To Your Eternity Episode 16

To Your Eternity Episode 16

Dreams of the Future

In To Your Eternity Episode 16, we learn about the dreams of the various members of Tonari’s gang. Of course, their overall dream is to leave the island. But, they each have individual dreams as well. So let’s go through their dreams and make fun of them.

First up, we have Uroy. The fun fact we got about him earlier is that his favorite food is poultry. That’s a pretty fun fact; thanks for sharing, Uroy! Anyway, his dream is to have a lot of animals, which he probably just wants so that he can eat them.

Next is Sandel, whose fun fact is that he’s 11 years old. That’s pretty neat, Sandel! His dream is probably the best one of them all. Sandel wants to become a doctor. This is probably also the most realistic because somehow I don’t see Uroy getting enough money for all those animals.

Mia talking about her dreams from the anime series To Your Eternity
Mia talking about her dreams

Mia is my favorite of the group. You may recall that her hobby is finding curly hair, which is super interesting! Her dream is to be a model for a famous artist. I may not be a famous artist, but Mia can model for me any day.

Oopa doesn’t have a fun fact about her, unfortunately. So I’m going to take that to mean that she’s not very fun or interesting. She also has the worst dream of all. Oopa wanted to know where the sun comes from, which she’s determined is the sea. Her dream has been achieved.

And last up, we have Tonari. Her dream is to surprise her dad. This is also a bad dream when you consider the fact that her father is literally dead. If she said something like “to make my dad happy,” I’d accept it. But surprise? No.

Tonari’s Father

Learning about Tonari’s father was a real rollercoaster. At first, all we knew about him was that he was a criminal and that he was dead. It was also implied that Tonari didn’t really care much for him. So I assumed he was a bad guy who just happened to die while on the island.

This episode first showed us that although he was branded as a criminal, he was actually innocent (as far as we know) and had been wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife. That was the first twist. Then, it was revealed he chose to fight in the tournament to win his and Tonari’s freedom.

Obviously, I then thought he must have died in the colosseum. But, no, that didn’t happen. It turns out he was extremely good at killing and ended up winning it all. When we saw how Tonari was scared of seeing her father like that, I assumed his “death” must have meant he was no longer the person she once knew.

Tonari's father winning in the colosseum from the anime series To Your Eternity
Tonari’s father winning in the colosseum

But, once again, there was another twist. It turns out that while yes, Tonari’s father was “dead” to her at that point because he was no longer the man she knew, that’s not the only meaning of dead that he was. He was also dead for real shortly afterward.

Before getting the chance to escape from the island with Tonari, her father was poisoned and had his body dumped into the ocean. However, chances are that Tonari wouldn’t have left the island with him anyway.

As far as she was concerned, her father died back in the colosseum. What he never realized was that she would rather have lived on the island with the father she knew than lived a free life with the man she saw fighting for their freedom.

Hayase Returns

I’ve been calling it for weeks now, but it was finally revealed that Hayase of Yanome is on Jananda island. And not only that, it was revealed that I was correct about her being the one to tell Tonari to lure Fushi to the island and that she slaughtered Parona and the people of Ninannah.

I’d like to say that I’m a genius for predicting all of that, but I feel like it was pretty obvious. I mean, it’s been hinted at ever since we got to Jananda. Fushi smelled someone familiar, a visitor from Yanome was on the island, and Fushi suddenly had Parona’s form.

Also, now that we got Tonari’s backstory, I think it’s even more likely that she’s going to take Hayase down with her when she inevitably dies at the end of this arc. By doing so, she’s going to protect Fushi in more ways than one.

Hayase of Yanome from the anime series To Your Eternity
Hayase of Yanome

In my review of Episode 15, I explained how Tonari’s death (and possible killing of Hayase) would make sense for her character because it would allow for her to have an honorable death. Now it makes even more sense because we know how against killing Tonari is.

I understand what I just said doesn’t make much sense, but hear me out. Tonari was horrified by what her father became when she saw him killing his opponents in the arena. She also liked how Fushi refused to kill his opponents and was shocked when he said he would kill Hayase.

Basically, Tonari doesn’t want Fushi to become corrupted by having taken someone’s life. So, if Tonari is going to die anyway, she might as well take Hayase with her so she can stop Fushi from becoming a murderer.

It makes complete sense if you look at her character arc so far.


What do you think of To Your Eternity Episode 16? Which of Tonari’s friends’ dreams is your favorite? Did you think Tonari’s father was actually dead? And are you on board with my murder-suicide theory for Tonari’s death? Let me know in the comments.

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