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Tower of God Episode 9

Tower of God Episode 9

The One-Horned Ogre

I don’t think Tower of God episode 9 was a good or a bad episode; it was average. But what I do like about it is how it’s structured so that the title “The One-Horned Ogre” can be referring to two different characters. I like when episodes have a common theme covering different plotlines like that.

The real one-horned ogre of the episode is Endorsi Jahad. I’ll discuss the second one-horned ogre in the next section, but it seems pretty clear that Endorsi is the primary character the title is referring to.

In the first act of the episode, Endorsi explains her background growing up within one of the 10 main families of the world (tower?). She, like all of her sisters, was adopted into the family because the family was seeking a strong daughter to raise.

Endorsi's memory of killing her "sisters" from the anime series Tower of God
Endorsi’s memory of killing her “sisters”

We can assume the reason a family would adopt daughters and raise them to be warriors is because their standing with the King is directly related to the strength of the Princess of Jahad they produce. This would also explain why the Princesses are highly competitive amongst themselves — they want to bring honor to their families.

The way Endorsi was eventually able to come out on top as a Princess of Jahad is by killing off all of her adoptive sisters so that she was the only option. This event and the lesson she learned from it about taking what you want are why she’s known as an ogre.

But I do want to point out that while Endorsi shouldn’t be seen as a victim, she’s also not really to blame for what she did in the past. It’s pretty clear that this is a kill or be killed world, so if Endorsi didn’t kill her sisters, one of them would have eventually killed her.

The Other One-Horned Ogre

The other one-horned ogre referenced by the episode title is Hoh. Like Endorsi, he attempts to betray those around him so that he can succeed in his dream of climbing the tower. However, unlike Endorsi, Hoh fails to accomplish his goal because he’s simply not smart enough.

Rather than coming up with a real plan of his own, Hoh allows himself to be manipulated by either Endorsi, Khun, Hatz, or a combination of the three. He receives a letter that says if he kills Rachel, Bam — his only real competition — will remove himself from the test.

However, this was all a ploy to get him to do something that would attract the attention of Quant, the Ranker acting as the test administrator. And as you’ll know if you watched the episode, Hoh ends up taking his own life when his attempt to remove Bam from the test fails.

So how was Hoh manipulated?

Hoh taking Rachel captive from the anime series Tower of God
Hoh taking Rachel captive

First, Hoh receives a letter that informs him of the connection between Bam and Rachel. This letter is also where he gets the idea to kidnap and kill Rachel from — he didn’t even come up with that part on his own.

However, that alone wouldn’t have been enough to cause Hoh’s downfall. Quant also received information that Hoh was going to attempt this plot, which is why he was able to intervene.

The real question is: who set Hoh up? As far as I’m concerned, there are three people who could be at least partially responsible. Endorsi knew that something was happening to Rachel and was unsurprised by Hoh’s death — so it’s possible she wrote the initial letter.

As for how Quant came to know about this plot, it was either through Khun or Hatz. We know Khun said something to Quant in order to get him to work alongside him during Team A’s test, and this might have been it. Hatz could have also given Quant this information when he was captured, but I think Khun is more likely.

Who Passed the Test?

Starting with the Spear Bearers, the only one we know passed is Rak. I find it unlikely that any of the others passed, but it’s still technically possible. The other one who initially passed disappeared after Rachel was injured — so he probably wasn’t a real person anyway. Also, Team A lost and the Team B Spear Bearers fled, so they probably all failed.

As for the Wave controllers, it would appear that Laure and Bam both passed. We knew Laure was going to pass, and the fact that Hoh is now dead kind of ensures Bam is going to pass too. Team B won, so Bam should have more points than any of the Wave Controllers on Team A.

And the Light Bearers who passed are probably Khun and Rachel, though I guess others could pass too. Khun is guaranteed to pass, and although Rachel was severely injured, her team did win.

Endorsi and Serena from the anime series Tower of God
Endorsi and Serena

The Scouts to pass should be Shibisu and Hatz. I don’t really see how Shibisu should pass considering he’s not all that remarkable and his team lost, but he seems to be a pretty major character so he probably passed. Hatz on the other hand seems competent enough to pass even if his team didn’t win.

