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The World God Only Knows: Tenri Arc

The World God Only Knows: Tenri Arc

The World God Only Knows: Tenri Arc anime series cover art
The World God Only Knows: Tenri Arc

The Childhood Friend

The World God Only Knows: Tenri Arc (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Tenri-hen / 神のみぞ知るセカイ 天理篇) is the 4th installment in Kaminomi. It’s a 2-episode OVA that comes after the Four Girls and an Idol OVA. It also appears to set up the Goddesses arc.

Since there are only 2 episodes in this OVA, it only features a single conquerable girl: Tenri Ayukawa. Tenri is, apparently, Keima’s childhood friend. Although, Keima claims he has no memory of her. But, over the course of the arc, he slowly remembers the time he spent with Tenri.

For her part, Tenri also initially claims she doesn’t remember who Keima is. However, it becomes clear that she was lying when she said that. How could any girl ever forget a guy with as much rizz as Keima?

Tenri Ayukawa from the anime series The World God Only Knows: Tenri Arc
Tenri Ayukawa

The fact that Keima doesn’t remember Tenri, though, is a problem I have with this arc. Plot devices like amnesia or suppressed memories aren’t very interesting to me. In order for them to work, the entire series or movie has to be built around them. A good example of this is the non-anime movie Memento.

In the first episode of the OVA, the majority of the runtime goes into introducing the new characters. Not all that much actually happens in it. And then in the second episode, most of the runtime has to do with Keima regaining his memories of Tenri. Conquering Tenri only happens in the final few minutes.

Also, unlike the other girls in the series, Tenri already likes Keima. There’s not much that goes into him conquering her. That’s why it’s done at the very end of the OVA. But, that also means we miss out on some of the best content — when the girls start to get feelings for him.

New Characters

There are four new characters in the Tenri arc. These are Tenri Ayukawa (of course), Diana, Nora Floriann Leoria, and Ryou Asama. Besides those four, the only other characters in the arc are Keima, Elsie, and Keima’s mother.

Tenri Ayukawa is, as mentioned before, Keima’s childhood friend. However, that’s not exactly the most apt description of their relationship. They were in the same class in grade school. But, they didn’t really interact with each other. The one time they did was when they got stranded on a boat during a school trip.

What I wasn’t expecting from Tenri was her personality. Based on the cover art for this OVA, she looks a lot like Tsukihi Araragi. Of course, both Kaminomi and the Monogatari series have the same character designer. But it’s more than that. Even the face she’s making is similar. However, Tenri isn’t like Tsukihi — she’s extremely shy.

Nora Floriann Leoria from the anime series The World God Only Knows: Tenri Arc
Nora Floriann Leoria

Diana is kind of like Tenri’s alter ego. At first, Keima and Elsie thought Diana was a lost soul within Tenri. But, it turns out that’s not the case. Diana is something else and claims that she used to hunt down lost souls.

Nora Floriann Leoria is a demon like Elsie. And like Elsie, she’s tasked with hunting down lost souls. It turns out that when a demon locates a lost soul, they have to call it in to the HQ and claim it. That way, two demons won’t be hunting the same lost soul.

Ryou Asama is Nora’s “buddy.” He’s to Nora what Keima is to Elsie. But, he’s not like Keima at all. He tries very hard to be romantic. And when that doesn’t work, Nora results to other tactics. She believes that hatred is the best way to fill the void in someone’s heart.

Lost Soul or Goddess?

So, I said that Keima and Elsie thought Diana was a lost soul at first. But, she’s not. She actually had a lost soul in her possession that she gave to Keima at the end of the OVA. And what she said to him is that she used to hunt down lost souls.

Does that mean she’s a demon like Elsie and Nora? Not quite. She seems to be something else entirely. And I was going to say she might be an angel. But, then I remembered what the title of the next arc is: “Goddesses.”

It seems very likely that Diana is actually a goddess. Even her name hints at this being the case. Diana is one of the Roman goddesses. And this is why I mentioned earlier that this OVA seems to be leading into the next arc. It introduces the first goddess.

