To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 2

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 2

Fushi’s Friends

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 2 was better than the first episode. I didn’t think this season would get emotional so soon. But, it managed to. Fushi realizing who Tonari was only after she died was pretty rough. And that’s what I like about this series.

Before we get to Tonari’s death, though, there are some other things I want to go over. And the first is that the owl Tonari was with was, in fact, Liggard. He survived for over 40 years. But, we also learned that he’s not a normal owl, as he’s poisonous.

Liggard does end up dying a few months after Tonari. And when he does, Fushi gains access to his form, as well. I always suspected Fushi would gain Liggard’s form since back in Season 1. Even before Liggard showed up in the series, the ED pictured him alongside Joan and Oniguma.

Tonari with Fushi in spirit from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 2
Tonari with Fushi in spirit

It turns out that Tonari always intended to die for Fushi ever since they last separated. That doesn’t mean she necessarily wanted to give her life up for him. But, it means that she wanted her death to benefit him in some way — whenever it may be.

This is why Tonari spent the last 40 years developing an immunity to poisons. She knew that when she died, Fushi would gain her form since they forged a close bond. And so, she wanted the form she left behind for him to be of some use.

As she’s dying, Tonari also gives Fushi some advice on how to live. He shouldn’t live alone in an attempt to stop losing people he cares about. Instead, he should make friends who want to help him. If he does that, he’ll never truly be alone even after they die.

Hayase’s Other Goal

The first time we learned that Hayase wanted to bear Fushi’s child was in Season 1 Episode 17. In my review of that episode, I explained that if Hayase bore his child, she could be the mother of an immortal being. She could be the mother of a “god.”

It seems that Hayase’s descendants are still trying to make this goal come true. Hisame explicitly states this to be the case. And she even tells Fushi that she wants to bear his child as the “reincarnation” of Hayase.

Unfortunately, Fushi missed out on sleeping with the optimal Hayase descendant. I’ll get to the later descendants in the next section. But, Hisame is easily the cutest of Hayase’s descendants. If you’re going to bear a child with any of them, you’d have to pick Hisame, right?

Hisame telling Fushi she wants to have his child from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 2
Hisame telling Fushi she wants to have his child

So, here’s something I’m a bit unsure about. What’s the actual goal of Hayase’s descendants here? Do they want to bear Fushi’s child just because it’s what Hayase wanted? Or, is there another phase to this goal? In the end, we never actually learned why Hayase wanted Fushi’s child. I assumed it was for power. But, there was no confirmation.

At this point in time, wanting Fushi’s child for power doesn’t make much sense. Hayase’s descendants are already powerful. They hold high positions within the Guardians. And the Guardians are now the most influential group on the continent. Speaking of the continent, we now know it’s called Hena.

My guess is that Hayase wanted to bear Fushi’s child for her own benefit. But, once the Nokker embedded itself in her body, things changed. Now, I have the feeling it’s the Nokker that’s pushing her descendants to want Fushi’s child. The Nokkers want his power.

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12 Generations Later

A lot of time passes between Fushi missing his shot to sleep with Hisame and the end of Episode 2. Like, a lot of time. At the start of Season 2, we were 2 generations removed from Hayase. And that came out to be 40 years — 1 generation per 20 years.

By the end of Episode 2, we’re 12 generations removed from Hayase. Kahaku introduces himself as the sixth successor of Hayase. And as far as I could tell, a “successor” is born at least every other generation. For example, Hisame was 2 generations removed, but the first successor.

Why is this the case? Because they’re reincarnations of Hayase. You can’t have a new reincarnation until the previous reincarnation dies. So, the third successor wasn’t born until after Hisame died. Now, with that in mind, how much time has passed? About 200 years since Hisame.

The sixth successor, Kahaku from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 2
The sixth successor, Kahaku

Of course, it’s not like every new generation is born precisely at 20-year intervals. Hisame’s daughter tells us that she was born when Hisame was 17. But, it’s also not like every other generation is guaranteed to have a successor. Sometimes, it might take 3 generations. So, 10 generations and 200 years since Hisame is just my estimate.

Something important to keep in mind here is also that only successors want Fushi’s child. Is this because they’re the ones carrying Hayase’s will? Or, is it because they’re the ones carrying the Nokker? My bet is the latter.

Also, how is this going to work with Kahaku? He’s the first male descendant of Hayse. Or, he’s at least the first male successor. So, does he want to bear Fushi’s child? How is Hayase’s (or the Nokker’s) influence going to affect him? Does he want a female-form Fushi to bear his child?


What do you think of To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 2? Do you think we’ll ever get to see Fushi take on Sandel’s form in the future? Which of Hayase’s descendants would you most like to sleep with? And, do you think Kahaku is going to be the first gay character of the series? Let me know in the comments.

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