That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 18

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 18

Evil Creeps Closer

This week’s episode of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime started off with the group of Beastmen who were cast out of Rimuru’s city during the previous episode. These Beastmen were originally sent to the city by their master, demon lord Carrion, but for exactly what reason we aren’t exactly sure.

Originally the Beastmen attempted to subjugate the city, but after they were defeated by demon lord Milim, some of them think forming a diplomatic relationship is the way to go. My guess is that their orders were to bring the Jura Tempest Federation to demon lord Carrion’s side however possible.

But, while forging a diplomatic relationship with Rimuru’s country would definitely have been keeping with the theme of the series so far, this is no longer possible. The leader of the Beastmen, Phobio, claims that his pride won’t allow him to simply ally with those who humiliated him, and so he vows to bring down demon lord Milim.

And, this is when the Moderate Harlequin Alliance enters the scene. Footman and Tear were sent by demon lord Clayman to interfere with all three of the other demon lords at once by resurrecting a calamity class monster known as Charybdis.

Footman and Tear from the anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
Footman and Tear

So, just how does the resurrection of Charybdis interfere with the plans of the other three demon lords?

Well, Frey was building an army to combat Charybdis, so its revival before she and her army are ready clearly throws all of her planning out the window. As for Carrion, his subordinates are being used to resurrect Charybdis. And, finally, Charybdis will be sent towards the Jura Tempest Federation, thus interfering with Milim.

A New Demon Lord?

So how does one go about resurrecting a calamity class monster? Well, according to Footman and Tear, there are two ways:

  • Wait for it to resurrect itself.
  • Use yourself as a vessel to speed up the resurrection time.

Besides the first option taking longer, this also leaves the monster uncontrollable, which isn’t good for anyone. So, the second option is what they choose. But, there’s just one problem, nobody wants to give themselves up to a monster.

And, this is where Phobio comes into play. Despite the warnings from his men, Phobio is talked into becoming the vessel for Charybdis by the two majin. The majin are able to prey on Phobio’s lust for power and promise that he’ll be able to become a demon lord if he takes control of Charybdis.

But, Phobio isn’t quite as stupid as he may seem at first glance. He realizes that while this plan seems good for him, there are no clear benefits for the majin who claim to be helping him, which is suspicious. However, in the end he decides that he has nothing to lose, and goes with them.

Unfortunately for Phobio, he had something to lose which he seems to have forgotten about, his life. Footman and Tear never had any plans to turn him into a new demon lord, and instead were merely using him as a sacrifice to resurrect the monster.

That said, I still have a feeling that we’ll meet Phobio again. When Charybdis is finally defeated he’ll probably be rescued from inside the monster’s body or something and then become a follower of Rimuru. I don’t want that to be the case, but that seems to be the direction this series always goes in.

Charybdis Resurrected

So, the calamity class monster, Charybdis, is now alive thanks to Phobio getting tricked by some majin. But, just how big of a deal is the resurrection of this monster and what does it mean for our heroes?

Well, for starters, Charybdis is known as the master of the skies, and takes the form of a giant, flying, fish monster. This means that to defeat it, Rimuru and his followers will have to devise a way to either attack it from the ground or take to the skies to fight it head on. This isn’t a problem for Rimuru, who can fly, but could be difficult for anyone else.

Okay, so the ability to fly is basically necessary to defeat this monster, is that all? Well, no. Did I mention that its power is equal to that of a demon lord as well? Alright, so it’s a giant, flying demon lord, I still think Rimuru can handle this on his own considering he can fly and has already defeated a demon lord before.

Well, that’s not all. Charybdis also has 13 giant, flying sharks known as Megalodons. This is where things may get a bit tricky for Rimuru if he tries to fight solo. Sure, he could probably take on Charybdis, but not if he also needs to fight off the Megalodons.

Charybdis and the Megalodons from the anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
Charybdis and the Megalodons

Oh, and Charybdis is also technically Veldora’s child, being born from a clump of his magicules. While this may not seem to be all that important at first, we need to keep in mind that Veldora is even stronger than the demon lords, and so we should assume that Charybdis has at least some of his power.

How To Defeat Rimuru

Honestly, even with all this in mind, Charybdis doesn’t seem like that big of a deal for Rimuru, but maybe it also has some overpowered skill that we just aren’t aware of yet. And, that’s a huge problem for this series which I’ve mentioned a number of times.

The fact that a “calamity class monster” with power greater than that of a demon lord can be introduced and yet I still don’t see it as a threat to our protagonist isn’t a good thing. Rimuru is just way too powerful, and that takes the excitement out of any conflict.

So, let’s pretend that we wanted to defeat Rimuru and we could pick any one character from any anime to do the job. Who would you choose? Is there anyone capable of defeating Rimuru?

And, let me just say that Kirito’s plot armor doesn’t count as a real ability, so no, he wouldn’t win.

I think my choice would have to be Kamijou from RailDex. His ability to nullify the abilities of his opponent isn’t that good in general, but against Rimuru I think it’s the perfect ability to have. Basically, while Kamijou isn’t actually that strong, he just has the perfect matchup against an ability-centric character like Rimuru.

But, if you think you know of a better character for fighting against Rimuru, let me know who it is and why you chose them down in the comments. Maybe this will even be the start of a brand new series on this blog in which I pit random anime characters against each other (name TBD).


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