To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 20

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 20

Eko Will Return One Day

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 20 is the final episode of the season. And in this episode, all of Fushi’s allies die. But, remember, they’re immortal. So, it’s not like this is the last time we’re going to see them. Or, is it?

There’s one character we know is going to make a reappearance in Season 3: Eko. Ever since Eko’s introduction into the series, I’ve been wondering what her role is. And she died in Episode 20 without ever really defining a role of her own.

She’s kind of like a daughter to Fushi. And she did fight alongside Kai, Messar, and Hairo during the battle of Renril. So, you could say she’s one of his soldiers, as well. But, it looks like her true role is going to come up later in the series. Fushi says he’ll revive her after he creates a peaceful world.

Eko as a ghost from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 20
Eko as a ghost

At the end of the episode, Fushi declares that the peaceful world he wanted is now a reality. So, it only makes sense that he’ll be reviving Eko. And, you know, he’ll probably revive at least some of the others, too.

But, Eko is unique among Fushi’s allies for another reason beyond her not having a defined role. She’s also the only one who was never revived in this season. Fushi’s old allies (March, Gugu, and Tonari) got to come back to life and have a second shot at life.

And Fushi’s newer allies other than Eko (Kai, Hairo, Messar, and Bon) were all revived, too. But, not Eko. By the time Eko died, Fushi already decided that he wasn’t going to revive anyone else. At least, not until he created world peace.

Okay, yes, he did revive Bon after that. But Bon died before Fushi’s decision.

Kahaku’s Sacrifice

I have mixed feelings about Kahaku sacrificing himself for Fushi’s sake. On one hand, it was pretty cool to see Kahaku go out in a fiery explosion. And his sacrifice took out 2 birds with 1 stone.

The main reason Kahaku sacrificed himself was to kill the Nokker living in his body. This is the Nokker that stole a bunch of Fushi’s forms. So, by killing it, Kahaku is able to return those forms back to Fushi. But, why did he also kill himself? It probably has to do with him blaming himself for the Nokker harming Fushi.

What about that second bird Kahaku took out? Well, look at where and how he killed himself. He blew himself up in a giant vat of molten iron in the heart of the Church of Bennett. Why did he do this? To take out the Church, which is one of Fushi’s main enemies.

Kahaku sacrificing himself for Fushi from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 20
Kahaku sacrificing himself for Fushi

So, why don’t I like how Kahaku sacrificed himself? Well, it solved everything a bit too easily. For starters, it solved the issue of the Nokker in Kahaku’s body without Fushi doing anything. Fushi didn’t have to work to defeat that Nokker and reclaim his lost forms.

I think it would have been pretty interesting to see that Nokker be the main villain of Season 3. It could have taken on the form of the Boy and served as an opposing force to Fushi. And as Fushi has his immortal soldiers, the Nokker could have the clone soldiers.

The other problem I have is that not only did Kahaku kill the Nokker, but he also destroyed the Church. Without the threat of the Nokkers, who is the main antagonist? The Church of Bennett. But now, even that antagonistic force is gone, as well.

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How Fushi’s Allies Met Their Ends

Let’s talk about how Fushi’s allies died. And let’s start with the three immortal soldiers, Messar, Kai, and Hairo. Messar died of an overdose. Kai died of the same disease that killed his father. And an anti-Fushi faction assassinated Hairo.

All three of them didn’t live very long after Fushi set them free. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have Bon and Tonari. Both of them eventually died of old age. And in Tonari’s case, this means she died of old age about 150 years after she was born.

As far as we know, both Bon and Tonari ended up living good lives. Bon died surrounded by his family, which included a grandchild. And Tonari died surrounded by the descendants of Sandel on Jananda Island.

There are two other followers, though, whose lives ended differently from the rest.

Bon dying of old age from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 20
Bon dying of old age

March and Gugu both died by suicide at Fushi’s side. Though, in March’s case, I’m actually going to argue that her death was a homicide. But, regardless of whether their deaths were suicides or homicides, they died the same way. They each drank a bottle of poison.

When March found out Fushi was going to be leaving her, she said she’d rather die than grow up without him. That’s a classic overreaction from a child. But then, Tonari and Hairo decide they’re actually going to make March’s wish a reality. They assisted the suicide of a healthy child. And it’s unclear if they told March what she was drinking.

As for Gugu, he chose to end his own life the same way years later. He fought a lot of battles against anti-Fushi factions and suffered many injuries as a result. So, he chose to end his suffering the same way March did.


What do you think of the final episode of To Your Eternity Season 2? Do you think Eko will be the first ally Fushi will revive in Season 3? Did Kahaku’s sacrifice wrap everything up too easily? And which of Fushi’s allies do you think met the most tragic end? Let me know in the comments.

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