The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 12

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 12

Returning to Japan

If we ignore the CGI centipede monster, The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 12 was good. Okay, and also if we ignore that the power of friendship defeated the CGI centipede monster. But, still, the episode was good because we got a bunch of new lore.

One huge piece of lore that Pandemonium dropped at the start of the episode has to do with the Major Human Errors. As it turns out, these Human Errors didn’t happen to arise on their own. The four of them were actually working together to achieve a common goal.

They believed that by destroying the world, they would be able to return to Japan. At least, that’s what Pandemonium made it sound like. She never explicitly said how returning to Japan is possible. She only said it is possible and that the four of them teamed up to destroy the world.

Pandemonium's monster form from the anime series The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 12
Pandemonium’s monster form

Was Pandemonium lying about this? I don’t know. And I’m going to say that it doesn’t matter (for now). Akari doesn’t want to go back to Japan. So, whether it’s possible doesn’t matter. But, there have also been hints that Menou somehow has a connection to Akari in Japan. At the end of the series, they may return there together.

Anyway, it’s interesting that the Four Major Human Errors were working together. And what makes it even more interesting is that there seems to have been a fallout of some sort. One of the other Human Errors sealed Pandemonium

We finally got confirmation that the Ivory Hero Pandemonium spoke of is the creator of the Sword of Salt. So, that means the fog that seals Pandemonium is also part of their Pure Concept. And I’m guessing it means that Pandemonium was the one who betrayed the others.

Destroying a Pure Concept

According to Pandemonium, the Ivory Hero’s Sword of Salt can destroy Pure Concepts. But, that doesn’t seem to be 100% true. If it was, Pandemonium’s Pure Concept of Chaos and Akari’s Pure Concept of Time would be gone. They’ve both gone up against the Ivory Hero’s Pure Concept and survived.

Well, to be fair, we don’t know that Pandemonium was on the receiving end of the Sword of Salt. But, since the Sword of Salt belongs to the Ivory Hero, it stands to reason she did. And, since Pandemonium ended up sealed instead, that must mean the Sword of Salt didn’t work on her.

As for Akari, we’ve seen that Flare used the Sword of Salt against her in at least one timeline. Based on what Flare says at the end of this episode, it seems to have happened countless times. I’ll get to Flare in the next section, though.

Pandemonium and Manon Libelle from the anime series The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 12
Pandemonium and Manon Libelle

Earlier in this review, I said that the fog seems to be a part of the Ivory Hero’s Pure Concept. I’m not going to edit that, but I remembered something that may disprove it. In this episode, Flare also said that fragments of both Chaos and the Vessel appeared for the first time.

The Vessel is another one of the Four Major Human Errors. It’s the one connected to the Material Room. And in my review of Episode 11, I mentioned that the Material Room sounds like a Human Error that could seal things.

So, it’s possible that the Ivory Hero didn’t seal Pandemonium on his (or her) own. I’m betting Pandemonium went berserk and the others had to stop her. So, it could be that the Ivory Hero weakened her with the Sword of Salt and the Vessel Human Error sealed her.

Flare and the Four Major Human Errors

There’s a lot to say about Flare. I guess first I should point out that she somehow has her memories from all the previous timelines. I have no idea how. But, that seems like a pretty big deal. It could be from her coming into contact with Human Errors in the past.

Also, when we see her, she’s sitting on a throne in front of a mosaic depicting the Four Major Human Errors. That’s kind of suspicious. Where is this located? Why is Flare there? It makes it seem like she’s on the side of the Human Errors, which would be odd.

On top of all that, we got some (maybe) new information about the Human Errors. In one of the previous episodes, I forget which, we saw this same diagram depicting them. So, I’m going to go ahead and say that this isn’t new information. But, we have some new context for it.

Executioner Flare from the anime series The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 12
Executioner Flare

The last time we saw this diagram, I focused on the names and descriptions of the Human Errors. To remind you, they’re the Starhusk, the Material Room, the Pandemonium, and the Sword of Salt. But, what I didn’t pay attention to were the larger kanji associated with each one.

These kanji say Star, Vessel, Chaos, and Dragon respectively. So what? Well, we now know that the Pure Concept that created the Pandemonium is that of Chaos. So, is that same connection true for the others?

Did the Pure Concept of Star create the Starhusk? Did the Pure Concept of Vessel create the Material Room? And did the Pure Concept of Dragon create the Sword of Salt? The first three all make sense. But if this is true, what does Dragon have to do with the Sword of Salt?


What do you think about The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 12? Do you think there’s a way to get back to Japan? Did you expect Pandemonium to be Manon’s older sister? I did, as explained in my Episode 10 review. And, what do you think of the ending scene with Flare? Let me know in the comments.

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