That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 3

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 3


With each passing episode of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, I feel the series is more and more generic. It amazes me how it’s still rated so highly by the general masses of MAL when all it’s doing is playing to the tropes of generic isekai anime.

If this anime is considered good, then The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar should be considered good too, but I don’t see very many people who believe that to be the case. So what exactly is it about this series that tricks the masses into thinking it’s something special?

I think the culprit is the fact that our protagonist has the appearance of a Slime. Everything else about the series is extremely generic, including how the protagonist acts and his overpowered nature. Literally the only thing separating this series from the rest is Rimuru’s appearance.

However, as we can see from the OP, it doesn’t seem that Rimuru will always have the appearance of a Slime. It looks as though at some point in the series he’ll gain the ability to make himself look like a human, at which point there will really be nothing unique about this series.

Battle at the Goblin Village

In this episode, Rimuru helps the goblin village fight back against the direwolves. As expected, the direwolves don’t really pose any threat to Rimuru, although he does seem to believe that if they all attacked him at once then they would. I find this hard to believe though, considering all the abilities he has.

While the fact that Rimuru had no trouble defeating the direwolves didn’t surprise me, the fact that he decapitated the direwolf leader did. I wasn’t expecting something that dark to come out of this series, but at the same time it didn’t add anything to the series either.

He then subjugates the rest of the direwolves by using his Predator skill to turn himself into a direwolf and using its Menace skill. Once the direwolves are under his command, he orders them and the goblins to get along and work together, because friendship is power.

The next thing Rimuru decides to do is name all of the goblins and direwolves, because them not having names makes it hard for him to refer to them individually. As monsters, the goblins and direwolves don’t normally have names, and as we learned from Veldora in episode 2, naming monsters is something special.

The most important characters to get named in this way are the goblin elder, Rigurd, his son, Rigur, and the new leader of the direwolves, Ranga. However, Rimuru doesn’t realize that naming monsters uses up magicules, and so he uses too many and is forced into hibernation for three days.

When he awakens, he finds that all of the monsters in the village have evolved, which Rigurd explains is due to them being given names. The male goblins have become hobgoblins, and the female goblins have become goblinas. The direwolves have also evolved into tempest wolves.

Rimuru and the Hobgoblin Rigurd from the anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
Rimuru and Rigurd

Now that the goblins and tempest wolves are larger than they had previously been, and they’ve combined to form one larger village, the need for more shelter and clothing suddenly arises. Unfortunately, none of the goblins have anyone skilled in either building or sewing.

So how can this issue be remedied? The village is going to outsource its production of shelter and clothing to the dwarves, with whom the goblins have had some minor trade-related interactions with in the past. After learning of the existence of dwarves, Rimuru suddenly gets excited, so it’s safe to assume that’s his favorite fantasy race.

We’re then shown an image of what he imagines the dwarves to look like, and they’re basically exactly as you would expect. Because of this, I’m predicting that when Rimuru actually meets the dwarves, they’re going to look nothing like he, and we, would expect them to.

The episode ends with Rimuru leaving Rigurd in charge of the village, while he leaves with Ranga and a few other tempest wolves and goblins to journey to the dwarves’ city.

Next Episode

Next episode Rimuru and his entourage should make it to the city of the dwarves, and along with my prediction about the appearance of the dwarves, I’m also predicting they will be subjugated much like the goblins and direwolves before them. Eventually Rimuru is going to be friends with everyone is basically what I’m getting at.

However, while he’ll likely become friends with the dwarves and they’ll consider him a powerful being like the other two races he’s interacted with, I don’t think any of the dwarves will join Rimuru’s entourage. My reasoning for this is the cover art for the series.

Looking at the characters pictured on the cover art, we have Rimuru in both human and slime form, a main heroine of some sort, Ranga, Rigurd and another goblin, four different demon-like characters with horns, a fairy, a loli (who’s probably going to be the best character), and an old man.

If any of these characters are going to be a dwarf, I’m assuming it’s the old man, but since he’s pictured in the background off to the right, barely in frame, I don’t think he’s actually going to play much of an important role. It’s also worth noting that Veldora isn’t pictured here.

But, what I find more interesting is the heroine-looking character with black hair. She’s riding on Ranga’s back, held by human-Rimuru, and holding slime-Rimuru, which is why I assume she’s the female lead of the series. And yet, if she’s the female lead, why haven’t we met her yet?

Because of this, I’m predicting that instead of a dwarf joining the gang, this mystery girl is going to join Rimuru and friends while they’re visiting the dwarves. Maybe she’s even a dwarf herself.


So what are your thoughts on this week’s episode or this series as a whole? Do you think it’s as good as everyone else seems to, or are you on my side and think this series is severely overrated so far? Also, what do you expect to see from the dwarves’ city? Let me know in the comments.

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