To Your Eternity Episode 14

To Your Eternity Episode 14

Jananda, Island of Freedom

To Your Eternity Episode 14 has given us more insight into the island of Jananda. In my review of Episode 13, I expressed that the island didn’t really make sense. It’s a prison island, so why are we having a tournament arc in a colosseum there?

Well, now everything makes a bit more sense. Jananda is still a prison island, but we now know that it’s completely run by the criminals who live there. So many criminals were shipped there that the government could no longer control them. The result is that the criminals are left to their own devices.

Murder is completely legal on the island. And because of this, the island’s leaders never last very long. So, when it comes time for a new leader to be chosen, a battle-to-the-death tournament begins. That’s why we’re having a tournament arc.

Tonari and Fushi from the anime series To Your Eternity
Tonari and Fushi

Okay, to be fair, this still seems like an excuse to have a tournament arc to me. But, at least there’s context now. And on top of that, this doesn’t seem to be a normal tournament arc. The tournament battles aren’t the focus.

Last week, we also didn’t know why Fushi and Pioran were tricked into getting on the ship that was headed to Jananda. This week, Tonari mentions that she brought them onto the ship because Pioran is actually a criminal wanted for multiple murders in Yanome.

Does this mean that Yanome controls the island of Jananda? I don’t think that’s the case. Since Fushi smelled something familiar on the island, and we were told there’s a “guest” from Yanome there, I’m going to bet that it’s Hayase.

From all of the hints Tonari has dropped, it seems like Hayase left Yanome on a mission to track down Pioran. She then hired Tonari to bring Pioran to the island, where Hayase plans to capture her (and Fushi).

Tonari’s Crew

Tonari is the leader of her own crew, but there is an older man whom she refers to as “boss.” As far as I can tell, this “boss” is her employer. And what’s Tonari’s job? Well, it seems that her job is to round up criminals and bring them to Jananda.

Why exactly Tonari does this is a bit unclear, but I have a fairly good idea. You see, Tonari isn’t one of the prisoners on the island. She’s the relative of a prisoner and was most likely born on Jananda. As a non-prisoner, her job is to bring new prisoners to the island.

However, it seems pretty clear to me that non-prisoners aren’t completely free. After all, if they were, they wouldn’t be branded. If Tonari attempted to flee when on the mainland, she would probably be tracked down, captured, and turned into a real prisoner.

Tonari and her crew showing Fushi around from the anime series To Your Eternity
Tonari and her crew showing Fushi around

Still, fleeing seems like the best options for someone in her position, right? Well, I think the reason she doesn’t run away when she has the chance is because there’s something tying her to Jananda. That something is her crew. She doesn’t want to escape without them.

You might expect that her prisoner relative is why she’s staying. But, considering she makes no mention of who that relative is, I doubt she’s close to them if they’re even still alive. Instead, it seems that her plan is to use the tournament to secure freedom for herself and the rest of her crew.

But, Tonari knows that she can’t win the tournament herself. That’s where Fushi comes in. Since he’s immortal, he can win the tournament and be the permanent ruler of Jananda. That will then allow Tonari and her crew to escape.

Parona Returns!

In this episode, Fushi develops a further two transformations and may have set up a third. The first new transformation is that of a mole. And the transformation setup is when he got grabbed by Liggard the owl while in his new mole form.

That’s all great, but the really interesting new transformation is Parona. Parona is obviously from the same arc as March, but this is the first time that Fushi has taken her form. He does so because he can’t remember March’s form (or that of Oniguma) and Parona is connected to her.

But, the fact that Fushi transforms into Parona isn’t all that interesting on its own. This is his fourth human transformation, after all — it’s not new. And Parona’s “ability” is simply that she’s a nimble and strong fighter.

Fushi transformed into Parona from the anime series To Your Eternity
Fushi transformed into Parona

What makes Fushi’s transformation into Parona interesting is that this is the first time he’s transformed into someone or something who isn’t known to be deceased. He only transformed into everyone and everything else after they died.

I believe it was explicitly stated in an earlier episode that he can’t turn into something that’s still alive. So, does that mean Parona is dead? I’m going to bet that it does. And even further than that, I’m going to predict that everyone from Ninannah village is dead.

Consider that Hayase is (probably) the person from Yanome on Jananda island. Do you think she wouldn’t have gone back to Ninannah in search of Parona and Pioran? I’m betting she did, and that she destroyed the village when she got there.

I really don’t think it’s a coincidence that Fushi has obtained Parona’s form at the same time that Hayase reappeared in the series. Sure, Parona has probably been dead for a bit, so it’s a coincidence in-universe. But I don’t think it’s a coincidence as far as the story is concerned.


What are your thoughts on To Your Eternity Episode 14? Has your opinion of the Jananda island arc changed now that we have more context? Which member of Tonari’s crew is your favorite? And do you think Fushi’s transformation into Parona means that she’s dead? Let me know in the comments.

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