To Your Eternity Episode 10

To Your Eternity Episode 10

Gugu’s Fire

To Your Eternity Episode 10 finally introduced Gugu’s fire breathing ability. We’ve seen this teased from the very beginning of the series in both the OP and ED. Gugu’s a neat character anyway, but I’ve wanted to get to this point ever since he was introduced.

Now that we’ve seen Gugu’s fire, though, I’m starting to realize that it’s not as practical as I had initially imagined. I always knew that Gugu would have to spray his alcohol through a flame. But I guess I wasn’t thinking about the logistics of that.

If Gugu doesn’t already have a flame, he’s going to need to make one. That’s not going to be all that difficult if we assume that he practices and carries the required materials. But, even then, it’s not something I’d expect him to be able to whip out all that quickly in an emergency.

Gugu about to "breathe" fire from the anime series To Your Eternity
Gugu about to “breathe” fire

Also, if we assume that Fushi will eventually take on Gugu’s form, which I do, then he’ll have the same problem. As we saw already, Fushi can’t create fire out of nothing. He can create things to light on fire, but not the fire itself.

Going back to Gugu, there was one part of this episode that dealt with him that I didn’t like. When Gugu gets intoxicated from his alcohol organ rupturing, nothing ever comes of it. That was kind of anticlimactic.

First, Gugu suddenly overcame his drunkenness when he returned to the battlefield to save Fushi. Second, it was clearly stated that the rupture of the organ was life-threatening. So what was the point of all that if nothing came of it?

As soon as Gugu returned to help Fushi, it was as if there was never an issue to begin with.

Fushi and the Nokkers

I don’t believe that we’ve been given a name for Fushi’s creator in the anime yet. I know what his name is because it’s stated on MyAnimeList. But since I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been named in the anime, I’ll just continue to call him Fushi’s creator for now.

Anyway, in this episode, Fushi’s creator explains that he’s named the beings who oppose Fushi “Nokkers.” I don’t know where this name comes from, but I also don’t think it really matters (at least not yet). He also mentions that the goal of the Nokkers is to destroy the world.

Okay, so the antagonists want to destroy the world. I can’t say that’s the most original idea, but whatever. My issue with this is that I really don’t see what going after Fushi has to do with that. Do they want his powers? That would make sense, but they already have crazy powers of their own.

Fushi's creator from the anime series To Your Eternity
Fushi’s creator

If a swarm of Nokkers was to attack any human settlement at this point in time, I think they’d succeed. By going after Fushi, it seems to me like they’re just wasting time and allowing humanity to progress to a point beyond which the Nokkers won’t be an issue for them.

I mean, how are the Nokkers supposed to win once humanity develops flamethrowers and napalm? We’ve seen how weak they are to fire. If they really want to destroy the world, I think they’re plenty capable of doing so in the current age.

Additionally, it’s not like they’ve stolen anything of value (as far as we know) from Fushi. When he gets attacked by them he doesn’t lose his immortality. He loses the transformation he was currently in. What do the Nokkers gain by taking March’s form from him? I don’t get it.

Four Years Later

At the end of the episode, we got a time skip to four years in the future. I knew this was eventually going to happen because we see Gugu as an adult (or at least older than he was) in the OP. This is also where we see him with a spear, probably made by Fushi.

The spear part hasn’t happened yet. And since the preview didn’t make me feel like it was going to happen next week, I’m guessing there’s going to be one more episode of Gugu after that. At some point he has to use a spear — the OP is basically just scenes from the anime.

Anyway, after this time skip, Gugu, Fushi, and Rean all have updated character designs. Gugu’s new character design is vastly different from his previous one. He’s tall and very muscular now. However, he still wears the same mask, which seems like it’s going to be replaced soon.

Gugu and Rean admiring Fushi's food from the anime series To Your Eternity
Gugu and Rean admiring Fushi’s food

Skipping over Fushi for a moment, Rean’s updated design is effectively the same as it was before. She’s a bit bigger (in more ways than one), but generally speaking, she looks the same. I would have liked to see a little more done with her design.

Now, Fushi’s updated character design doesn’t really make sense to me. He’s immortal and doesn’t have a static form. So the idea that any of his forms would age is a bit odd. What happens when he hits 100 years old? Are his forms going to be old and decrepit too?

The one cool thing I can see about his character design changing over time as if he’s aging is that it means March will eventually get to grow up. And I think we may have actually seen this in the OP.


What do you think of To Your Eternity Episode 10? Did the fact that Gugu’s alcohol organ rupture didn’t matter bother you as much as it did me? Why do you think the Nokkers prioritize attacking Fushi? And how do you feel about Fushi’s aging character design? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “To Your Eternity Episode 10”

  1. Yeah, I was also bothered by the organ rupturing not really mattering.

    I also believe there has already been foreshadowing of Fushi being able to age. When he became moss the first time, the moss grew, so it was proof that Fushi could age if he stayed in one form for a while.

    1. The organ rupturing feels like it was included just to bump up the intensity of the situation. I’m fine with that, but at least have a throwaway line later about how Booze Man fixed the organ after the battle. Don’t just pretend like it rupturing never happened.

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