The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 6

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 6

I Was Wrong About Kyo Ethnina

I’m brave enough to admit when I’m wrong. And I’d like to start this review of The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 6 by admitting I was wrong about Kyo.

In my review of Episode 5, I said a lot of mean things about Kyo Ethnina. For example, I said that he was a boring take on the mad scientist trope, which is already a boring character trope. But, that’s not what I was wrong about. In fact, I can now say with even more certainty that I was correct about that.

No. What I was wrong about were the vials attached to his chest. At first, I thought they were vials of liquid. In the review, though, I changed my mind and said they could be small scrolls of some kind. Well, my initial assumption was the correct one.

Kyo Ethnina and his Book vassal weapon from the anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 6
Kyo Ethnina and his Book vassal weapon

Toward the end of the episode, Kyo reveals that the items attached to his chest are in fact vials of liquid. He has 3 vials of blue liquid and 1 vial of red liquid. And, he uses a drop from one of the blue vials to open up a portal to his original world.

Something that was a bit unclear is what the liquid in the vial actually is. From what Kyo says, you could infer that the vial contains some of the collected souls. But, I’m going to assume that’s not what he meant when he said he only stored a small amount there.

What he may have meant by that is that the rest of the collected souls are in his original world already. And, what he plans to do with those souls, we don’t know. We only know he wants power.

Rishia Takes a Stand

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t paying much attention to this episode while I was watching it. So, it’s possible that I missed the part that explained how Rishia was able to stand up against Kyo. But, I’m going to assume that it was thanks to the power of love and friendship, or something.

I went back and tried to see if we got a real explanation. As far as I could tell, one wasn’t given. So, unless the answer actually is the power of love and friendship, something’s up with Rishia. And I’m not too thrilled at the thought of that.

Look, we already had the reveal that Filo is actually the next Filolial queen. Revealing that Rishia is someone special as well doesn’t add anything. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a boring development. I don’t like when every main character turns out to be special.

Rishia standing up against Kyo from the anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 6
Rishia standing up against Kyo

I guess you could argue that means I don’t like Melty, since she’s a princess. But, from what I remember, that’s always been who Melty is. I don’t remember there being some big reveal about her identity that changed who she is. She’s always been herself and that’s fine to me.

With that said, at the start of Episode 4, we learned that Rishia comes from a noble family. And in that review, I explained that nobles are often related to royalty. So, this could be where Rishia gets her power from. And, I suppose that wouldn’t be a terrible development.

But, again, then she’d be encroaching on the territory of another main character — Melty. One thing I’m getting a bit concerned about is that Rishia could replace Melty. After all, Melty isn’t in this season and Rishia is also a mage like Melty is.

Invading Another World

The Rising of the Shield Hero got pretty meta at the end of this episode. Naofumi and the gang are heading to another world. That means that Naofumi is jumping from other world to other world now.

Unfortunately, this confirms that Kyo is going to remain a villain for at least the rest of this season. And, since he’s jumping between worlds, I’m going to guess that he’ll be around for even longer than that. Naofumi may have to chase him across worlds before defeating him.

On the positive side, L’arc, Therese, and Glass should become more important characters. Naofumi’s heading to their world to help them defeat one of their own. And since Naofumi has no reason to destroy their world, they shouldn’t be antagonists. By the end of the arc, I’d expect them to be on good terms.

Rishia, Filo, Naofumi, and Raphtalia heading into another world from the anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 6
Rishia, Filo, Naofumi, and Raphtalia heading into another world

The big question for me at this point is, will L’Arc and his group be out of the series by the end of the arc? If Naofumi helps to save their world while he’s there, they’ll have no reason to return to “his” world, right?

It’s possible that they’ll still return to help Naofumi. But, I’m not sure if that’s something I would want or not. L’Arc and his group have good character designs, so I’d like to see them more. At the same time, though, it may be best if they don’t overstay their welcome.

Sometimes, anime build up their cast to overwhelming levels. Look at TenSura as an example of this. In that series, there are so many characters that most of them only get a few seconds of screen time. Removing characters once their stories are over can actually benefit them in the end.


What do you think of The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 6? Are you glad Kyo is going to be around for at least a bit longer? Why do you think Rishia could withstand his gravity magic? And do you think Naofumi and the gang will visit more worlds? Let me know in the comments.

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