Keima kissing Tenri from the anime series The World God Only Knows: Tenri Arc
Keima kissing Tenri

Something else to keep in mind is that Keima didn’t really have to conquer Tenri in this arc. Tenri already had a crush on him from the start. And she didn’t even have a lost soul within her. There was no hole in her heart.

But, then we need to ask the question, why did Elsie’s lost soul radar go off? I can think of two possibilities. The first is that it was reacting to the lost soul Diana had captured. And that seems to be what the end of this OVA wants you to believe.

However, I think the real reason is different. My guess is that her radar was reacting to Diana. Since the next arc is the Goddesses arc, that implies Keima is going to have to conquer goddesses. So, that must mean there’s a lost soul in Diana’s heart — or she’s become one herself.


In the end, I gave The World God Only Knows: Tenri Arc a 5/10. That’s the same score I gave to the previous OVA in the series. Hopefully, the Goddesses arc is better since it’s a full season and not an OVA.

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The World God Only Knows: Four Girls and an Idol

The World God Only Knows: Four Girls and an Idol

Four Girls…

Since Crunchyroll never has OVAs, which is where I would normally watch The World God Only Knows, I had to resort to 9anime instead. But, for some reason, the Four Girls and an Idol OVA was only available in 480p and 3:2 aspect ratio instead of the 1080p and 16:9 of the main series.

Overall, the quality I watched the episode in didn’t really matter since this is just an OVA. I wouldn’t want to watch the main series like that. But for this one episode, I can deal with it. I just hope the Tenri Arc is available in better quality.

Anyway, this OVA is about Miyako, Ayumi, Chihiro, and Elsie forming a band. Sounds like a skippable episode, right? It probably is. But, I have seen that their band comes up in the third season of the series (Goddesses), so I figured I’d watch and review it.

Miyako, Ayumi, Chihiro, and Elsie from The World God Only Knows: Four Girls and an Idol anime OVA
Miyako, Ayumi, Chihiro, and Elsie

Those four girls I mentioned are the titular “four girls.” Who could have guessed? By this point, you should know who Elsie is. She’s a demon tasked with capturing lost souls and she formed a contract with Keima to help her in this goal.

Chihiro is a girl Keima conquered in the second season of the series. You may remember her as the girl without much of a personality whom Keima called a background character. And speaking of background characters, that’s basically what Miyako is — she’s not important.

Ayumi is another girl Keima conquered, but I didn’t really remember her. Apparently, Ayumi was the very first girl conquered by Keima in the series. Maybe you remember her as the star of the track team — I didn’t until I looked back at the episodes of the first season.

…and an Idol

The titular idol of the episode is none other than the only idol in the series, Kanon Nakagawa. Like Ayumi, Kanon was conquered by Keima back in the first season of the anime. I don’t really remember the specifics of her arc, but she’s a far more memorable character on account of her pink hair.

Kanon is a bit of an odd inclusion in this episode. To be fair, the whole episode in general wasn’t what I expected (more on that in the next section). But, it felt like Kanon was thrown into the episode without much reason.

Miyako, Ayumi, Chihiro, and Elsie are forming a band and Kanon is an idol, so they have music in common. But aside from that, Kanon really had nothing to do with them starting a band. It’s not even like Kanon joined their band as the vocalist.

A poster of Kanon from The World God Only Knows: Four Girls and an Idol anime OVA
A poster of Kanon

The only explanation I can come up with for Kanon’s inclusion is the comment Chihiro made about their band playing at the school festival. Kanon said she’s performing during it, and Chihiro responded by saying they’d perform too. So, I guess this just sets up the festival for later in the series.

And, going back to the fact that Kanon didn’t join the band as the vocalist, I’m expecting that to happen in the future. Something I noticed was that their band doesn’t have a vocalist. There’s an open spot for Kanon.

My guess is that Kanon and the band are going to perform individually at first, but are then going to perform together afterward. If something like that doesn’t happen, then there’s not much of a point in this episode. But, I guess that’s why it’s an OVA.

