The World God Only Knows II

The World God Only Knows II

The World God Only Knows 2 anime series cover art
The World God Only Knows II

Conquering Kusunoki Kasuga

It’s been over 3 years since I reviewed the first season of The World God Only Knows. So, I figured it was about time I watched and reviewed The World God Only Knows II (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II / 神のみぞ知るセカイ II).

The first 2 episodes of the season cover Keima’s conquering of Kusunoki Kasuga. Kusunoki is a third-year student and is the president (and sole remaining member) of the school’s martial arts club.

Despite the strong facade Kusunoki puts up around others, she secretly loves cute and weak things. This dual-personality has led her spirit to literally split in two, with the cute-loving side being inhabited by a runaway spirit.

Haqua Arrives!

Episodes 3 and 4 don’t introduce a new conquerable girl. Instead, Elsie’s former classmate and fellow runaway spirit-catcher Haqua du Lot Herminium arrives. Before watching this season, I knew of Haqua and assumed that she was Elsie’s sister.

In school, Haqua was the star student. She performed better than all of her peers on every sort of test and received awards during graduation. She was even made the section chief of whatever department of Hell she and Elsie work in.

Haqua and Elsie from the anime series The World God Only Knows 2
Haqua and Elsie

However, after graduation, Haqua hasn’t been quite as successful in her job as Elsie has been. Haqua has managed to capture a grand total of 0 runaway spirits since taking up her position. And the runaway spirit featured in this arc of the series is one that actually escaped from Haqua as she tried to capture it.

By comparison, Elsie has managed to capture 5 runaway spirits since the start of the series by this time.

Conquering Chihiro Kosaka

Chihiro Kosaka is the next conquerable girl of the series. Her arc covers episodes 5-7. Chihiro’s arc is a bit different from the other conquerable girl arcs of the series because she has a crush on another boy and Keima’s plan of action is to help her conquer the boy she likes.

But, as you may have guessed from the fact that I referred to Chihiro as a conquerable girl, she does end up being conquered by Keima. However, of all the girls Keima has had to conquer thus far, Chihiro is the one he’s least thrilled about conquering.

In Keima’s words, Chihiro is just a background character. She’s bland and doesn’t have much of a personality to call her own. And because of this, Keima has trouble seeing his path to victory. There are no obvious romance event flags when it comes to Chihiro.

Elsie’s Errand!

Episode 8 is all about Elsie, which I don’t mind that much since I think she’s an enjoyable character. But, while I’d like to say that I want more episodes focusing on Elsie, maybe she’s only enjoyable because we get Elsie content in moderation.

Anyway, this episode follows Elsie as she purchases a special edition of a game for Keima while he’s busy buying games from a different store. Honestly, that’s a lot of trust he’s putting in Elsie. If a firetruck happened to drive past, she would have completely forgotten about her errand.

To spoil how this episode ends, Elsie manages to purchase a DVD copy of the series Keima was interested in instead of one of the three different versions of the game. But, Keima anticipated that something like this might happen, so he also happened to pick up a copy himself.

Conquering Jun Nagase

Jun Nagase is the conquerable girl of episodes 9, 10, and 11. And, I have to say, she’s the best girl of the season. Why is Jun the best girl? Because she’s a student-teacher for Keima’s class for a few weeks. The forbidden fruit is the sweetest, as they say. Also, she’s cute.

Jun Nagase from the anime series The World God Only Knows 2
Jun Nagase

While Keima’s conquest of Chihiro was difficult because he wasn’t quite sure how to go about doing it, his conquest of Jun is difficult for a different reason. Simply put, conquering a teacher is far more difficult because of the student-teacher dynamic. There’s a hierarchy that needs to be overcome.

In the end, he resulted to completely breaking down Jun’s confidence as a teacher. He groomed an older woman. What a chad move. Oh, and she does kiss him at the end of the arc. I was kind of expecting that not to happen and for the runaway spirit to be expelled from her in a different way.

Yotsuba Sugimoto, the Ideal Heroine

The final episode of the season is by far the worst episode. I almost took a point off my rating of this season specifically because of episode 12. But, in the end, I left my rating intact and decided I’d rather just pretend that episode 12 doesn’t exist.

This episode’s girl isn’t real. Her name is Yotsuba Sugimoto, and she’s the heroine of a game Keima picked up while Elsie was running her errand in episode 8. I’m not really sure what Keima sees in Yotsuba, but she becomes his obsession.

So, here are the problems with this episode focusing on Yotsuba. First of all, Yotsuba isn’t cute. And without a cute main heroine to look at, the appeal of this series drops significantly. Second, the comedy just isn’t very good aside from Haqua making fun of Yotsuba’s appearance.


Even after 3 years, I rated The World God Only Knows II the same as I rated the first season, which is 7/10. Some series don’t hold up when I revisit them after years away. But this isn’t one of those. This series is built different.

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