The God of High School Episode 4

The God of High School Episode 4


It’s a good thing The God of High School doesn’t seem to be a very popular anime this season. Because if this was something like Tower of God, I’m sure a bunch of people would furiously comment and tweet at me for saying that this episode is bad. I just wasted 20 minutes watching a filler episode about Mira almost getting married.

I’m not sure how apparent this has been in my past couple of episode reviews for this series, but I don’t exactly like The God of High School. It’s an alright series. It has some good fights, animation, and music sometimes. But there’s not really a plot and the characters are all boring and forgettable.

Basically, there’s no reason for me to care about anything that happens in this series.

Mira in her wedding dress (and her sister) from the anime series The God of High School
Mira in her wedding dress (and her sister)

We’re four episodes into the series. Just four, and there’s already a pointless “filler” episode. The final two minutes seemed important but other than that nothing of note happened. And I get that this episode is supposed to show Mira’s “tragic” backstory, but does it even matter?

Does anyone care about her character at this point? And did that backstory, which didn’t actually tell us anything, change anyone’s mind about her? She’s still more forgettable than all the background characters who were knocked out in the previous round of the tournament.

Also, the fact that Daewi’s two minutes of character development at the end of the episode completely overshadowed Mira’s 20-minute backstory should tell you all you need to know. This was a waste of an episode that didn’t serve any purpose. It didn’t even build up the antagonist organization despite featuring one of its members.

Boruto is better at storytelling than this is.

Seongjin: The Strongest Martial Artist

You may have noticed that alongside the filler-like nature of this episode’s plot, there was also a distinct lack of action. Daewi pushed over some bodyguards, Seongjin activated his stand for a couple of seconds, and at the end of the episode, Daewi killed Mira (not literally). But there wasn’t an actual fight at any point.

And no actual fight means no high-quality fight animation, which is the only reason most people are watching this.

What makes the lack of a fight so perplexing is that there easily could have been one. After all, Seongjin, a member of the main antagonist group, was featured prominently within the episode. Mira could have fought him to show the strength of her Moon Light Sword technique. But she just slapped him instead.

Seongjin from the anime series The God of High School

Also, can we all just appreciate how Seongjin is known as the “strongest martial artist?” He’s so strong that, even with a katana and a samurai stand ability, he lost to a high school girl’s slap. And once he lost, he stole her wooden sword as a consolation prize and ran away. That’s definitely the strongest martial artist.

Do you think Seongjin is going to come back? Was that it for him in the series, or is he going to be a real character later on? And if he does return, will he actually be a formidable opponent? Somehow I don’t see him ever being redeemed.

Is the unnamed antagonist group actually just this series’ version of Team Rocket? Because if they’re all as useless as Seongjin is, I won’t be able to take any of them seriously. Mira isn’t even that strong, apparently. Daewi was able to easily demolish her in the semi-finals seemingly without using any special abilities.

The Daewi Recovery Mission

As I mentioned, the only important part of the episode came in the form of Daewi’s character development in the final two minutes. Here, we see that his friend with cancer dies, Daewi snaps and beats up his bullies, then he continues on to take out all his frustration on Mira in the semi-finals.

I think ever since Naruto, people have been pretty familiar with this character dynamic. There’s the main character who’s always optimistic, the female lead who everyone calls useless (which Mira is), and then the edgy guy who drifts apart from the others temporarily, but comes back thanks to the power of friendship.

I’m not saying that Daewi is going to be a carbon-copy of Sasuke or anything. But what I am saying is that this is his Sasuke arc. It’ll probably only last an episode or two before he’s back with Jin and Mira like nothing ever happened, but it’s going to take Jin beating some friendship into him first.

Daewi standing over some guys he beat up from the anime series The God of High School
Daewi standing over some guys he beat up

While I still don’t think Daewi is a good or interesting character, this bit of development does reinforce my thoughts about him being the best of the main three. Unlike Jin and Mira, Daewi at least has the potential to be a good character in the near future.

And moving away from Daewi for a moment, what do you think happened to Mira after her beat down? Obviously she would have been taken to the hospital due to that amount of blood loss. But remember, all the fighters in the tournament have nanobots in their bodies that instantly heal them.

So she couldn’t really be that injured, right? Well, unless she bled out all the nanobots. But considering she took a sword to the stomach the day before and seemed just fine, I’d say her life isn’t in any real danger.


What did you think of The God of High School episode 4? Did you like the episode? Or do you just want to get back to the tournament arc action? I’m definitely in the latter group considering this series has nothing of interest going on for it otherwise.

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