The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 10

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 10

A True “Lost One”

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 10 is my favorite episode so far. And this isn’t a case of me saying that every new episode is the best so far. Before Episode 10, I thought Episode 1 was the best of the series.

A lot of cool stuff happened in this episode. But what’s even better than that is all the neat lore we got. Well, most of the lore from this episode was actually implied. But, I’m going to assume it’s fact until proven otherwise.

So, the first bit of lore we got is fact, not only implied. This fact is that Manon Libelle’s mother is a true “Lost One” in that she’s an Otherworlder who wasn’t summoned. Her soul somehow wandered into this world on its own. And, although she had a Pure Concept, we never got to find out what it was.

Manon Libelle with her mother as a child from the anime series The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 10
Manon Libelle with her mother as a child

In my review of Episode 9, I said that her Pure Concept may have been Chaos. But, that’s actually been disproven in two ways in this episode. It was first disproven when we saw she arrived in this world as an adult. The girl with the Pure Concept of Chaos was a child.

The second way this was disproven should be pretty obvious: We know who has the Pure Concept of Chaos. The girl who refers to herself as Pandemonium is the Otherworlder who controls Chaos. But, that doesn’t mean Manon’s mother is completely disconnected from Chaos.

Right before she died, Manon’s mother said Manon has an older sister. Upon hearing this, I assumed she was talking about a child from her old world. But, what if that child ended up in this world too? And what if she now goes by the name Pandemonium?

Manon Libelle’s Revenge

I was pretty surprised to find out that Manon wasn’t seeking revenge for the death of her mother. She didn’t want to kill Menou because she was the student of Flare. In fact, she didn’t have much of an opinion on Menou at all.

Instead, as Manon tells us, she directed her revenge at the nobles who surrounded her. Manon’s father led them to believe that she would develop her mother’s Pure Concept. And when that didn’t happen, the nobles called her worthless. So, Manon decided to become the taboo the nobles wanted her to be — with them as her victims.

If that’s all there was to Manon’s actions, I’d have thought she was an alright antagonist. I definitely like her reason for wanting revenge over wanting to avenge her mother. Her reason is much more personal. She wants to get revenge on people who hurt her, not her mother.

Manon Libelle using the Pure Concept of Chaos from the anime series The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 10
Manon Libelle using the Pure Concept of Chaos

But, there’s more to Manon’s revenge than that. She never says this, but it seems that part of her revenge has to do with something I said last week. Back then, I said it kind of seemed like Manon wanted to become her mother.

And my evidence from this episode for this being the case is Manon’s conversation with Flare. Manon wanted Flare to kill her because she might develop a Pure Concept from her mother. And when Flare said that was impossible, Manon seemed hurt. Flare told her that she’ll never be like her mother.

So, I’m arguing that part of Manon’s revenge is proving that she can be like her mother. She can become a taboo and use a Pure Concept — even if it’s not a Pure Concept of her own. Manon’s a good character.

Pandemonium & Chaos

Let’s start this section of the review by going over what I’m talking about when I say various things. Pandemonium is the girl. Chaos is her Pure Concept. And The Pandemonium is the area covered in fog off the coast of Libelle. I may also refer to The Pandemonium as a Major Human Error.

With that out of the way, Pandemonium is an interesting character. Despite controlling Chaos, she’s immortal like Akari. And, for now, it’s unclear if her immortality is due to Chaos. It could be due to something unrelated. But, it’s most likely some side effect or specific use case of Chaos.

What’s also unclear is whether Pandemonium has existed since The Pandemonium. Was she killed and only recently resummoned? Has she been living in Libelle this whole time? Was she sealed within The Pandemonium until Akari’s Pure Concept did something? My bet is on the latter. But, I don’t know.

Pandemonium from the anime series The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 10

Going back to the end of the first section of this review, I’m convinced Pandemonium is Manon’s sister. They’d be half-sisters since Pandemonium came from another world. But, do you think Manon knows this? Now that she’s dead, we may never get an answer to that question.

Also, do you think Manon’s mother knew of Pandemonium’s existence in this world? She may not have realized her first daughter came to this world with her. Or, she might have known but thought her daughter died or that the seal on her was permanent. The Pandemonium could also be why Manon’s mother never used her Pure Concept.

Oh, and Pandemonium mentioned some Ivory Hero who was the one to seal her. She says that although they saved the world, nobody remembers them. Could this have been the wielder of the Sword of Salt? The creator of the Starhusk?


What do you think of The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 10? Do you think Manon and Pandemonium are half-sisters? Was Manon Libelle a good antagonist? And what are your theories about the Ivory Hero? Let me know in the comments.

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