To Your Eternity Episode 13

To Your Eternity Episode 13

Journey Out of Takunaha

Okay, so I know that some people are going to think that this was a fairly boring episode after Episode 12. But, I’m here to tell you that To Your Eternity Episode 13 was actually really good. Why is that? Because we got a map and the names of three locations.

Previously, we knew about Ninannah and Yanome. Ninannah is the forested homeland of March and Parona. Yanome is located relatively close to Ninannah and is the nation that controls Ninannah. I believe Hayase is the only named character from Yanome.

The three new location names we get in this episode are Takunaha, Sarlnine, and Jananda. Unfortunately, we still don’t know the name of the village where Fushi met his first human. But, regardless, getting three new location names is pretty exciting.

Fushi and Pioran leaving Takunaha from the anime series To Your Eternity
Fushi and Pioran leaving Takunaha

Takunaha is apparently the name of the region where Gugu, Rean, and Booze Man are from. If I’m remembering correctly, Pioran is also originally from Takunaha as well. I believe she was (is?) married to Booze Man, but was captured by the Yanome people and taken around Ninannah.

Now, both Fushi and Pioran are traveling out of Takunaha, after being reunited on the road. And, during their journey, we get to see a new type of animal that lives in this region: Crab flowers. We haven’t seen too many animals in this series, so let’s take a closer look at this one.

As the name implies, crab flowers are (fairly large) crabs with flowers growing on top. Both the crab’s body and flower are edible. But it’s unclear if the flower is a parasitic plant or actually a part of the crab. What we do know is that the crab’s “eyes” are actually parasitic bugs that are inedible.

Sarlnine, the Animal Paradise

The next location named in the episode is Sarlnine, which Pioran describes as an animal paradise. According to her, although a ship regularly stops there as part of its route between continents, rarely does anyone actually stay there.

For this reason, Pioran suggests that it’s the perfect location for Fushi to train for his upcoming battles against the Nokkers. Not only will he not have to worry about people finding out about his powers, but he also won’t have to worry about protecting people in the event a Nokker attacks him.

From the way Pioran describes it, I’m imagining Fushi training at Sarlnine to be similar to when Luffy trained on Ruskaina Island for two years. My guess for why nobody settles there is because there are many dangerous animals — similar to Oniguma — that call Sarlnine home.

Pioran showing Fushi the way to Sarlnine from the anime series To Your Eternity
Pioran showing Fushi the way to Sarlnine

We don’t actually get to see what Sarlnine looks like other than the drawing of it on the map. But, from the map, we know that it’s to the southwest of Takunaha. I don’t remember where Ninannah is in relation to Takunaha if that was ever mentioned.

In the end, Fushi and Pioran don’t end up going to Sarlnine because they’re tricked into getting on a different boat instead. I wonder if this means that we’ll never go to Sarlnine. Maybe they’ll get there after leaving the island they’re at now, Jananda. Or, maybe they’ll just skip Sarlnine altogether.

At this point, I’m not entirely sure which I’d prefer. Obviously, I’d like to see Sarlnine and for it to be explored. But at the same time, I’m not someone who thinks that every location in a fictional world needs to be explored. Part of good world-building is leaving some locations up to the imagination.

Jananda Island Tournament Arc

I know I’ve been praising this episode so far, but that’s about to change. Jananda is the third and final location that we learn about. It’s a prison island where prisoners participate in death battle tournaments. Sounds good, right? Everyone loves a tournament arc.

Well, for now at least, this whole Jananda island arc doesn’t really make any sense. I’m guessing that we’ll eventually learn why the girl tricked Fushi and Pioran into getting on the prison ship. But for now, there’s no good explanation. I thought it was a slave ship, but we quickly learned it isn’t.

As soon as one of the guards noticed that Fushi wasn’t branded as a prisoner, he was allowed to leave. So it’s not as if the girl is part of a slave-trading operation and was capturing those two. I have a feeling that the answer isn’t going to be satisfying.

The children of Jananda Island from the anime series To Your Eternity
The children of Jananda Island

On top of that, I have no idea why there’s going to be a tournament arc on this prison island. Why is there a giant colosseum on this island? Do spectators come to watch the prisoners fight? What’s all this about their dreams being realized if they win?

To me, Jananda island just feels out of place — primarily the fact that there’s going to be a tournament arc on it. I don’t see what that adds to the story unless it’s to show Fushi the worst of humanity. But even then, I think that could be done a better way, such as through a war.

Jamming a tournament arc in is such an odd choice for this series. But, at least we know that this is the arc in which Fushi gains his owl form. It was just established that he can turn into living things only after they die, which is why he was about to kill the owl with the arrow.


What do you think of To Your Eternity Episode 13? Do you like learning about locations in fantasy series as much as I do? Do you expect Fushi and Pioran to ever get to Sarlnine? And what are your thoughts on the Jananda island tournament arc? Let me know in the comments.

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