To Your Eternity Episode 9

To Your Eternity Episode 9

The Power of Creation

To Your Eternity Episode 9 covered less ground than I was expecting it to. I guess this arc isn’t moving any slower than the March arc that came before. But I have a feeling that it’s going to end up being longer than that one.

Right now, I believe we’re on content from the third volume of the manga based on the manga cover art. And I’m thinking that these 20 episodes are going to cover up through the fifth volume based on the anime cover art and OP.

So with that in mind, I don’t see the Gugu arc ending next week. I think we have at least two more episodes before we move on. And I’m not really sure that the series needs to be going at this slow of a pace.

Fushi creating fruit from the anime series To Your Eternity
Fushi creating fruit

Moving onto Fushi’s creation power, in the Episode 8 review, I mentioned that he can create things that harm him. Well, this episode expanded on that. Fushi can, in fact, create more than just what’s harmed him.

As it turns out, he can create anything that’s had an impact on him. And I believe it was stated that as he gains more experiences, he’ll be able to create things easier. For example, something that had a minor impact on him may be difficult to reproduce now. But in the future, it may be easier.

The reason why he’s able to create things that harm him so easily right now is likely because pain has an immediate impact on him. If you’re hurt by something, you’re going to figure out pretty quickly to avoid it. I think that’s basically the same premise his power is using.

Rean’s Family Situation

Before getting into Rean’s family situation, I guess I should review Gugu’s quickly. We already knew that Gugu’s only family was his older brother. But, he starts off telling Rean about his past as if he had more family originally.

At first, I thought the family he was talking about was his ideal family. And with that in mind, I thought it was oddly specific that he mentioned having twin older sisters. But then it’s revealed that this is what he thought was his family when he was younger.

Now, as for Rean, her family is basically everything Gugu has ever wanted. Because of this, Gugu doesn’t understand why Rean would want to run away. To him, she had the perfect life. However, what he doesn’t realize is that Rean views him in the same way.

Rean talking to Gugu from the anime series To Your Eternity
Rean talking to Gugu

Rean may seem like she had everything going for her at home. But as she explains, she never had the freedom to be her own person in the way Gugu does. Her analogy of effectively being a pet to her parents is a great way to explain how her life at home was.

I do think it’s easy to cast aside Rean’s complaints about her family just like Gugu does. But at the same time, she hasn’t just run away overnight or something. She’s been away from home for a while. She has a new life and no intention of returning to her old one.

So when you look at her commitment to her choice, it’s pretty clear to me that Rean truly does believe that her old life isn’t what she wanted. But, I will say that her being concerned about the small scar on her arm is silly when you compare it to Gugu’s injuries. Gugu has every right to be mad about that.

Gugu and Rean

In the end, Gugu and Rean make up after Gugu learns that Rean wore a mask so that she could escape from her family. It’s simple, but this is what makes Rean’s situation relatable to Gugu. His mask allows him to escape from his present situation.

When he finally realized why Rean had the mask with her, I almost thought that Gugu was going to show her his face. And a small part of me thought we might get to see it as well. But then I came back to my senses.

As I’ve said before, I don’t think we’re ever going to see Gugu’s face. And building off that, I don’t think Rean is going to see it either — at least not while Gugu is alive. Gugu (probably) has to die at some point in this arc so that Fushi can take on his form.

Rean holding Meer from the anime series To Your Eternity
Rean holding Meer

I believe it was in the previous review that I said Rean would discover Gugu’s identity and what he did for her after it was too late. Back then, I said that maybe it would be after Rean is married to someone else. But now I think “too late” means after Gugu dies.

Gugu has a fire-breathing ability (shown in the OP) that’s going to be revealed next episode. That ability would make him a unique addition to Fushi’s collection. Gugu also already foreshadowed his own death. To me, everything is lining up.

One thing that I’m curious about, though, is how Rean would react to Fushi taking on Gugu’s form. Obviously, she would be sad that Gugu died. But would she view Fushi taking his form as his way of remembering Gugu? Or would she simply view Fushi as a monster?

Rean’s potential negative view of Fushi after Gugu’s death could be what causes Fushi to set out on the next leg of his journey.


What do you think of To Your Eternity Episode 9? Do you have any strong opinions about the expansion of Fushi’s creation ability? Do you sympathize with Rean, or is she just spoiled? And what do you think the end of Gugu’s and Rean’s relationship is going to look like? Let me know in the comments.

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