Also, I don’t think Serena passed the test. She seemed to be resigned to the idea that she didn’t have what it takes to climb the tower. Also considering it took me over 10 minutes to find out what her name was told me she’s not an important character.

Lastly, we have the Fishermen. Anaak and Endorsi both obviously passed. Endorsi was apparently already guaranteed to pass, but Anaak wasn’t. This is why Endorsi took out the other Fishermen on Team B — so that Anaak could beat them.


What did you think of Tower of God episode 9? As I said at the start of this review, I thought it was pretty average. We finally got a little information regarding how many people are able to pass the test. and I did like the tale of two ogres. But aside from that, I didn’t think it was particularly good or anything.

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Tower of God Episode 8

Tower of God Episode 8

Khun’s Strategy

So once again, how the test in Tower of God episode 8 worked wasn’t really how it was explained in the previous episode. I assumed this was going to be the case, but even my explanation about what I thought the test was really going to be like was wrong.

The biggest difference in how the test was actually performed is that the two teams aren’t actually competing head-to-head. Each team competes against Quant individually, with Team A going first and Team B going second. Now, that in itself wouldn’t have been an issue, but how the pass/fail criteria of the test are set up turns it into an issue.

It was stated that if one team passes, the other team fails.

The problem with this setup is that it means if Team A passes, Team B doesn’t even get a chance — they automatically fail. One of the two teams will always have an advantage depending on the difficulty of the test and the impact of information on alleviating that difficulty.

Khun ends up devising a strategy that actually takes this differential in advantage into consideration. His strategy involves making it as difficult for Team A to win as possible, while also feeding Team B as much information as possible.

Which Team has the Advantage?

If we say that each team has a 25% chance of success, and that information plays no role, then it’s better to be Team A. Team A would only need to get that 25% chance to pass. Team B would need the 75% chance that Team A loses and then would also need to get the 25% chance of them winning as well, which is an 18.75% chance — meaning Team A has the advantage by 6.25%.

With no information in play, Team A will always come out with the advantage.

If the information Team B learns from watching team A is helpful, and Team A fails, then we have to take into consideration the difficulty of the test and the usefulness of that information.

Quant blocking the exit from the anime series Tower of God
Quant blocking the exit

Using the same base success rate of 25%, the information Team B gathers from watching Team A fail would have to give them at least an 8.333…% boost in success rate for them to have an even chance of success. If the information is worth less than that, Team A has the advantage. If it’s worth more, Team B has the advantage.

Oh, and the effect information has on the test decreases as the initial success rate for the test goes up or down. As the initial success rate of the test increases, Team A’s chances of success increase. And as the initial success rate decreases, Team B’s chances of success increase (dependent on the usefulness of the information.

Winners and Losers

Now that we know this test is inherently flawed, let’s move onto another major issue in the episode: The “pass/fail” plot hole.

You may recall from last week’s episode discussion that I pointed out the fact that there are multiple people taking part in this test who, by all accounts, should have already passed. We’re shown that Rak and that one other Spear Bearer passed their test so they don’t have to participate in this one.

But what about all the others who are clearly strong enough to have passed their tests, like Laure and Khun? And what about those who we know for a fact passed their tests, like Shibisu and Hatz? Why are they still participating?

Khun bribing Quant from the anime series Tower of God
Khun bribing Quant

If you’re expecting me to give you an answer to that question, I don’t have one. There’s no reason given for why these characters who are known to have passed their preliminary test are still taking part in this test.

And to widen the plot hole even more, the entire pass/fail aspect of this test doesn’t apply to them. Why was Khun trying to make Team A fail and feed Team B information while being a member of Team A himself? Simply because he’s already passed regardless of whether or not his team wins.

The same goes for Laure, Shibisu, and Anaak. All of these characters are guaranteed to pass either way.

Do you see the problems here yet? Not only is there absolutely no explanation for why Rak is sitting out and Khun isn’t. But this already-rigged test is being further rigged by being full of characters who don’t care if their team passes or fails. Khun’s strategy is to take advantage of this to help his friends all pass while screwing over everyone else.