Not the Episode I Expected

Considering the episode is titled Four Girls and an Idol and the cover art featured the girls in a band, I expected it to have more to do with music than it did. Sure, we got the formation of the band and Kanon made an appearance. But the episode wasn’t really about music at all.

Instead, the episode was about the musicians needing help studying for their English exam. The four band members needed to get 100% on their exams if they wanted to create a band club at school. And Kanon just joined the study session because she felt like it.

Technically, the title of the episode alone isn’t misleading. It does, in fact, feature four girls and an idol. But, I can’t be the only one who was caught off guard by the actual content of the episode.

Kanon showing off the 100% she got on her English test from The World God Only Knows: Four Girls and an Idol anime OVA
Kanon showing off the 100% she got on her English test

Anyway, I liked how in the end, despite not all of the girls achieving a 100% on their exam, they were allowed to create their club. Mr. Kodama was in a good mood because Keima, his most hated student, didn’t get a perfect score on the exam. And as a result, he said yes to all of the students requesting things of him.

I don’t think this was a bad episode. There were aspects of it that I enjoyed. But, I still don’t really see the point of the episode. Even by OVA standards, this seemed pretty pointless. Most OVAs at least have some point, like fan service. This didn’t even have that.

Also, now that I think about it, The World God Only Knows doesn’t really include fan service despite being a harem anime. And I’m specifically referring to ecchi fan service. I know it’s not an ecchi anime, but considering it’s a harem, you’d think there’d be a small amount.


The World God Only Knows: Four Girls and an Idol is a 5/10. It’s a fine episode that exists, but I don’t have any strong feelings about it one way or another. It’s probably fine to skip. However, it’s not like it’s an awful episode to watch either.

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My review of the Tenri Arc OVA is available now.

The World God Only Knows II

The World God Only Knows II

The World God Only Knows 2 anime series cover art
The World God Only Knows II

Conquering Kusunoki Kasuga

It’s been over 3 years since I reviewed the first season of The World God Only Knows. So, I figured it was about time I watched and reviewed The World God Only Knows II (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II / 神のみぞ知るセカイ II).

The first 2 episodes of the season cover Keima’s conquering of Kusunoki Kasuga. Kusunoki is a third-year student and is the president (and sole remaining member) of the school’s martial arts club.

Despite the strong facade Kusunoki puts up around others, she secretly loves cute and weak things. This dual-personality has led her spirit to literally split in two, with the cute-loving side being inhabited by a runaway spirit.

Haqua Arrives!

Episodes 3 and 4 don’t introduce a new conquerable girl. Instead, Elsie’s former classmate and fellow runaway spirit-catcher Haqua du Lot Herminium arrives. Before watching this season, I knew of Haqua and assumed that she was Elsie’s sister.

In school, Haqua was the star student. She performed better than all of her peers on every sort of test and received awards during graduation. She was even made the section chief of whatever department of Hell she and Elsie work in.

Haqua and Elsie from the anime series The World God Only Knows 2
Haqua and Elsie

However, after graduation, Haqua hasn’t been quite as successful in her job as Elsie has been. Haqua has managed to capture a grand total of 0 runaway spirits since taking up her position. And the runaway spirit featured in this arc of the series is one that actually escaped from Haqua as she tried to capture it.

By comparison, Elsie has managed to capture 5 runaway spirits since the start of the series by this time.

Conquering Chihiro Kosaka

Chihiro Kosaka is the next conquerable girl of the series. Her arc covers episodes 5-7. Chihiro’s arc is a bit different from the other conquerable girl arcs of the series because she has a crush on another boy and Keima’s plan of action is to help her conquer the boy she likes.

But, as you may have guessed from the fact that I referred to Chihiro as a conquerable girl, she does end up being conquered by Keima. However, of all the girls Keima has had to conquer thus far, Chihiro is the one he’s least thrilled about conquering.

