The God of High School Episode 9

The God of High School Episode 9


Before we get into how I used my 200 IQ brain to predict Mira’s Charyeok summoning, let’s get all the boring stuff about The God of High School episode 9 out of the way. And by boring stuff, I mean the little details that I want to mention, but that aren’t worth dedicating entire sections of this review to.

For starters, we have the gyaru (gal) character who randomly starts fighting Daewi. There’s some weird stuff going on with her. We know that she’s loyal to her teammate Jegal because she refers to him as Jegal-sama while only referring to Daewi as onii-chan.

But, her allegiance to Jegal doesn’t explain her actions like I thought they would. Jegal is the one who stops her from attacking Daewi, so he clearly wasn’t the one who directed her to attack him. Additionally, she doesn’t seem to have been eliminating the competition because her first victim, Jin Pum Kwang, has already been disqualified.

Paylong from the anime series The God of High School

The next thing I want to mention here is that the team made up of Nox members is also doing things that make no sense. For example, one Nox member lures Jin out to an abandoned warehouse so that he can get the “small fry out of the way.” But if they believe Jin to be a small fry, why not just eliminate him in the competition?

But the thing that makes the least sense to me is the three Nox members who infiltrated the competition. They took the time to alter their appearances to match the real contenders they took out. But, they wore their obviously-evil-cultist cloaks anyway. To put it in Naruto terms, that’s like some Akatsuki members changing their faces but still wearing their cloaks.

It’s obvious what organization they belong to.

Lu Bu Fengxian

So, it was revealed that Mira’s treasured sword, which she suddenly stopped treasuring after it was stolen from her, is a legendary weapon. The sword’s name is Fengxian, which immediately made me think of the Chinese warlord Lu Bu Fengxian. And if you’re wondering why I know who Lu Bu is, I have Fate/Grand Order to thank for that.

Then, when it was revealed that Mira was awakening her Charyeok, the reason her sword was named Fengxian suddenly made sense to me. As soon as we got the scene of the army leading up to the general, before Lu Bu was officially revealed as her Charyeok, I knew what was coming.

There’s only one person who commands an army and is associated with the name Fengxian, Lu Bu. But, Mira didn’t only form a pact with Lu Bu. As you can see from the image below, she got a pact with Red Hare (Lu Bu’s horse) as well!

Mira activating her Lu Bu Fengxian Charyeok from the anime series The God of High School
Mira activating her Lu Bu Fengxian Charyeok

Now, what’s interesting about Mira’s pact with Lu Bu is that it’s the first time we’ve seen a Charyeok pact be formed in the series. And as such, I have a few questions about how exactly these pacts are formed — because clearly Mira didn’t get Lu Bu at random.

First, does forming a pact with a spirit in this series work like it does in Fate? That is, are spirits summoned by using an item as a catalyst? In this case, the sword Fengxian would be the catalyst for forging a pact with Lu Bu.

Second, if the first isn’t the case, then does that mean that Lu Bu is connected to Mira through her family? I don’t necessarily mean that she’s his descendant, but her family passed down a sword with his namesake, so perhaps Lu Bu is like the “patron Charyeok” of their family.

Doppelganger and Kraken

Aside from Mira’s Lu Bu, there were three other Charyeok abilities revealed in this episode. There was an unnamed, diamond-like ability I’ll be skipping over, Doppelganger, and Kraken. What’s nice about these latter two abilities is that we get both their names and their abilities so there’s less guesswork.

Doppelganger is mostly straightforward. Its user can create hundreds of duplicates of him or herself. They also have the ability to alter the appearance of others to make them look like someone else. And it appears that these two abilities can even be used in tandem, such as when one of the clones was transformed to look like Jin’s grandfather.

But as I said, it’s only mostly straightforward. I have no idea why these clones are able to explode. And even after Paylong is defeated, the people who he transformed keep their new form. So is it permanent until he changes them back? What if he died?

Lee Marin activating his Kraken Charyeok from the anime series The God of High School
Lee Marin activating his Kraken Charyeok

The Kraken Charyeok ability is one that I’m still a bit unsure about despite everything we’ve seen of it. Obviously, it allows its users to use the Kraken’s tentacles to attack. But is that the only thing it can do? Have we actually seen another one of its abilities without realizing it?

This Lee Marin is a fake. And as such, I’m assuming that the real Lee Marin did not have the Kraken Charyeok, even though it fits his whole marine specialist aesthetic. But what about the tanning oil that covered his body? Was this impostor really wearing a bunch of tanning oil in an attempt to be Lee Marin?

Or, was this “tanning oil”-like substance coating his body actually a property of the Kraken Charyeok? Squid are slimy and slippery, so I think it’s possible that this slimy and slippery body of “Lee’s” was actually due to the Kraken.


What do you think about The God of High School episode 9? Do you think the gal character had any sinister plan in mind when she was attacking people seemingly at random? Is Lu Bu a good spirit for Mira to partner with? And what spirits would you like to see Jin and Daewi make their pacts with? Let me know in the comments.

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