The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 4

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 4

Impoverished Nobles

At the start of The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 4, we get some Rishia backstory. And I’ll be honest, this backstory doesn’t make me care about her any more. Even the slight character development she got in this episode didn’t make me care.

But, let’s still go over Rishia’s backstory anyway. To start off, she says that she comes from a family of “impoverished nobles.” That might sound like an oxymoron, but it’s not. You see, being a noble actually has to do with the family you belong to, not the wealth of your family.

Even if you’re completely poor, as long as you’re from a noble family, you’re still a noble. And, as a noble, you’d still have power over commoners. Now, whether anyone would enforce that power without money behind it is another story. But, the power still exists, at least in theory.

Filo and Raphtalia sleeping from the anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 4
Filo and Raphtalia sleeping

Another thing I should point out about nobles is that they’re usually related to the royal family. So, Rishia could be Melty’s very distant cousin. Does that matter? No. And I doubt it will ever come up within the series. But, it’s possible.

Anyway, a higher-ranking noble had it out for Rishia’s family. He gave them some illegal debt he knew they couldn’t afford and took Rishia as collateral. We don’t know whether he wanted to keep Rishia for himself or if he intended to sell her off. Either way, it wouldn’t have been good for Rishia.

But, luckily, the Bow Hero came to Rishia’s rescue. And from that point on, Rishia devoted her life to serving him. If only Itsuki could see Rishia now. The girl he saved from becoming a slave is now… the Shield Hero’s slave.

Naofumi and Ost

I’m not sure why I didn’t notice it before, but Naofumi and Ost Horai are definitely connected. All the evidence you need is right before your eyes. Look at the picture of them down below. They share the exact same color palette.

Also, the Shield Hero is the most defensive of all the heroes. What comes to mind when you think of a defensive animal? A tortoise has to be one of the first creatures. They’re pretty much walking shields. So, it makes sense for there to be some connection between the Shield Hero and the Spirit Tortoise.

Additionally, we know that there were people who lived on the Spirit Tortoise’s back. They had a shrine dedicated to the Spirit Tortoise, and there was even a message left there by a previous hero. My guess is that this is where the Shield Hero “originates” from.

Naofumi and Ost from the anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 4
Naofumi and Ost

There’s one little problem with this theory, though. The Spirit Tortoise is a calamity. It roams the land killing people so that it can absorb their souls. How could that be something connected to one of the heroes who’s supposed to save the world? Well, there have already been some hints that point toward the Spirit Tortoise not being an enemy.

Episode 2 told us that the purpose of the Spirit Tortoise was to stop the waves. That’s also the purpose of the heroes. And, after killing the Spirit Tortoise, the heroes should take its place. So, the heroes and Spirit Tortoise are actually on the same side.

In this episode, we got another hint from the Japanese text within the shrine. Part of it read. “____ defeat this monster, you must ________.”

I’m going to guess the first blank is “don’t.” And the second might be “free it” or “save it.”

Into the Belly of the Beast

There are a few things I’m not understanding about the current events of the series. One source of my confusion is likely the terrible adaptation that is this season. The other thing I’m confused about is likely meant to be confusing.

Let’s start with the confusing part that might not be intentional. One possibility is that there’s an issue with the (Crunchyroll) subtitles. The other possibility is that the anime cut out the information that would make this make sense. I don’t see a third option in which there isn’t an error involved.

So, you might remember that in Episode 1, the other Cardinal Heroes left the meeting. They said they were too busy to deal with the Spirit Tortoise and that they wouldn’t be helping. Okay. But, then why is it assumed that those heroes are now trapped within the Spirit Tortoise?

Glass, Therese, and L'Arc from the anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 4
Glass, Therese, and L’Arc

At first, when Rishia heard that the Spirit Tortoise defeated the other heroes, I thought it was a rumor. We saw the other heroes say they weren’t getting involved. So there’s no reason for them to have been in a position to get defeated.

But, since then, the series has doubled and tripled down on this idea. We keep getting told that the other heroes are inside the Spirit Tortoise and in need of rescue. Why? How? I don’t understand.

The other confusing thing is L’Arc, Therese, and Glass appearing inside the Tortoise. This is likely intentional, though.

We heard that the Seven Star Heroes were currently in distant lands. And yet, here are three of them within the Spirit Tortoise. Either they lied about their whereabouts, or the other leaders working with the Queen are in on it. There’s a conspiracy of some kind here.


What do you think of The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 4? Did Rishia’s backstory make you think any better of her? Do you think there’s a connection between Naofumi and Ost/the Spirit Tortoise? And, are we actually going to find the other Cardinal Heroes within the Spirit Tortoise? Let me know in the comments.

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3 Replies to “The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 4”

  1. So I just discovered your blog, but I wanna point out I don’t think those 3 are 7 star heroes. Last season I think it was explained they are heroes protecting a different world, equal to the 4 cardinal heroes, and the 7 star heroes are lesser heroes of this one. (At least if I’m recalling correctly)

    I agree with you that the thing about the 4 heroes being trapped was confusing though, I didn’t even remember the part about the rumors they were beaten.

    1. Now that you mention it, I do remember them being heroes from some other world. I think it may have been said that they’re trying to destroy this world in order to save their own world or something.

      I just assumed they were members of the Seven Star Heroes because they’re heroes of some kind and we know the Seven Star Heroes exist.

  2. Hi, nice post, as I told, you are very smart) Told you, see Ost close and you see the answer. Rishia backstory was cuted and ruined, they make it a joke! She was trying to drown herself to the death! She does not want to live, case of the false accusations, Naofumi helped her, case they are the same. Bow’s Hero party (mostly the Armored Guy) inframed her and Bow Dough want to rid her off. They cut this in s1, so Rishia backstory is MUCH complicated. “She is like MC in shounen manga about love and vengence” (c) Naofumi about RIshia in LN. In ep 1 Queen find out, that Heroes just want to deal with Turtle by self. Rewatch this moment. They think it was an event in game and try to took the fame, but lose. L’Arc and company are NOT the Star Heroes, they are Vassal Weapon Holders (see ep24-25 s1). Sacred Beast fight against the Wave, but use the people souls for it (Fitoria said fight for world or fight for it’s people). Now Tortouse kills the humans for nothing, cause of someone. This sacrifice DOES not stop the waves! People just dieing for no reason! Many heroes in the past use the Tortoise to stop the waves, cause it simple way. Hard way is *#@)</'"{}x$ Dammit! They don't want you to know the truth… *#@)</'"{}x$ She doesn't want to… *#@)</'"{}x$

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