In Keima’s words, Chihiro is just a background character. She’s bland and doesn’t have much of a personality to call her own. And because of this, Keima has trouble seeing his path to victory. There are no obvious romance event flags when it comes to Chihiro.

Elsie’s Errand!

Episode 8 is all about Elsie, which I don’t mind that much since I think she’s an enjoyable character. But, while I’d like to say that I want more episodes focusing on Elsie, maybe she’s only enjoyable because we get Elsie content in moderation.

Anyway, this episode follows Elsie as she purchases a special edition of a game for Keima while he’s busy buying games from a different store. Honestly, that’s a lot of trust he’s putting in Elsie. If a firetruck happened to drive past, she would have completely forgotten about her errand.

To spoil how this episode ends, Elsie manages to purchase a DVD copy of the series Keima was interested in instead of one of the three different versions of the game. But, Keima anticipated that something like this might happen, so he also happened to pick up a copy himself.

Conquering Jun Nagase

Jun Nagase is the conquerable girl of episodes 9, 10, and 11. And, I have to say, she’s the best girl of the season. Why is Jun the best girl? Because she’s a student-teacher for Keima’s class for a few weeks. The forbidden fruit is the sweetest, as they say. Also, she’s cute.

Jun Nagase from the anime series The World God Only Knows 2
Jun Nagase

While Keima’s conquest of Chihiro was difficult because he wasn’t quite sure how to go about doing it, his conquest of Jun is difficult for a different reason. Simply put, conquering a teacher is far more difficult because of the student-teacher dynamic. There’s a hierarchy that needs to be overcome.

In the end, he resulted to completely breaking down Jun’s confidence as a teacher. He groomed an older woman. What a chad move. Oh, and she does kiss him at the end of the arc. I was kind of expecting that not to happen and for the runaway spirit to be expelled from her in a different way.

Yotsuba Sugimoto, the Ideal Heroine

The final episode of the season is by far the worst episode. I almost took a point off my rating of this season specifically because of episode 12. But, in the end, I left my rating intact and decided I’d rather just pretend that episode 12 doesn’t exist.

This episode’s girl isn’t real. Her name is Yotsuba Sugimoto, and she’s the heroine of a game Keima picked up while Elsie was running her errand in episode 8. I’m not really sure what Keima sees in Yotsuba, but she becomes his obsession.

So, here are the problems with this episode focusing on Yotsuba. First of all, Yotsuba isn’t cute. And without a cute main heroine to look at, the appeal of this series drops significantly. Second, the comedy just isn’t very good aside from Haqua making fun of Yotsuba’s appearance.


Even after 3 years, I rated The World God Only Knows II the same as I rated the first season, which is 7/10. Some series don’t hold up when I revisit them after years away. But this isn’t one of those. This series is built different.

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My review of the Four Girls and an Idol OVA is available now.

The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows anime series cover art featuring Keima, Elsie, and the four heroines
The World God Only Knows Cover Art


The World God Only Knows is a harem rom-com from 2010 animated by Manglobe, the studio which created one of my favorite anime, Samurai Champloo. But, as you could probably tell from the initial description, this series is about as far from Samurai Champloo as it’s possible to get.

This series follows the conquests of a high school boy known online as the “God of Conquests,” a fitting name, I know. He’s basically a loser who plays dating simulation games all day long and is known for being able to conquer any dating sim heroine.

One day he receives a challenge from an anonymous source online saying that if he truly is the “God of Conquests” as he claims, then there are some girls in need of conquering and he’s the only one for the job. Obviously he accepts, but as it turns out, these girls aren’t the heroines of some dating sim, they’re real.

He also gets a companion by the name of Elsie who’s a demon sent from hell to capture the lost souls which have become trapped in these girls. The reason our protagonist, Keima, is needed, is because the only way to free the lost souls from the girls’ bodies is for him to romance them.

I get it, the plot doesn’t really make all that much sense, but trust me, it works. The fact that Keima and Elsie are capturing lost souls doesn’t really matter at all. Instead, the focus of the series is on how absurd it is that Keima’s experience with dating sims actually helps him to romance real girls.

