The Promised Neverland 2nd Season Episode 10

The Promised Neverland 2nd Season Episode 10

Assault on the Control Room

I have to start off with this review by saying that this was a great episode, if only because it seemed to confirm that I’ll never have to watch this series again after next week. It looks like the series is going to end next week with no third season.

In reality, this was a bad episode, just as you’ve probably come to expect. It was better than some of the other recent episodes, but not by much. I wouldn’t say that it really introduced any more bad concepts into the series. However, it just kind of did what we were all expecting it to.

There were two “twists,” but neither of them was really all that surprising. The first one was the reveal that Vincent wasn’t actually betraying his comrades. It turns out that he was playing the role of a double agent and only pretending to betray them.

Emma infiltrating the farm headquarters from the anime series The Promised Neverland 2nd Season
Emma infiltrating the farm headquarters

In my review of last week’s episode, I even stated that this was a very real possibility. There have already been multiple instances of this occurring throughout this series’ two seasons. So, I don’t feel like it was a big surprise when it happened yet again.

Further, the fact that the previous episode ended on the cliffhanger of whether or not Vincent was a traitor and this episode opened with a scene revealing it to be false was pretty bad. Yes, there was a cliffhanger. But the fact that it was resolved immediately invalidated that.

Oh, and I guess I should also mention that Peter Ratri is a terrible antagonist. He was introduced a few episodes ago and never really played a role until he was “defeated” this week.

Reunited at Last

If I had to pick one part of the episode that I liked, it would be the reunion of the children from Grace Field. Phil’s reaction to seeing Jemi was good, and so was his reaction to finally being reunited with Emma.

I do think that this reunion probably would have been more emotional for the viewer if the series had been longer, though. From our perspective, there were only 9 episodes between when Emma and Phil were split apart and their reunion.

Emma and Phil reuniting from the anime series The Promised Neverland 2nd Season
Emma and Phil reuniting

There are also a couple of other questions I have about this whole reunion sequence. When the younger kids who were with Emma infiltrated the groups of children from the farms, were they supposed to know who they were?

I understand Phil recognizing Jemi. But those other children wouldn’t have recognized the one who came to deliver their instructions to them, right? And this also means that those children from the other farms wouldn’t have really understood why they were running away. From their perspective, being shipped off is a good thing.

Additionally, I thought the farms were supposed to be spread throughout the demon world. Wasn’t it stated that they were all over the place? In this episode, we saw that there were 6 farms arranged in a hexagonal pattern around the central hub.

There’s a pretty high chance that I’m just misremembering. But I thought that something was mentioned about having to locate the other farms when Emma and Ray first looked at their map towards the beginning of the season.

They were also making a big deal about specifically having to go back to Grace Field to rescue Phil and the others. But if all the farms are right next to each other, that seems less important to specify.

The Plot Twist Nobody saw Coming

At the end of the episode, we saw that the civilian demons who were given the “evil blood” allied with the children and stormed the farms. Some people might refer to this as a twist, but I wouldn’t call it that. It was more of a natural progression of the story.

The only thing you could call a twist that was associated with that was the fact that Sonju was helping as well. We know that Sonju wanted to take down the farms, but he also wants to be able to hunt and eat “wild” humans — something he won’t get to do if the humans all escape from the demon world.

I guess Sonju had a change of heart at some point. But, I don’t really see him turning around and trying to stop the children from leaving in the end. Or, perhaps he recognizes that the departure of these children and the mothers/sisters doesn’t really affect his end goal.

Isabella siding with the children (also wielding an MP5) from the anime series The Promised Neverland 2nd Season
Isabella siding with the children (also wielding an MP5)

Something you may have forgotten is that these farms aren’t the only facilities to house humans. We don’t know where Lambda Facility was, so it could have been disconnected from the hexagonal farms we saw in this episode.

Lambda Facility is destroyed now, but it’s an example of there potentially being other places that house humans. Another example is whatever facility breeding takes place at. The children haven’t rescued all the men and women who were being used for breeding purposes. So where are they?

Oh, and the “real” twist at the end of this episode was Isabella siding with the children. However, it’s hard to realistically call that a twist considering how obvious it was. I’ve been saying that would happen for weeks now.


What do you think of The Promised Neverland 2nd Season episode 10? Are you glad that this series only has one episode left? Or do you actually like this season? Let me know in the comments.

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