To Your Eternity Episode 19

To Your Eternity Episode 19

Fushi’s First “Kills”

To Your Eternity Episode 19 actually surprised me a few times. I wasn’t expecting that, especially after I was complaining about the OP spoiling the series too much just last week. And the first surprise came with Fushi “killing” his first “humans.”

Now, I don’t think this really counts as killing humans. But this might be the closest Fushi is ever going to come to doing just that — or is it? If he actually kills someone later on, I’ll be very surprised considering how important not killing people has been for his character so far.

If you’ve watched the episode, you’ll know he “killed” Oopa, Uroy, and Mia. But considering they were already dead and were just being controlled by the Nokkers by puppets, this probably didn’t have the same effect on him that actually killing someone would.

Zombified Oopa, Uroy, and Mia from the anime series To Your Eternity
Zombified Oopa, Uroy, and Mia

Something I didn’t quite understand was why Fushi opted to use a sword to finish them off. I expected him to burn them with Gugu. Effectively cremating them seems like a better option than getting up close and personal with a sword and then having to look at their distorted bodies afterward.

But, maybe Fushi opted to use the sword specifically because it was more personal. Perhaps he did it that way because he didn’t want to treat the bodies of his friends as nothing more than monsters that needed to be purged.

At least he didn’t let Tonari finish them off. Letting a 14-year-old girl do that isn’t the right choice, even if she had insisted on doing it herself.

Also, what do you think the chances are that Fushi has gained Oopa, Uroy, and Mia as transformations now? I could see Uroy being useful since he’s strong. I’m not so sure about the other two.

Tonari Survives

The biggest surprise of the episode was that Tonari actually survives the arc. And because she sent Ligard with Fushi in the end, I don’t think this is going to be a case like with Parona where Tonari dies later on and Fushi obtains her form.

Tonari was prepared to die and did exactly what I predicted she would a few episodes ago. But Fushi was able to save her, unlike those who came before her. And since she survived, it’s actually possible that we’ll see her, or maybe one of her descendants, later on.

Also, while I’m going to go into more detail about her in the next section, Hayase survived as well. I just wanted to point that out now because Hayase’s death was also part of my prediction regarding Tonari’s fate in this episode.

Tonari being held over a flaming pit from the anime series To Your Eternity
Tonari being held over a flaming pit

I think Tonari (and Sandel) surviving could be pretty interesting for the future of the series if the author ever decides to make use of them in some way again. For example, perhaps those two have a child who later leaves the island in search of Fushi.

Maybe Jananda island is attacked and Tonari sends all the children off the island to safety. And when she does this, she tells her son or daughter to search for the immortal who once saved the island in the past. She wouldn’t expect to be saved, but she might expect Fushi to help the children.

Something like that could be pretty cool because it would be the first time that Fushi interacts with a descendant of people he previously had a relationship with. It would really help to illustrate how Fushi remains the same while the rest of the world goes by.

Hayase will Return

Before I get to discussing the new developments with Hayase’s character from this episode, I want to go back to something I said in the first section of this review. I mentioned that Fushi “killing” Oopa, Uroy, and Mia might be the closest Fushi ever comes to killing someone.

In reality, I think that’s the role Hayase is going to play. Fushi didn’t really kill those three. But I guarantee he’s going to blame himself for the death of Hayase despite hating her. Right after he abandons her in the ocean, she’s attacked by a Nokker.

It’s implied that the Nokker that kills Hayase is the same one she allowed to escape earlier in the episode. So you could just see her death as poetic. But I think we’re actually going to see her return (as a Nokker). And when Fushi sees what’s become of her, he’s going to blame himself.

Hayase just wanting some love from the anime series To Your Eternity
Hayase just wanting some love

Hayase is my favorite character of the series. I think she’s definitely the most complex character we’ve been introduced to, even including Fushi. But, there were some things I got wrong about who she is that I want to touch on.

Primarily, I assumed that she wanted to use Fushi to gain power. Whether achieving this by capturing Fushi as her “pet” or bearing his potentially immortal child, I figured that her obsession with him came from a desire to rule and get revenge.

As it turns out, she’s just absolutely insane — but that doesn’t make her any less interesting. She wants to “become one” with him. Sex is one way we’ve seen her attempt to accomplish that. But as she explained in this episode, she’s even willing to be killed by Fushi solely so that she can become one of his forms and be a part of him forever.


What do you think of To Your Eternity Episode 19? Do you think Fushi is ever going to take the form of Oopa, Uroy, or Mia? Did you expect Tonari to live or die at the end of this arc? And do you think we’re going to see Hayase again? Let me know in the comments.

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