That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 22

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 22

Conquering the Labyrinth

This week Rimuru and his students made their way to the land of the spirits without any trouble. In fact, we didn’t even see their journey at all, which is a shame. For a series all about world building, you’d think they would want to explore the world a bit more.

And, I already know what you’re going to say because I’ve heard it multiple times so far, “but this is just the prologue to the series, it gets better later on.” Well, guess what, Re:ZERO season one is just a prologue too, and yet that’s a good anime while TenSura isn’t.

Now, that I’ve gotten my weekly trashing of TenSura out of the way (for now), we can continue on with the episode. So, why are Rimuru and his students in the land of the spirits? Because Rimuru believes that implanting superior spirits into the children will extend their lives.

In case you missed it, I explained a plot hole surrounding this in my review of the previous episode. However, I have another problem with Rimuru’s plan that I want to address this week. What makes him think these children will be able to handle being implanted with superior spirits?

In case you’ve forgotten, Shizu was barely able to control Ifrit as an adult even with a mask which suppressed his magic power. And, as a child, she couldn’t control him at all which is why she killed her only friend.

Based on this, it’s extremely likely these kids will be controlled by the spirits implanted into them rather than it being the other way around. Sure, Rimuru can always separate the spirits from the children if he needs to, but this seems like a bad idea from the start.

Magisteel Mecha

Inside the labyrinth which connects to the land of the spirits, Rimuru and co. encounter their first, and only, trial: a golem made of magisteel. Now, before I discuss this golem in any real detail I just want to point out that I’m not a fan of high-tech robots and stuff in fantasy.

I won’t say that TenSura is bad because it has a giant, pink robot, but I’m just not a fan of the pairing between mecha and classical fantasy (usually). At least this time around it wasn’t the usual trope of “these high-tech robots are actually ancient technology that we don’t understand.”

Well, I should actually say that it hasn’t yet been revealed that magisteel golems are actually ancient technology. I wouldn’t be surprised if later on in the series some “ancient evil” is awoken, much like Charybdis, and it has an army of magisteel golems.

The Magisteel Golem from the anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
Magisteel Golem

Anyway, I mentioned that this magisteel golem was the first and only trial Rimuru and his students have to complete. And, by “Rimuru and his students” I obviously just mean Rimuru because he solos the fight easily as usual while his students hide behind Ranga.

First he ensnares the golem in his steel threads, then he uses his hellfire attack to destroy it in one hit. And, I get it, Rimuru is supposed to be overpowered (although half the time you guys argue that he isn’t for some reason), but I still stand by my assertion that I’d like some fights with actual choreography.

Once the golem has been defeated, we also learn that it was made by using Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind spirits. The body itself was made by the Dwarves and Elves, but was scrapped when they couldn’t find a way to reliably control it.

Demon Lord Ramiris

We then learn that the golem was being controlled by the weakest Demon Lord we’ve met to date, Ramiris. In fact, Ramiris seems so weak that she’d probably lose to Rimuru’s students even if he didn’t help them. I guess they’re just letting anyone become a Demon Lord these days.

But, not only is Ramiris a Demon Lord, she’s one of the Ten Great Demon Lords (which I’ll get to in the next section), the Queen of Spirits, and the Fairy of the Labyrinth. Seriously, how does someone so weak and annoying get all of these prestigious titles?

Fortunately, even if she’s weak and annoying, she does have some use thanks to those titles she doesn’t deserve. First of all, by being a Demon Lord she gains access to information about the other Demon Lords, which is always a good thing to have.

Demon Lord Ramiris from the anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
Demon Lord Ramiris

However, Rimuru already has Milim as his inside source for Demon Lord intel, so what else does Ramiris bring to the table? I don’t think her title of Fairy of the Labyrinth really matters, but thanks to being the Queen of Spirits she’s able to freely control superior spirits, which is exactly what Rimuru needs.

In exchange for Rimuru creating a new golem to replace the one he destroyed, Ramiris agrees to implant superior spirits within his students in an attempt to save their lives. But, she also points out that each child must have an affinity for the spirit implanted into them for it to be successful.

Fortunately, it seems pretty obvious to me which spirits most of the children would have affinities for. Kenya’s would be fire, Chloe’s would be water, Gale’s would be Wind, and Alice’s would be Earth. I’m not entirely sure about Ryota though; maybe Earth as well?

The Ten Great Demon Lords

One interesting piece of information we received in this episode (maybe we were told this earlier, but I didn’t notice) is that there are ten Great Demon Lords. Previously we only knew of five demon lords aside from Geld. These five are Milim, Clayman, Frey, Carrion, and Leon.

With the exception of Leon, the other four have all been seen meeting together, so I assumed that there were only five in total. Instead, it seems that these four who meet together simply have a regional alliance since their domains are all located on the Southeast edge of the continent.

I’m assuming that Leon’s domain lies in the wastelands off to the West of the continent. And, we now know that Ramiris’ domain lies to the South. That leaves four more Demon Lords who are considered part of the Ten Great Demon Lords, so where are their domains?

My best guesses would be the Eastern Empire, the Heretic’s Dynasty, the Continent of Eternal Ice, and maybe the Holy Kingdom Ruberium, though I admit that would be a strange place to find a Demon Lord. Perhaps although they’re called the Ten Great Demon Lords, there are currently less than ten.

I could see that being a possibility if, say, the Holy Kingdom Ruberium is now located on land that was formerly ruled by a Demon Lord. Was Demon Lord Geld actually supposed to fill a vacant spot in the Ten Great Demon Lords? And, if so, will Rimuru now fill that spot?

Interestingly, we also learned that to become a Demon Lord one has to “fall from grace.” Milim previously made it seem like anyone could simply have the title of Demon Lord applied to them, but Ramiris says Leon fell from grace by making a pact with an ancient spirit.


So, what did you think of this week’s episode of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime? But, the question I’m more interested in hearing your answers to is, what do you think of high-tech objects like robots in fantasy series? Do you like them? Do you hate them? Let me know in the comments.

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