Friends and Betrayals

Why is Khun trying to help his friends? How does he accomplish this? And what precedent is there for doing this to begin with?

The first question is the most obvious. He’s helping his friends for two reasons. First, they’re his friends so he wants to help them. Second, helping them won’t adversely affect him because he’s already passed individually as we’ve discussed.

Question number two is only slightly more complex. If you watched the episode you know how he accomplished this feat, but the real question is how does it work out in his favor? Simply making Team A fail isn’t a foolproof plan. It works out because all of his friends on Team A have individually passed just like he has.

If any one of them hadn’t already passed, then Team A throwing the test wouldn’t have worked out.

Endorsi betraying her teammates from the anime series Tower of God
Endorsi betraying her teammates

Rak is safe because he’s not participating. Khun, Anaak, Shibisu, and Laure have all individually passed. The remaining friends in the group are all on Team B, so as long as Team B wins, it doesn’t matter if they individually passed or not.

Now, my assumption was that Khun planned for Team B to win in order to accomplish this. But based on what we see at the end of the episode, Endorsi may have other ideas. It’s possible that all the “friends” in Team B have also already individually passed so they’re going to throw the test too to get rid of everyone else.

As for precedent, we know from Hoh and whoever that girl he was seen with that betrayal is the name of the game. They need to betray and kill each other eventually. So from Khun’s perspective, why not now?


I’m predicting that Hoh is going to kill that girl during this test and then either be killed himself or fail when the “friend” group throws the test. He’s been set up as an antagonist for a few episodes now, we know the girl is afraid to die, Hoh isn’t afraid to kill, and it’s just the two of them alone.

Do you think this prediction will turn out to be correct? Or do you have a different prediction? And what are your thoughts on the rigged status of the test and the major plot hole as seen in Tower of God episode 8? Let me know in the comments.

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Tower of God Episode 7

Tower of God Episode 7

Lunch and Tag

Just like the episode before it, Tower of God episode 7 really seemed to be speeding through a lot of content. We had character development for Anaak, Endorsi, and Hoh, along with the end of one round of testing and the start of another. Oh, and there was background information dumped on us regarding the Princesses of Jahad.

I actually think this episode may have been worse than episode 6 in terms of pacing. There were times when I was completely lost due to things being seemingly skipped over. One example which I’ll be talking about later is the entire purpose of the role-based testing.

But I will admit that one good thing came out of this episode: I was awakened to the fact that Endorsi is actually the best girl of the series, not Anaak.

Princesses of Jahad

The series opens with an explanation for why Anaak’s mother, Anaak, was killed by the other Princesses of Jahad. Also, does this mean that Anaak was named after her mother, or is Anaak not her real name?

As you may have surmised, the Princesses of Jahad aren’t actually related in any way. It’s pretty clear that they’re all from different races, but I figured they may have still all been fathered by the king. That’s not the case — the king seems to just choose the girls he thinks are the prettiest from each race.

It’s possible that latent combat ability has something to do with this selection, but based on the further information we’re given, I’m not so sure. It’s also said that the king bestows his power upon these princesses, and it’s implied that this power is what makes them so formidable.

Princesses of Jahad from the anime series Tower of God
Princesses of Jahad

But what’s really interesting about the king’s power is that it can apparently be passed down genetically. One of the rules of being a Princess of Jahad is that you must remain a virgin for life because any children you may have will inherit the king’s power without his permission.

This is why Anaak’s mother had to be killed. And it’s odd that Anaak was seemingly adopted to replace her rather than being killed as well.

Why would the king institute this policy though? He’s clearly possessive of the girls he chooses to be princesses, but even he doesn’t have children with them. I think what’s happening here is that the princesses are raised to be the king’s personal soldiers, but they can’t have children because they might have a son.

Why are there no Princes of Jahad? Probably because a prince could claim the throne. And if a Princess of Jahad passes the king’s power down to a son, that child would effectively have a claim because they have the same power as the king.

What was the Point of the Role-Based Tests?

Moving on from the Princesses of Jahad, this episode also saw the end of the role-based tests. But once these tests were completed, I realized that there wasn’t actually a point to them at all. I mean, did we ever actually see them take a test that gave them a passing or failing grade?


