To Your Eternity Episode 18

To Your Eternity Episode 18

Tonari’s New Dream

In one of the earlier episodes of To Your Eternity, Tonari told us one version of the events that led her to Jananda island. In Episode 18, she gives us a slightly different version of events. But, it’s not really clear which is the truth, if either of them is.

Previously, we were lead to believe that Tonari’s father was innocent in the death of his wife and that he only became a murderer once entering the Jananda colosseum. We now learn that Tonari doesn’t believe this is the case.

Once Tonari saw her father in the colosseum, she realized that despite what she wanted to believe, her father was actually capable of killing her mother. And after that point, Tonari distanced herself from him specifically because she could no longer ignore that fact.

Tonari by the ocean from the anime series To Your Eternity
Tonari by the ocean

What I find most interesting about this is that we still don’t actually know for certain whether or not Tonari’s father was guilty of the crime that sent him to Jananda. Tonari has revealed that she believes he was guilty, but we can’t be sure.

It’s possible that after Tonari dies, we’ll learn the truth (she’s going to die). We might get a scene of her meeting her parents in the afterlife, which could confirm her father’s guilt or innocence. But, I doubt we’re going to see that.

We already got the “what if” scenario of her and her parents in her dream this episode. So instead, I think she’s going to be reunited with her friends after she dies. They’ve been her family for years now, so it makes sense to me that they’re who she’ll see after she dies.

Battle for Jananda Island

Before Fushi and Tonari escape from the island, the Nokkers attack the town. It would make sense for Fushi to want to go defeat the Nokkers on the island simply so that they can’t evolve and become more powerful. But that’s not his reason for fighting.

Instead, Fushi chooses to go back to fight against the Nokkers because he wants to save the islanders. Despite the island being home to criminals (and their families) as Tonari points out, Fushi sees their lives as having as much value as anyone else’s.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily because Fushi actually believes that. As we’ve seen from his reaction to Hayase, he’s capable of wishing death upon someone who’s wronged him. It’s just that he’s not personally affected by all of the murders the remaining islanders have committed, so he doesn’t hold it against them.

Uroy, Mia, Sandel, and Oopa from the anime series To Your Eternity
Uroy, Mia, Sandel, and Oopa

Uroy, Mia, Sandel, and Oopa all return to Jananda to help Tonari and Fushi fight against the Nokkers. Well, to be fair, they actually returned to help Tonari rescue Fushi. But now that they’re there, they might as well help fight against the Nokkers.

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it previously, so I might as well now that she’s dead. But I really like how Mia uses a chair as a weapon. There’s probably some joke I’m missing, but I like it nonetheless. Especially since she actually uses the chair as a chair as well.

And, yes, Mia is dead now. But, it’s not like Mia dying was a surprise. We’ve actually known that Mia was going to die from the beginning of the series. The same is true for Uroy and Oopa. This fact is probably my biggest issue with the To Your Eternity anime.

The OP Spoilers

If you haven’t noticed by now, despite me pointing it out in multiple episode reviews before now, the To Your Eternity OP is just full of spoilers. A lot of anime OPs spoil things. But usually, the spoilers aren’t as blatantly obvious as they are here.

One example from earlier on in the series was that we knew Gugu was going to develop a firebreathing technique because it’s shown in the OP. That’s not a major spoiler, but it made it so throughout Gugu’s whole arc, I just kept waiting for him to get to that point.

I’d argue that the current arc is the one that’s been spoiled the most by the OP. The OP actually shows us Uroy, Mia, and Oopa all infected by the Nokkers. And who died by being infected by the Nokkers in this episode? Uroy, Mia, and Oopa. There was never any doubt in my mind that this would happen.

Mia, Uroy, and Oopa walking into the afterlife from the anime series To Your Eternity
Mia, Uroy, and Oopa walking into the afterlife

Also, I’d previously mentioned that I believed Tonari was going to kill herself and take Hayase with her — based primarily on what we see in the OP. Well, according to the next episode preview, my theory was spot on.

The only thing I got wrong was that I said it involved a volcano. It actually appears to be the body pit that’s been set on fire. Either way, Hayase is going to hold Tonari over the flames, and Tonari is going to jump in after grabbing Hayase.

You can try to argue that I just spoiled the next episode, but it’s literally shown in the OP and has been since the start of the series.

Something I mentioned early on in my reviews of To Your Eternity, possibly even in the first episode review, was that knowing the arcs’ main characters are going to die ahead of time doesn’t take away from the impacts of their deaths. I still stand by that, but I don’t want to know how they’re going to die beforehand.


What do you think of To Your Eternity Episode 18? Were you surprised by the deaths of Uroy, Mia, and Oopa? And do you think Sandel is going to die too? Let me know in the comments. I don’t think Sandel is featured in the OP, so I’m going to guess he survives.

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