The God of High School Episode 13

The God of High School Episode 13

The Monkey King

Oh look, the stuff that was spoiled for me came up in this episode. Imagine having such a low IQ that you think spoiling a series is being helpful. I’d say some other mean things in the hopes that he reads this, but it’s miraculous enough that someone that stupid can even read. I shouldn’t expect that he’ll be able to recognize that my insults are directed at him.

But seriously, the reveal of Mori being the Monkey King could have been pretty neat if I didn’t know about it beforehand. I don’t actually know much about the Monkey King’s mythology, but what I do know is that Enma from Naruto is based on him. Enma is literally the monkey king, wears the same tiger pelt, and can transform into a size-changing staff.

And since Naruto is a better anime than The God of High School, I have to say that Enma is a better Monkey King than Mori is.

Mori Jin as the Monkey King from the anime series The God of High School
Mori Jin as the Monkey King

So, one of the somewhat interesting things with Mori is that it’s stated that he is literally the Monkey King god in human form. He’s not channeling Charyeok like everyone else we’ve seen in the series. He actually is the Monkey King.

Originally, I thought this meant that he was actually the Monkey King at that moment, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The way the Six talk about him, it’s as if they’re saying he really is the Monkey King all the time. And if that’s the case, then there was a nice little piece of foreshadowing.

Earlier in the series, when Mori learned what Charyeok was, he stated that he was going to fight with his own power, not borrowed power.

Time to One-Shot Everything

Alright, so Jegal Taek is defeated by the end of the episode, and South Korea (and the world) is saved from destruction. That’s great and all, but doesn’t this whole development kind of put a damper on the future of the series? I’ll discuss the series’ future more in the next section, but isn’t Mori already too strong?

I get it, they “balanced” him by giving him two of the most common character tropes in shounen battle series: He gets really hungry and needs to sleep for a long time after using his power. But if the next arc is supposed to be a training arc, won’t he solve those problems?

If he really is the Monkey King, then I don’t really see how anything will ever give him trouble again. Sure, maybe he can’t kill God right now, but the guy who did kill God wasn’t even a god himself like Mori is. He was just some space-time-gate-opening alchemist. That’s nothing.

Jegal Taek about to die from the anime series The God of High School
Jegal Taek about to die

Once Mori is able to properly use his power, which seems like it will happen pretty quickly if the pace of this season is anything to go by, what’s the point? Unless he’s fighting other people who are actually gods like himself, won’t he just steamroll everyone? Even the main antagonist was too scared to move when he saw Mori awaken as the Monkey King.

When you’re so powerful after just the prologue of the series that the main antagonist is afraid of you, your job is done.

The one thing that interests me is that it seems like Mori will have to fight his grandfather in the future. Does this mean his grandfather is also a god on Earth? Is he the God on Earth? He has to be more than a simple Charyeok user if he’s going to pose any threat.

Resetting and the Real Plot

After the battle is complete, we meet the final member of the Six who’s apparently the one who can grant the wish of the winner of the God of High School Tournament. And, because why wouldn’t this be Mori’s wish, he wishes for everyone who was injured in the fight to be healed.

I have two problems with this. First of all, it’s a terrible plot device. It was terrible when it was used in Naruto: Shippūden, and it’s terrible here as well. At least this time the people who died remained dead — not that there were that many of them (4).

Second, the wish was for everyone who was injured in that battle to be healed. And yet, the one girl who was injured like a year prior by Jegal was healed as well.

Ungnyeo Kim granting Mori's wish from the anime series The God of High School
Ungnyeo Kim granting Mori’s wish

Ungnyeo Kim can’t revive the dead, but according to her, that’s the only wish she can’t grant. But are there other constraints? What if she doesn’t want to grant the wish of the winner. She’s not exactly an impartial wish-granter considering she’s a member of the Six.

And doesn’t this mean that she could just grant Mujin’s wish? He could have just wished for the key if the only wish Ungnyeo can’t grant is revival. Wouldn’t that have solved everything? Can she even grant her own wishes? There’s too much about this power that doesn’t make sense.

In fact, her entire inclusion just seemed to be so that everything could reset before the real series begins. Because The God of High School isn’t actually about the God of High School tournament, apparently. It’s about gathering the scattered shards of the key from around the world.


Obviously, I didn’t think the final episode of The God of High School was very good. It had some nice animation, but that was about it. But what did you think? Did you like the end? Are you looking forward to a second season? I don’t think it will get one, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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2 Replies to “The God of High School Episode 13”

  1. When Mori awakened to his power, the silhouette of the man with the spear looked very similar to himself, so I guess it’s not all that surprising that Mori is an actual god himself. I did not know the Monkey God had lightning powers assuming that The God of High School is depicting the Monkey King properly.

    I thought Nox was tied to the Christian God, but apparently, Nox is going to use Taejin as a sacrifice to bring down a new God, so who does Nox really serve then? Did Park Mujin lie about Nox’s God being the God of Christianity?

    I also hated that everyone was healed, even the girl who was permanently injured by Jegal Taek, which shouldn’t have happened since Mori wished for everyone injured in the battle to be restored to hi/her previous state before the battle happened, so it was a really stupid and rule-breaking Deux ex Machina.

    I hope this garbage is cancelled.

    1. You have a good point about the silhouette looking just like Mori when his Charyeok was “awakened.” If we compare it to Mira’s awakening, it’s not like Lu Bu was replaced with her. Lu Bu and Mira are separate entities.

      And I agree that it was stupid for that other girl to have been healed despite not being injured in that fight. It seems like everyone who watched the episode thought that was one of the worst parts. If she can be healed too, then Mori could have just wished for everyone on Earth to be healed or something.

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