Instead, the “tests” were more like lessons teaching everyone how to perform their roles. And in the end, we see that the only two who “passed” were Rak and the other Spear Bearer who was originally a member of Rachel and Endorsi’s team.

You might think that makes sense, but it really doesn’t because we supposedly saw other characters pass their tests as well. The most obvious of these were Shibisu and Hatz, who literally accomplished what they were supposed to for their test, yet still somehow didn’t pass.

Endorsi being embarrassed from the anime series Tower of God
Endorsi being embarrassed

Of course, we know that none of the Fishermen passed the test because Endorsi and Anaak took each other out in the end. But what about the Light Bearers and Wave Controllers? Did none of them really pass? Even Laure, the guy who’s apparently a Shinsu savant?

It actually makes no sense for the only two to have passed the test to be Rak and the other Spear Bearer based on what we saw. The anime clearly just cut out a bunch of what I would consider pretty important content for the continuity of the series.

That’s like if Naruto cut out the final round of the Chunin exam and skipped ahead after the second round. It would have made absolutely no sense because all these characters who seemingly passed would suddenly have failed.

Joint Test

The joint test is another part of the episode which just isn’t explained well at all. Why is it even called a joint test? I get that it’s a joint test between the 27 members of “group 1” and 3 members of “group 2,” but everything has been a joint test since the group 2 members showed up. Why is this test specifically called a joint test?

There’s no logical reason given by the anime, so I’m left to assume that the reason was cut in order to save time. The actual explanation for the joint test was also all over the place, but I’m pretty sure I understand what’s going on.

The joint test teams from the anime series Tower of God
The joint test teams

There are two teams who each have an “it” they need to protect. They each start in a different location and need to reach different endpoints. The first team to reach the finish wins, or you can defeat the other team’s “it” to win as well. But there’s also an instructor who’s a third “it” trying to stop both teams.

I think my explanation of that was bad, but it was still better than the one the anime gave us. This also isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a confusing test explanation — the bonus crown game test also turned out to function differently than how it was originally explained.

But since we haven’t seen much of this joint test yet, I don’t really have anything else to say about it other than that the teams seem pretty even. I won’t be surprised if they end up working together and it’s an “everybody wins” sort of situation.


What did you think of Tower of God episode 6? Why do you think the king is so against the Princesses of Jahad having children? How did Shibisu fail the scout test despite making 10 friends? And do you think the explanations of these tests are as bad as I do? They aren’t complex tests, they’re just explained poorly.

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Tower of God Episode 6

Tower of God Episode 6

Position Selection

There was a lot of interesting information in Tower of God episode 6. In fact, there was so much that I guarantee I’m not going to be able to touch on all of it. But, the main topics of discussion today are going to be the team positions, the tests for those positions, and the huge revelation regarding Anaak.

So to get right into it, Lero Ro tells us that when you climb the tower, you do so in teams of five. Now, I thought this was interesting because everything up to this point has been done in teams of three. So the shift to five-person teams is a bit strange, but alright.

Then, within each team there are five different roles, and from what he said, it seems like each team only gets one person per role. This means you can’t have a team of three Fishermen and two Spear Bearers for maximum damage per second. And, that fact is going to break up quite a few of the current three-man teams.

The five roles for those climbing the tower from the anime series Tower of God
The five roles for those climbing the tower

The five roles pictured above are Fisherman, Spear Bearer, Light Bearer, Scout, and Wave Controller. Each role specializes in a certain aspect, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t do anything else.

Fishermen are the close-quarters fighters who use swords and the like (I don’t know why they’re called Fishermen). Spear Bearers are long-range fighters who primarily use spears — Rak. Light bearers gather and distribute information to their team — Khun. Scouts are scouts as the name implies. And Wave Controllers are basically the support/leaders who use Shinsu — Bam.

This separation into roles is also interesting because not every character’s role is immediately clear. I would have thought Bam was a Fisherman.

Position Tests

Continuing on with that last point about not all of the characters having obvious roles, Lero Ro also refers to these roles as being “assigned.” So it’s possible that the reason some of these roles don’t match up with what we know about the characters is that they were (somewhat) arbitrarily assigned.

But, I don’t think that’s the case.

