To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 7

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 7

The Boy in the Cage

As expected, Bon has the best character arc of the series, so far. Before Bon, I’d say Gugu had the best character arc. But, thanks to the events of To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 7, Bon surpassed Gugu.

Like Gugu, Bon sacrificed himself for others. And that’s not something I would have expected from him when we first met him. Even as of last week, I wouldn’t have expected him to do that. Yes, we know he’s a caring person. But, he still wants to live and accomplish his own goals.

So, who did Bon save in this episode? He saved Chabo, Todo, Fushi, and everyone who considers themself a follower of Fushi. Now, you may be thinking, it was actually Fushi who saved Chabo. But, Bon saved Chabo first when their cage was falling into the water.

Chabo and the ghost of his mother from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 7
Chabo and the ghost of his mother

Of course, Bon would have done the same thing even if Chabo wasn’t in the cage with him. He wanted to save himself. But, he did check to make sure Chabo was okay. It’s clear that he wasn’t only thinking about himself as he was removing excess weight from the cage.

He could have thrown Chabo out.

After that whole situation, Bon also realized why his cage dropped. And this is how he saved Todo. It was never explicitly stated, but the reason Bon’s cage dropped was that Todo lost so much weight. Todo had been giving his food to Bon. Eventually, Bon and Chabo’s weight overtook Todo’s.

Something I liked about how Bon handled this situation is that he didn’t let Todo know he knew what was going on. Bon didn’t accuse Todo of trying to sacrifice themself for his sake. He didn’t want Todo to know that he figured it out.

Fushi’s New Ability

Fushi now has the ability to melt steel iron beams. I’m not sure I like him having that ability. It doesn’t really have to do with his innate abilities. And it’s not an ability associated with one of his various forms.

Fushi’s innate abilities include transformation, creation, and now revival. I’m fine with all those because they relate to what Fushi is at his core. He then also has many form-specific abilities. He can breathe fire as Gugu and is immune to poison as Tonari. I’m fine with those abilities, as well.

But, I don’t like how he developed the ability to melt iron arbitrarily. If that ability was tied to one of his forms, then it would be okay. However, you may now be thinking that melting iron seems a bit outlandish for an ability of one of his forms.

An iron figure of Fushi as Parona from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 7
An iron figure of Fushi as Parona

To an extent, I agree. Melting iron isn’t something a person or creature can do on their own. But, To Your Eternity isn’t exactly a realistic series. It’s fantasy. Gugu breathing fire isn’t realistic, but it’s okay because there’s an in-universe explanation. And what about Oniguma? He’s not realistic either.

Even the main character of this arc, Bonchien, can speak to ghosts. So, there’s really no reason why Fushi couldn’t obtain a form that lets him melt iron. The only explanation I can think of for him not obtaining a new form is that his default form doesn’t have an ability.

Default Fushi, the white-haired boy, doesn’t do anything unique. Well, he can use the ropes on his arms as lassos, I guess. But, he could do that in any of his forms. It could be that we’ll only see him melt iron in this form from now on.

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Bonchien the Martyr

As I mentioned earlier in the review, Bonchien sacrifices himself for Fushi. And it’s not only Fushi. It’s also for all Fushi’s followers. By sacrificing himself, he believes he can save the rest of them from persecution. But, is that really the case?

To me, it doesn’t seem like Bonchien’s death saved anyone. He believes that sacrificing himself will stop the witchhunt for Fushi’s followers. However, wasn’t it Fushi’s apparent death that accomplished that? Why would Bonchien dying stop the Church from going after the other Fushi believers? It doesn’t add up.

But, the fact that Bonchien’s death doesn’t seem to have a real purpose doesn’t matter. What matters is that he believed his death was necessary. That’s what makes his sacrifice noble. And, I guess his death is going to stop the persecution. It would be odd for it to be meaningless in the end.

Prince Bonchien about to be executed from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 7
Prince Bonchien about to be executed

Now, I should point out that Bonchien’s death was never going to be meaningless. Even if it didn’t stop the persecution, his death is very important. Why? Because Fushi will obtain his form upon his death. And in Bonchien’s form, he’ll be able to talk to his dead friends.

Also, keep in mind that Fushi still doesn’t know that he can revive the dead. Bonchien’s death could also be how he finally learns this. That is unless Bonchien tells them not to tell Fushi. That’s always a possibility since he believes that knowledge will only hurt Fushi in the end.

Though, I’m still pretty convinced he’ll figure this out at some point. And he’ll revive his dead friends who still follow him so they can each finish what they didn’t in their first life. Otherwise, why even introduce the fact that Fushi can revive the dead?


What do you think of To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 7? Did you pick up on why Bonchien’s cage began lowering into the water? How do you feel about Fushi’s new ability? And did you like how Bonchien sacrificed himself? Let me know in the comments.

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