To Your Eternity Episode 7

To Your Eternity Episode 7

Why Am I Who I Am?

To Your Eternity Episode 7 felt very empty. By the time the episode ended, it only felt like a few minutes had passed and like nothing happened. But, of course, that wasn’t really the case. A lot did happen in this episode — just nothing all that exciting.

The most important thing about this episode is that it introduced a new character, Gugu. It actually introduced a few new characters. But, Gugu is the one who I’d say is the most important. And it’s probably him who’s going to make the next big impression on Fushi.

When we meet Gugu, he lives in a tent on the outskirts of town with his older brother, Shin. Since they’re both blonde, I’m just going to assume that they’re biological brothers. Together, they save up money from working in the fields and market for a local farmer so that they can one day live better lives.

Rean holding Meer from the anime series To Your Eternity
Rean holding Meer

We don’t yet know exactly what happened, but one day, Shin disappears along with all the money he and Gugu had saved up. It’s implied that he got involved with some bad people and potentially owed money after failing to win in an underground fight club.

I’m guessing that Shin will show up again later. But for now, he doesn’t really matter. Gugu is the one I’m interested in this week. Just as the nameless boy and March before him, he has a seemingly impossible dream — to one day live in a large house and eat as much as he wants.

However, what sets Gugu apart from his predecessors in that regard is that his dream does technically come true. It just also comes with a price that Gugu probably would have rather not paid.

The Monster

In the process of saving the girl he likes from being crushed by a giant log, Gugu suffered severe injuries to his head. He had to undergo extensive surgery which, as he puts it, left him looking like a monster. This is why he wears the chameleon mask.

Additionally, it was implied that the surgeries didn’t stop with his head. He claims that something happened to his stomach. What exactly the issue with his stomach is, though, isn’t clear. Was something put inside of it? Or was that just his reaction to being full for the first time?

I assumed the latter. However, the next episode preview seems to imply that there actually is more going on with his body than we’ve been lead to believe. He does breathe fire in the OP, so maybe that has something to do with it? I figured that was him just spraying alcohol out of his mouth, though.

Gugu from the anime series To Your Eternity

Regardless of whether or not something happened to his stomach as well, Gugu is now a “monster.” This is the price he paid for being able to live in a big house with plenty of food — since he now lives with and works for the old man who saved him.

I’m interested to see how this whole monster thing is going to play out. Is it going to end up like Beauty and the Beast with Gugu successfully getting the girl of his dreams? Or is he going to end up more like the unnamed boy and March?

I think it’s going to be closer to what we’ve seen in the past. The boy didn’t achieve his dream, but at least he gave it his best shot. And while March didn’t grow up, at least she was able to be a mother to Fushi. I think Gugu is going to have a similarly bittersweet ending.

Gugu and Rean

You’ve seen the episode (probably), so I don’t need to keep walking you through the events that transpired. Instead, allow me to use this last section of the review to make some predictions about how Gugu’s future is likely to unfold.

As far as we know, Rean doesn’t know who saved her from the log. Her eyes were closed when Gugu pushed her out of the way, and nobody noticed Gugu until he was found by the old man. With that in mind, I’d assume that Rean knows someone saved her.

So, in my mind, it makes sense that she would probably be interested in finding out who the person who saved her was. But, I don’t see Gugu revealing that to her — especially considering he doesn’t want her to see what his face looks like now.

Gugu trying to impress Rean from the anime series To Your Eternity
Gugu trying to impress Rean

Something you may have noticed in the OP is that it features an adult Gugu. At least, we can assume it’s Gugu since he’s wearing the chameleon mask. So what I’m thinking is that we’re going to be sticking with Gugu for multiple years.

Why does this matter? Because I don’t think that he’s going to reveal himself to Rean in all that time. I think Rean will eventually learn the truth after it’s too late for Gugu — such as after she gets married to someone else.

At that point, I think she’ll learn the truth about Gugu being the one who saved her somehow. And further, I’m betting that Gugu will still have the ring Rean gave him in the market. If she sees that ring, she’ll probably realize who Gugu is despite his altered appearance under the mask.

So, no, I don’t think Gugu will get the girl. But I do think he’ll eventually be acknowledged by her.


What do you think of To Your Eternity Episode 7? Did this episode feel empty to you too? Are you expecting Shin to show up again in an important role? And how do you think Gugu’s story is going to end? Let me know in the comments.

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