The God of High School Episode 11

The God of High School Episode 11


Episode 11 of The God of High School was all over the place. But, it introduced some abilities that weren’t outright explained to us, which means there’s a decent amount for me to speculate and theorize about. And if I’m being honest, that’s the only thing about this series that brings me any enjoyment.

However, as usual, let’s get all the “other” stuff out of the way first, starting with the explanation of the Nine-Tailed Fox Charyeok. So, the reason this Charyeok is considered to be super powerful and the “key” to killing God is because it once almost did just that.

According to the story, God created the Nine-Tailed Fox to basically keep everyone else in place. But then he got jealous of the Nine-Tailed Fox’s power and marked it to be executed. Obviously the Nine-Tailed Fox didn’t appreciate this, so it destroyed half of Heaven and went to live on Earth instead.

The Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit from the anime series The God of High School
The Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit

We also saw two main powers that Ilpyo was able to use thanks to his Charyeok. The first was either a super speed or short-range teleportation ability. The second was a fire beast ability, with which he can create fire wolves (though they should be foxes).

But, as far as the first of those abilities is concerned, I’m not actually certain that it’s directly related to Ilpyo’s Charyeok. While he didn’t use this ability until after awakening his Charyeok, Mori was able to copy it. The abilities Mori copied from Daewi and Mira weren’t connected to their Charyeok, so it may be fair to assume he can’t copy Charyeok abilities.

Also, it’s unclear if this ability to copy other abilities has anything to do with the Charyeok Mori awakened in this episode.

Odin? Zeus? Susanoo?

What deity do you think Mori forged a pact with? My initial thought was Odin, but then I also considered it could be Zeus as well. And later on, I figured that perhaps it could be Susanoo. Let’s be fair, there are a lot of deities from around the world that it could be, but I’m going to say it’s Odin.

To begin this discussion, we first need to briefly cover some of the “confirmed” hints as to which deity it is. Mori gains control over wind, lightning, and storms in general, and he also wields a spear. That’s basically all that’s been confirmed, but as I’ll get to, there are a few other hints.

Unfortunately for Susanoo, I think he’s out of the question already based on these facts. Yes, Susanoo is a god of storms and comes from Japanese mythology, which would connect it to the Kitsune. But, Susanoo wields a sword, not a spear. That’s enough for me to disqualify him.

A representation of Mori's Charyeok from the anime series The God of High School
A representation of Mori’s Charyeok

Now, my very first thought was Odin. The spear and control over wind both fit Odin. However, control over lightning isn’t one of Odin’s specified abilities. But, look at the image above and tell me what you see. I see Mori wielding Odin’s spear, Gungnir, facing off against the giants who were Odin’s enemies.

To me, that makes a lot of sense since there was an emphasis on these creatures during the reveal of Mori’s Charyeok.

But as I mentioned, it could also be Zeus. Technically, a spear wasn’t Zeus’ preferred weapon, so that’s counting against him — but he has used one before. On the other hand, Zeus is a true god of storms, including wind, lightning, rain, etc. So on that front, he fits. Also, the “giants” we see could be the Titans Zeus overthrew.

Demon Charyeok

The demon Charyeok we see one of the random characters turn into really doesn’t make sense to me. I’d like to assume that the source material explained this better, but I’m an anime-watcher. So I’m going to base everything I say solely on what I’ve seen in the anime.

First, we know that this guy was already a Charyeok user. His Charyeok manifested in the form of elemental spells. We were never told what exactly it is, but I’d guess that his pact was with some legendary mage like Merlin or someone similar. What his Charyeok was, though, doesn’t matter. What matters is that he had it.

This is important because it means that Mori’s awakening of his own Charyeok didn’t awaken Charyeok in this other character. It either mutated the Charyeok he already had, or something else entirely happened to him. But, one hint may be found in that we saw him use an even stronger version of his original magic — implying that his Charyeok may have been overcharged.

The Demon Charyeok from the anime series The God of High School
The Demon Charyeok

I’m really not sure what would have caused this. There are two possible theories I can think of, but they both seem wrong. The first is that the massive amount of electricity Mori summoned caused the machine the other guy was in to malfunction. This in turn caused his Charyeok to go out of control.

I don’t think that’s correct, though, because I’m pretty sure we saw signs of the demon appearing before the electricity came into play.

Another thought I had was that if Mori’s Charyeok is indeed Zeus, could this demon Charyeok have been Hades? And if so, would that mean Daewi’s Charyeok could be Poseidon? Again, I think that’s also incorrect because it would be too convenient and it would also leave Mira out of the Greek god trio.


One thing that I think is safe to say is that this isn’t the last time we’ve seen the demon Charyeok. The word “demon” is featured in the opening of the series either right before or after the word “Charyeok,” so I think it’s fairly important. But, what do you think of The God of High School episode 11? And which deity do you think Mori’s Charyeok is? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “The God of High School Episode 11”

  1. I think The God of High School is improving.

    As for Mori’s charyeok, I do think it’s some sort of thunder/sky god, but those beads from that hand that crushed Ilpyo don’t look what what Norse gods would wear. It’s therefore probably a god of Asian origin.

    As for Jeong Jugok, I’m not sure what happened either, but Jegal Taek said that its (Mori’s god’s) energy hit Jeong Jugok, so these demon powers along with the elemental power boost are the direct result of Jeong Jugok seemingly being overcharged (?) by that energy. We saw that symbol in Jeong Jugok’s eyes that was the same symbol seen when Mori manifested his charyeok powers, and maybe Jeong Jugok and Jin Mori borrowed power from the same deity except Jugok got corrupted when Mori’s powers were awakened.

    As for the God of High School tournament now being over, I am not surprised since the tournament was held on the pretense of finding the Key, and now that the Key has been found, there isn’t a real reason to continue the tournament.

    As for Christianity’s God, he seems increasingly evil, trying to have the nine-tailed fox executed for a petty reason, so that in conjunction with the evil guys in Nox using his powers indicates that God is wholly evil, and Park Mujin is in the right for wanting to kill God.

    1. You make a great point about the prayer beads that were shown when Mori used his Charyeok. I did consider that when I was watching the episode, but I had forgotten about it by the time I wrote the review. I’d say that it still could be a god like Zeus, but you’re correct in saying that it most likely disqualifies Odin.

      I still don’t think it’s Susanoo though, and I’m not familiar enough with most Asian gods to really offer up an alternative.

      And I agree with your assessment of the Christian God seeming increasingly evil. I mean, even how it was depicted in the previous episode was pretty evil-looking. But, I still think it’s odd to have Mujin Park be the “good” guy in this scenario while having a design obviously based on a devil or demon. Of course, both sides could turn out to be evil in the end.

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