To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 4

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 4

The Uralis Kingdom

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 4 was a very good episode. It wasn’t super depressing like some of the top episodes of Season 1 were. But, it’s still up there as one of my favorites of the series. And it was the best of Season 2 so far.

Before we get into what made Episode 4 so good, though, I want to discuss the Uralis Kingdom. We first got to see the Uralis Kingdom in Episode 3, but I didn’t go over it at all. So, let’s do that now.

For some unknown reason, the Uralis Kingdom sits within a canyon. Most of the kingdom is out of view from the surface. But, you can see the top of the castle sticking out. It makes for quite the odd sight. And because the castle is visible, I’m assuming this location wasn’t meant to hide the kingdom.

Bon-sama with the Uralis Kingdom castle in the background from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 4
Bon-sama with the Uralis Kingdom castle in the background

So, why would the Uralis Kindom be in a canyon if not to hide it? There are a few possible reasons. But, again, we don’t have a concrete answer.

The first reason I can think of is that it’s protected from the elements. The region surrounding the canyon is a barren wasteland. So, if you were going to settle anywhere around there, the canyon would probably be the best option. It’s in the shade and protected from the wind.

Now, protection from the elements may not be all that important in the modern world. After all, stone buildings exist. But, it may have been important when people first settled in the region.

One problem I can see with this location, though, is that it’s not very defensible. There’s nothing stopping an enemy army from attacking the kingdom from above. They’re sitting ducks.

Bonchien’s Special Eyes

In my Episode 3 review, I predicted that Bon-sama could see ghosts. I even mentioned that it would be interesting if Fushi inherited this ability from him. If that happens, Fushi would be able to speak to his dead friends, in theory.

Well, that has all pretty much been confirmed. It turns out that Bon-sama can see and talk to ghosts. And because of this (and his other personality traits), his family began viewing him as crazy. However, Bon-sama isn’t crazy. He may be eccentric, but the ghosts he sees are very real.

When he was growing up, we know that there were at least 4 ghosts he interacted with. One was a man with a sword stuck in his head. Another was a one-armed swordsman who taught him to fight. And a third was a young girl whom Bon had a crush on.

A young Bon-sama hitting on a dead girl from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 4
A young Bon-sama hitting on a dead girl

Of course, I like that this episode proved my prediction right. But, what I like more about it is that it gives Bon an interesting and tragic backstory. The only friends he had growing up were ghosts. He couldn’t connect with anyone else — until Fushi came along.

The fourth ghost he interacted with was Tonari. Apparently, she learned of Bon’s ability at some point. We don’t know if this was before or after she died. But, after death, she visited Bon every night and told him stories about Fushi. And she told him it was his destiny to become Fushi’s friend.

Basically, Tonari set the stage for Bon and Fushi to run into each other. And she did this knowing that Fushi would then gain Bon’s ability to speak to ghosts after Bon died. That’s a little messed up. But, I respect Tonari’s hustle.

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Ghosts of Fushi’s Past

Fushi walking through the city with a posse of ghosts following him goes hard. That was such a good shot. And, it actually tells us a surprising amount. For starters, it tells us that Gugu, March, Tonari, Liggard, and Oniguma are with Fushi.

On top of that, Tonari interacts with Bon as the group passes him. This tells us that the ghosts Bon sees with Fushi aren’t just representations of the lives he carries. They’re real. Their ghosts are actually there. So, if Fushi gains Bon’s power, he’d be able to talk to them too.

So, at this point, you may be questioning whether Fushi will actually gain his power. I’m going to say yes. And my reasoning for this is the ED for this season. The ED shows a bunch of ghosts hanging out together, including Gugu, March, and Tonari.

At the very end of the ED, we see Bon’s ghost step into frame.

The ghosts of Gugu, March, and Tonari following Fushi from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 4
The ghosts of Gugu, March, and Tonari following Fushi

Now, something we don’t know is if all the people Fushi can transform into follow him as ghosts. We didn’t see them all. For example, we didn’t see Pioran, Rean, or Uroy, to name a few.

But, just because they weren’t shown doesn’t mean they aren’t there. If they aren’t there, then we have to question why some ghosts are and some aren’t. Is it that Gugu, March, Tonari, and Oniguma are Fushi’s most loyal followers? Did they opt to stay with him rather than go to the afterlife?

Or, could it be that the other ghosts are currently somewhere else? We know that Tonari wasn’t always with Fushi as a ghost. 15 years ago, she was with Bon telling him about Fushi. The others could be keeping tabs on the Nokkers, or something.


What do you think of To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 4? Why do you think the Uralis Kingdom sits within a canyon? Did you also think Bon could see ghosts before it was revealed? And do you think Fushi will be able to speak to his dead friends once again? Let me know in the comments.

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