Oh, and after a particular girl has been conquered, which typically means Keima has kissed her, she loses her memory of the time he spent trying to woo her.

Main Characters

Our series protagonist is Keima Katsuragi, a high school student who’s completely enveloped by the 2D world of dating sims. Whether he be at home or at school, all he does is play dating sims on his PFP (a bootleg version of the PSP), and ignores the real world while doing so.

However, despite being completely out of touch with the real world, he’s somehow still able to win the love of any real girl he wants. This is because all his years of dating sim experience have turned him into the God of Conquests, a being who can read any (dating sim-like, romantic) situation with ease.

But, if something occurs that wouldn’t be found in a dating sim, or if a girl acts in a way that doesn’t align with dating sim heroine tropes, then Keima is effectively paralyzed. He has a strange dichotomy between his personality in regard to games and the real world.

Elucia "Elsie" de Lute Ima from the anime series The World God Only Knows
Elucia “Elsie” de Lute Ima

Elucia “Elsie” de Lute Ima is the female lead of the series and the demon who works with Keima to capture the lost souls trapped within the various heroines of the series. But, before getting into her character, the first thing I want to mention about her is her character design.

From the first time I saw Elsie, I knew Akio Watanabe was the character designer for this series. You may be familiar with his work on my favorite anime, the Monogatari series. While the other characters in this series don’t really have that many similarities with those from Monogatari, Elsie looks extremely similar to Tsukihi Araragi.

And, in many ways she acts like Tsukihi as well. Both girls are relatively care-free and, to a lesser degree in Tsukihi’s case, airheads. It would be more apt to say that Elsie is a combination of Tsukihi and Aqua from KonoSuba. She physically looks like Tsukihi, but her magical raiment and personality are more Aqua-like.

I should also point out that Elsie was created before Aqua, so it would be incorrect to say she was influenced by her. If anything, Aqua may have been influenced by Elsie.

Elsie’s also my favorite character in the series so far simply because she’s the cutest and most entertaining. She also loves firetrucks.

Heroine Arcs

Over the 12 episodes of the first season, there are four different character arcs, each with a single, non-arc episode afterwards. The heroines for these arcs are Ayumi Takahara, Mio Aoyama, Kanon Nakagawa, and Shiori Shiomiya respectively.

The first arc conquest lasts only a single episode and involves Ayumi, a star of the school’s track team. She has a lost soul trapped inside her body because although she made the team, the upperclassmen think she’s trying to upstage them and so she purposefully performs worse than she’s able to.

Arc number two is also only a single episode in length and follows Mio, a girl from a formerly wealthy family. Once her father died, her family lost their wealth and status, but Mio still puts on the appearance of having money while at school. A lost soul has entered her body due to her life being a lie.

The third arc is when I felt the series decreased in quality to an extent. This arc was three episodes long and followed the conquest of an idol named Kanon. Kanon is desperate for attention and is always looking to others for affirmation of her self-worth, which is why she has a lost soul in her.

I think the fact that this arc was three episodes long is the reason I felt it wasn’t as good. Compared to the first two arcs, this third one felt like it was dragging on for too long, especially since it was probably the most predictable of the arcs.

The fourth and final arc was also three episodes in length, but wasn’t quite as bad as the previous arc. This one followed Shiori, a quiet girl who spends all of her free time working in the school library. She has a lost soul in her due to her inability to speak up against her classmates who want to throw out books to make space for a media room.


Overall I feel that The World God Only Knows is a 7/10, but it seems that the second and third seasons are generally rated even higher than the first. If the worst season of a show is still a 7, then that’s a pretty good sign.

I also do plan to watch and review the next two seasons, as well as the specials, but I currently don’t have a time frame for when my next review for this series is going to come out. There are a lot of other series for which I still have sequel seasons to watch and review, so this isn’t at the top of my list.

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My review of The World God Only Knows II is available now.