The God of High School Episode 8

The God of High School Episode 8


The God of High School episode 8 was an alright episode. The first half was decent, but I didn’t care at all about the second half so I won’t really be touching on that in this review. If you want a discussion on how the GoH tournament wristbands function like Facebook to remind you of your friends’ birthdays, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

I’m here to discuss the important things, like the tournament arc, characters who seem like they’re going to be important, and of course, Charyeok. On the tournament front, there are a couple of new developments, starting with the magician kid from last week dying — you know, the one who was eaten by the shark.

Perhaps I’m remembering it incorrectly, but wasn’t killing an acceptable outcome of the tournament? I mean, you’re not supposed to kill your opponents, but wasn’t it stated that if it happens, it happens?

Gi Gwim using his Charyeok from the anime series The God of High School
Gi Gwim using his Charyeok

Anyway, it was suggested that the shark boy be disqualified, but Mujin Park said that he didn’t want to disqualify him in case he turned out to be “the key” they’re looking for. What is this key? Well, later on in the episode it’s stated that the key is needed to kill God — and that Nox is fighting to awaken God or something.

And the final thing I’ll mention about the tournament itself is that Daewi is suspended from the next round. That means we’ll only get to see Mori and Mira fight. I’d rather Mira have been the one to be suspended, but there is some good to come out of this: We’ll actually see Mori fight unlike in the last round.

Also, how many more rounds are there? Isn’t this the final part of the tournament? Do they have a world championship next?

Mori’s New Rival

Ilpyo Park appears to be Mori’s new rival. Now, I won’t say it’s impossible that Mori will defeat him in this next round and we’ll never see him again. But because he has a connection to Mori’s grandfather, I think Ilpyo is going to be sticking around in some capacity — probably as Mori’s rival, as I mentioned.

Why would these two be rivals, though? Just because Ilpyo knows Mori’s grandfather doesn’t necessarily mean anything. But when Ilpyo did meet his grandfather, Mori was with him. That doesn’t matter too much because Mori was asleep at the time, but the connection is still there.

Additionally, Mori’s grandfather is the person both Mori and Ilpyo strive to be like. He’s their hero, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about people who have the same hero, it’s that they’re going to be rivals. I’m looking at you, Deku and Bakugo.

Mori and Ilpyo "fighting" from the anime series The God of High School
Mori and Ilpyo “fighting”

But, the biggest reason for why I think Ilpyo and Mori are going to be rivals is because their grandfathers were friends (and probably rivals). We know that they were friends because Mori’s grandfather says as much. And we can assume they were rivals because Mori’s grandfather also brags that he was the stronger of the two.

I also think that in Ilpyo, for the first time, Mori has found someone with the same outlook on life as him. This is shown by how the two initially spar, stop short of hurting each other, and have the same general carefree, yet somehow serious, disposition.

The fight between these two should be good, and I expect there to be a mutual respect between the two of them regardless of its outcome.

More Charyeok Discussion

There are three things I want to point out regarding Charyeok in this episode. The first is that we saw a brand new Charyeok user (pictured earlier in this review). Gi Gwim was defeated so we’ll never see him again, but he had yet another, very strange Charyeok ability that’s never explained.

As far as I could tell, he has the ability to control darkness itself and also harden it into a metal-like material. It would be really nice if we knew literally anything about the abilities we’re seeing. I can’t even properly discuss Charyeok abilities like this.

Anyway, what’s more important than the darkness guy is that we also learned about the ability of one of the female commissioners. I think she was Commissioner P. Again, this is a Charyeok ability that doesn’t really make sense because they’re so varied that we don’t know what ties them all together.

Her ability apparently allows her to create marionettes that can be molded to look like specific people. And I think it’s safe to assume that these marionettes can be set to automatically function as the person they’re supposed to be because controlling them manually would be pretty annoying.

Mujin Park using his Charyeok from the anime series The God of High School
Mujin Park using his Charyeok

Finally, the biggest Charyeok reveal of the episode, sort of. We don’t yet know what Mujin Park’s ability is, but there have been a few hints. In the very first episode, we saw him smash an island using some sort of “hand of God” ability that left an imprint on the land of the cross mark on his hand.

In this episode, that cross mark is again highlighted. However, when he raises his hand this time, the commissioner who barged into his office was pinned to the wall as if he were on a cross. What does this all mean? Well, I know Mujin’s seemingly stated goal is to kill God, but it looks like his Charyeok is connected to God in some fashion.

It was previously stated that Charyeok is the manifestation of deities and divine beings, so it’s possible.


What do you think of The God of High School Episode 8? Do you think there’s going to be an additional tournament after the South Korean nationals? Is Ilpyo going to be a recurring character, or will he too be cast aside? And what do you think Mujin’s Charyeok ability really is? Let me know in the comments.

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