That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Episode 26

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Episode 26

Trade with the Animal Kingdom

As per usual when it comes to TenSura, I didn’t think that episode 26 was all that interesting. I liked learning about Demon Lord Carrion’s domain, but it’s not like we’ve actually seen it ourselves. We got a single shot of some farms and other than that everything was described to us.

But even so, let’s go over what we learned. According to both those who are from Carrion’s land and those who have visited it, the best part of the country is the agriculture. Albis tells Rimuru about the quality of the fruit there, and Rigur tells him of the sprawling farmlands.

However, we also get the idea that not much is really done with these fruits. Albis and Suphia don’t brag about the quality of the booze made from them, so it must not be as good as what’s made in Tempest despite the quality of the ingredients.

Albis talking about fruit from the anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2
Albis talking about fruit

Going along with this, we’re told that all of the wealth in the country is centralized within Carrion’s mansion. Other than him, everyone else in the country lives in relatively small or run-down buildings. With this in mind, it’s very possible that the country simply doesn’t have the infrastructure to mass-produce anything, let alone alcohol, in the same way Tempest can.

While I expect Rimuru to send further delegations to Eurazania in order to help improve the conditions of their country, I don’t think Eurazania is ever going to reach the same level as Tempest. Rather, Eurazania is going to continue to be a raw goods producer while Tempest is going to manufacture those goods into more profitable products for trade.

Also, considering Tempest doesn’t exactly have a full military of its own — just a few skilled fighters — it’s probable that Eurazania will take on this role.

Keeping the Ogres in Sight

Now that I’ve gotten the one thing I wanted to write about regarding this episode out of the way, let’s move onto some other random topics. Obviously Ranga and Rigur are some of Rimuru’s closest allies. But the ones who are closest of all to Rimuru are the ogres.

With this in mind, you would expect that the ogres can be relied on to do just about everything Rimuru needs. But as we saw multiple times in this episode, that’s not quite the case. Shuna is reliable, but that’s mainly because she’s a princess so she knows the correct way to act.

Hakurou and Souei are also fairly reliable, but they’re also not around all that much. Hakurou is just always out in the forest training himself and others. And Souei keeps out of sight unless he thinks Rimuru is in imminent danger. So while they may be reliable, I wouldn’t exactly say Rimuru relies on them for much outside of their respective expertises.

Benimaru from the anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2

Benimaru and Shion are the two who seem trustworthy but really aren’t. Sure, Benimaru is probably the strongest person in Tempest aside from Rimuru himself. But at the same time, all he really thinks about is fighting strong opponents — like any anime swordsman worth his salt.

Shion is the one who’s behavior I find to be the least redeemable. Yes, she’s pretty strong just like Benimaru. But she’s not the leader of Tempest’s military. She doesn’t even seem to have a real position within the country. Her role is solely to carry Rimuru around, which is something Shuna is capable of doing.

You could argue that Shion is Rimuru’s bodyguard, but even that doesn’t add up. That’s Souei’s job. And in reality, Rimuru is stronger than both of them combined. So it’s not like he needs a bodyguard to begin with. All Shion really does is get angry and cause messes that Rimuru needs to clean up.

He even had to take Shion with him to Dwargon solely because he couldn’t leave her in Tempest without him there to babysit her.

Vacationing in Dwargon

Rimuru and his vassals only just arrived in Dwargon at the end of the episode. But I need more to write about anyway, so let’s talk about it.

I don’t actually remember too much about Rimuru’s relationship with King Dwargo from the first season. But I do remember that Dwargo is an old friend of Rimuru’s main craftsman. And I’m pretty sure that he also came to Rimuru’s aid in the battle against Charybdis.

With that said, I’m pretty sure that Tempest and Dwargon are more like conditional allies than anything else. Okay, you might be saying that all alliances are conditional. But think about Tempest’s alliance with Eurazania. There’s not really an agreement there. Both sides have simply acknowledged that they’ll be allied with the other.

Shuna carrying Rimuru from the anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2
Shuna carrying Rimuru

If I’m remembering this correctly, King Dwargo is a bit wary of Tempest. After all, Tempest is a nation of monsters and could easily become a threat to the other nearby countries. Dwargon is allied with Tempest, but only so long as they remain a relatively peaceful nation.

Let’s say that Rimuru decides to invade and annex the territory of another sovereign state. I don’t see Dwargon standing by and allowing that to happen. Even if Tempest isn’t directly attacking Dwargon, that would be a huge red flag.

With all of that in mind, how do you think King Dwargo is going to take Tempest allying with Eurazania? Eurazania is a Demon Lord’s territory, which is to say it’s an enemy of the “free world.” Will Rimuru have to choose between the two? And if so, which will he side with?


What do you think of TenSura Season 2 episode 26? Do you think Rimuru will travel to Eurazania within this season? Which ogre do you think is the best and worst? And what do you expect to come of Rimuru’s visit to Dwargon? Let me know in the comments.

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