Going farther back to my point about a character holding one role doesn’t mean they can’t be proficient at the skills of another, we can get a better understanding of how roles are assigned. Basically every character has the capacity to fulfill every role at some level, but they’re much more proficient at one or two than the rest.

Bam is a perfect example of this. We know that he fights with a sword, specifically the sword originally owned by a Fisherman, and yet he’s a Wave Controller. Why is this? Well, just because Bam can use a sword doesn’t mean that’s what he’s best at. We’ve also seen that he has the capability to use massive amounts of Shinsu.

Bam making a pact with the floor 2 Shinsu from the anime series Tower of God
Bam making a pact with the floor 2 Shinsu

We can also see this combination of different roles in action during the Fishermen test, in which Anaak throws a spear and uses Shinsu. That test is also the only one in which those taking the test were competing to defeat one another. The Spear Bearer test was the next closest to that but simply involved hitting a target.

Then, while we don’t see the test for the Scout, the Light Bearer and Wave Controller tests are very different. The Light Bearers are simply looking up information on the other test-takers, and the Wave Controllers learn how to form a pact with the Shinsu of the floor (which is basically a tailed beast).

Anaak 2.0

Despite the massive amount of information which was dumped on us in this episode, I actually thought a lot of it was presented in a good way — which is rare when there’s that much. But there was one thing which felt a bit off, and that’s the revelation about Anaak’s identity.

To be clear, I don’t have an issue with that development existing in the series. My issue is with how it was presented. It felt rushed, which messed with the pacing of this episode, and I think it could also end up messing with the pacing of the next episode as well.

You see, normally something that major wouldn’t be dropped on us towards the end of an episode, but then also leave enough time to briefly explain it. The episode could have ended on a cliffhanger with Endorsi saying that she now understands who Anaak is, but it didn’t.

Anaak defeated by Endorsi from the anime series Tower of God
Anaak defeated by Endorsi

Instead, after Endorsi claims she knows who Anaak is, she straight up tells us that this Anaak is actually the daughter of the original Anaak who died. I think that bit of information could have been saved for the next episode, but whatever. Then, the episode goes on to give us a brief explanation of the original Anaak, and this just makes everything worse.

Why would you not leave that for the next episode? I’m sure we’re going to see more of it then, so what was the point of explaining the (almost) cliffhanger now? I get that the new cliffhanger is the mystery of why Anaak was killed by the other Princesses of Jahad, but we really seemed to have glossed over Anaak’s identity to get there.

Khun sets up the cliffhanger that Anaak is listed as a dead ranker (someone who climbed the tower to completion). Then Endorsi recognizes Anaak’s identity. And then we’re pushed off the cliff instead of left hanging for no reason.


What are your thoughts on Tower of God episode 6? Do you like the role system? And who do you think will be the final two members of Bam’s party (if we’ve even seen them yet)? Also, how did you feel about the pacing at the end of the episode? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Tower of God Episode 5

Tower of God Episode 5

The Crown’s Fate

Greetings from my phone. This week’s Tower of God episode review is being written on mobile because I currently have no power. But that has nothing to do with the series, so let’s just get on with it.

This week we witnessed the final two rounds of the Crown Game which featured quite a few surprises. I expected Rachel’s team to be at least as strong as Anaak’s, but I didn’t expect there to be so many characters with comparable strength.

Anaak and Hatz were the strongest two characters in the first two rounds. The third round then saw Bam, Khun, and Rak take the crown, and we got to see that Khun and Rak are also extremely strong.

Then, in the final round of the game, Rachel’s team entered the arena. We already knew that their team is strong due to the fact that they wiped out all 397 other Regulars in their first test, so that’s not new information.

But the masked woman they fight against is shown to be even more skilled than they are, so we can gauge her abilities by comparison. And it seems safe to say that she’s the strongest one who took part in the Crown Game, even more so than Anaak.

However, we still don’t know who that masked woman is. My guess is that she’s going to be revealed to be another one of the Princesses of Jahad, but at the same time I think if that were the case someone would have known and pointed it out.

Khun’s Exposition Dump

There are a few things about this episode that I’d like to commend.

