To Your Eternity Episode 11

To Your Eternity Episode 11

Rean’s 16th Birthday

I’m not entirely sure why, but To Your Eternity Episode 11 seemed to revitalize the series for me. I had been getting a bit tired of this arc, but this episode got me back into it. Gugu’s and Rean’s relationship progressing is probably what did it, but I can’t be sure.

At the start of this episode, we learn that Rean’s 16th birthday is coming up. And, we also learn that her parents have arranged for her to meet her future husband on that day. I wish my parents got me a wife for my 16th birthday.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been saying that Rean would get married to someone other than Gugu before she learned that Gugu was the one who saved her. It almost happened. But, unfortunately, I was wrong (which is very rare, trust me).

Rean wearing the crayfish mask she made for Gugu from the anime series To Your Eternity
Rean wearing the crayfish mask she made for Gugu

With that said, I’m not convinced that Gugu and Rean are going to get married in the end. I think there’s a very good chance that Rean does end up marrying the person her parent chose for her. And the reason why is simply because I think Gugu will tell her to.

Gugu loves Rean, but he’s also pretty consistently pushed her away because of his injuries. Even now that Rean knows about Gugu’s injuries and that he was the one who saved her, I think Gugu will continue to push her away.

So far, To Your Eternity hasn’t been a series about characters getting the happy endings they wanted. I’d be pretty surprised if this arc about Gugu ended differently. Gugu already knows that Rean loves him back. So as far as I’m concerned, he’s achieved his goal.

Gugu and Rean

Now, while I don’t think that Gugu and Rean are going to end up together, I don’t think their story is done yet. At the end of the episode, Gugu falls off a cliff. He’s not going to die from that. He’s going to be reunited with Rean at least once more.

What happens during this reunion is up in the air. Will the two of them run away so Rean can escape her arranged marriage? I think that’s very possible. But, as I said, I think Gugu would convince Rean to go back in the end if that’s the path the arc goes down.

Alternatively, Gugu could meet Rean’s fiance and learn that he’s a good guy. For example, maybe the fiance is the one who saves Gugu after he falls from the cliff and the two of them spend some time alone together before returning to Rean’s mansion.

Rean watching Gugu sleep from the anime series To Your Eternity
Rean watching Gugu sleep

Rean’s fiance doesn’t seem like a bad guy. The issue with the marriage is that it’s arranged and Rean doesn’t know him. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gugu meets and ends up liking Rean’s fiance for some reason. Perhaps he determines that Rean will be in good hands.

But, what if Gugu and Rean do end up together? How would that work out with Rean’s parents? Obviously, they chose her fiance for a reason. He’s probably from a wealthy family that they want to forge a connection with. They’re not going to just let her marry Gugu instead.

Well, I think that’s where Gugu’s brother could come in handy. If you recall, he still has the ring that Rean claims is worth enough to live comfortably for the rest of one’s life. If he sells that and gives the money to Gugu, that could solve the issue from Rean’s parents’ perspective.

Gift from the Past

I liked the scene of Rean figuring out that Gugu saved her life when they were kids. The way Gugu didn’t outright say it and instead let her figure it out on her own was really good. I think if he had told her in a straightforward manner, she may not have had the same reaction.

It’s possible that Rean may not have believed him if he told her that way. I don’t think this would be the case, though, considering how much Rean trusts him. But, it still is a possibility that I wanted to point out. Instead, I think it might have made Rean feel bad.

If Gugu told her outright that he saved her when they were children and that his injuries are the result of that, I think Rean wouldn’t forgive herself. She hasn’t seen Gugu’s injuries, but she knows they’re serious and that he’s been an outcast because of them.

Gugu telling Rean about how he got injured from the anime series To Your Eternity
Gugu telling Rean about how he got injured

However, I think the way Gugu did things makes it so the blame is shifted away from Rean. He doesn’t blame her for what happened to him. And he doesn’t make it seem like he only saved her because it was her. The way he tells the story, he saved her because he saw someone who needed saving.

If he had said he saved her because he had a crush on her, that would mean that his injuries were directly linked to it being Rean who needed saving. Instead, by leaving things ambiguous, Rean can come to the conclusion on her own that Gugu would have saved anyone in her situation.

And, it seems to be implied that Rean understands why Gugu never told her. At no point does Rean explicitly say it was her who Gugu saved. I think she avoids this because she knows Gugu doesn’t want her to blame herself for what happened.


What do you think of To Your Eternity Episode 11? Do you think Gugu and Rean will end up together? If not, do you think Gugu will be the one to tell Rean to be happy with someone else? And how do you feel about the ending scene between the two of them? Let me know in the comments.

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