on in the series, I think within the first episode or two, we do actually see something. Keyaru smacks Flare across the face with something and, although it’s basically a blur, it’s shown.

At the end of the day, I don’t really see a reason for anyone to watch this series unless they just want to watch a bad anime about rape. The plot isn’t good, as expected, and I wouldn’t say that the ecchi alone is worth watching for.

If Redo of Healer was actually hentai, then I’d consider saying there’s a reason to watch it. It’s odd to think about, but hentai has more value than an anime like this. Hentai actually has a purpose; Redo of Healer doesn’t seem to know what its purpose is.

But, with all of that said, there were still at least four anime that aired alongside this one that I would rate lower than it.


Overall, Redo of Healer is a 3/10. That might sound high, but consider that as a collective, MyAnimeList thinks this is a 6.31 as of right now. Yes, Redo of Healer is a very bad anime. But, I found it vaguely entertaining because I always wanted to see what kind of nonsense plot would happen next.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this anime to anyone. Even for people who like bad anime, there are much better options, most notably, Garzey’s Wing.

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