First, and this isn’t specific to this episode, but it still applies, is the fact that Kevin Penkin is doing a good job with the soundtrack. I was a bit worried after the Shield Hero soundtrack, but this one seems to be going much better.

Second, the animation quality definitely seemed to be improved in this episode when compared to those which came before it. For example, the masked woman does a backflip away from Rak at one point, and the flip is fully animated unlike Yuri’s flip back in episode 1.

But, while the soundtrack and animation seem to be succeeding, the storytelling seems to be failing. There were multiple exposition dumps within this one episode, and one of the worst offenses of this came from Khun when he explained the ace up his sleeve.

Khun gathering allies during the first test from the anime series Tower of God
Khun gathering allies during the first test

Khun doesn’t tell us exactly what his bag is, but he does show (and tell) us some of the things it’s capable of. It can make copies of anything he puts into it, it can store things including living people, and as we’ve seen multiple times so far it’s strong enough to block swords.

Last week I mentioned that it’s probably some sort of Ignition Weapon, and I still think that’s the case. Just the fact that it has all these abilities and the fact that Khun knows what Ignition Weapons are is enough evidence for me.

Back to Khun’s exposition dumped plan, though, he hid a three-person team inside of his bag to use when necessary. These were people he found during the first test who were strong but still wouldn’t have survived. He gave them a second chance in exchange for their loyalty.

Bam and Rachel

Now that we know Khun has an entire second team under his control, we can begin to see a larger group of allies forming. I don’t know exactly how important Khun’s allies are going to be, but we’ve also already seen Bam befriend Shibisu from Anaak’s team.

Later on in the tower, I could see them all teaming up.

And then things get more interesting when Rachel’s team enters the arena as well. Previously, Rachel didn’t respond to Bam’s attempts to get her attention, so I thought that maybe her team would actually be fighting against his. But that turned out not to be the case.

Strangely, we don’t actually know why Rachel’s team decided to fight alongside Bam’s in the final round of the Crown Game. Neither Rachel nor her team members commented on their motives, and it didn’t really seem like it had anything to do with Rachel’s connection to Bam.

Rachel and her teammates from the anime series Tower of God
Rachel and her teammates

So, now I have another theory which contradicts one I posited just last week. Rather than Rachel being a Princess of Jahad, I think her female teammate with the demon horn is. 

This would explain her dislike for Anaak if they’re rival princesses in some fashion. And, all of the princesses so far seem to be powerful, which this demon girl definitely is.

I bring this up because I think that the reason they helped Bam’s team is due to his bet against Anaak. I think the demon girl wants Anaak to lose, so she was willing to help Bam win. Why exactly Rachel is connected to her is still up in the air — as is why Rachel was distancing herself from Bam.

Is Rachel attempting to save Bam from her own teammate by hiding their connection?

The Purpose of the Tests

The final thing I want to discuss in regards to this episode is the purpose behind holding these preliminary tests. Over the past few weeks I’ve been questioning the point of testing challengers before they enter the tower proper, and this week we’re given a reason.

However, allow me to preface this by saying that I don’t think the reason we’re given is the real reason, and Lero Ro seems to agree with me — though it’s strange that not even he knows why he’s testing the Regulars.

As someone who has successfully made it to the top of the tower, you would think Lero Ro knows its secrets.

Lero Ro and Hansung Yu discussing the purpose of the tests from the anime series Tower of God
Lero Ro and Hansung Yu discussing the purpose of the tests

The reason we’re given for these tests being held isn’t to determine who has the ability to survive the tower. Instead, it’s to determine which challengers pose a risk to the tower itself. What exactly this means is unclear.

Does this mean that certain people will physically harm the tower with their power? And if that’s the case, I still don’t see the point of these specific tests. If you’re trying to find out who’s too dangerous to be let into the tower, why did you let them kill off everyone who wasn’t too dangerous?

I guess the series wanted me to be questioning the reason behind holding these tests before the real trial even begins. But the longer these initial tests go on, the less I feel that whatever answer we get in the end is going to be satisfactory.


What did you think of Tower of God episode 5? Who do you think is the strongest character we’ve met so far? And why do you think Rachel has been hiding her connection to Bam? Let me know in the comments.

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