Tower of God Episode 10

Tower of God Episode 10

Beyond the Sadness

The 10th episode of Tower of God revealed who passed the tests and who failed. Obviously I was correct in some of my predictions last week, but I think I was probably wrong about just as many.

However, in my defense, the ones I was wrong about really seemed to come out of left field, and I wasn’t sure how many people were allowed to pass. For example, who would have guessed that the Spear Bearers who abandoned Hatz and then got beaten down by Quant would still pass?

Even if they had enough points to pass the tests, you’d still think that abandoning your allies may be worthy of disqualification. Though, I have to admit that if that were true, killing your allies would probably amount to disqualification as well. And Endorsi still passed despite that appearing to be what she did.

Mini Rak from the anime series Tower of God
Mini Rak

We never actually saw Endorsi kill any of her allies during the test. In fact, I thought she simply beat up the other two Fishermen. But one of the girls who passed is shown to be holding a sword that looked an awful lot like the one wielded by one of those Fishermen. And she was crying about the owner of that sword being “her knight.”

So did Endorsi kill him? That much is unclear. Endorsi very well may have killed him, but if she did, would this other girl readily ally with her? Probably not.

The most bizarre development for me, though, was the fact that Serena failed, yet some random characters we’ve never seen before passed. I already assumed she was going to fail, and I guess someone we knew had to fail (besides Hoh). But it’s still strange that she’s being swapped out for some no-name, background characters.

Royal Enforcement Division Unit #67

Yuga is the name of the ram-looking ranker (I assume he’s a ranker because he was helping to administer the tests). While this isn’t explicitly stated in the anime, I’m pretty sure that he’s been killed. I’ll get into why that seems to be the case in just a moment, but first, allow me to set the stage.

Han Sung catches Yuga making a call to some unknown entity who we later find out works for King Jahad. The conversation they were having revolved around the assassination of Anaak and the reclamation of both the Black March and Green April.

So why do I think Yuga is dead? First, Han Sung refers to him as Lo Po Bia Ren of the Royal Enforcement Division Unit #67. Now, that could simply mean that Yuga was a false name, but Han Sung then mentions that Yuga is always five-minutes early — implying that this impostor was late.

Lo Po Bia Ren from the anime series Tower of God
Lo Po Bia Ren

Lo Po also mentions that he’ll have to eat Han Sung for discovering his identity, which is likely what he did to Yuga — maybe. We can assume Lo Po eats people, but at the same time, he appears to be hiding inside of Yuga’s corpse. So is he using Yuga’s corpse as a disguise, or does eating someone grant Lo Po the ability to take on their appearance?

The web manga readers probably know the answer, but us anime-only viewers are just going to have to wait.

Han Sung’s meeting with Lo Po also gave us some interesting information about the ability of Han Sung. He mentions that Lo Po is a ranker and that he doesn’t want to fight him. But he also shows that he’s clearly the stronger of the two — by a large margin. So just who is Han Sung?

The Administrator’s Test

At the end of the episode, we’re told about another test known as the Administrator’s test. I’m pretty sure that the test proctors, like Lero-Ro and Quant, have been referred to as administrators in the past. But the Administrator with a capital A appears to be someone above them.

And what’s even more strange is that when Bam enters the Administrator’s room, he comes face to face with the Shinsu “monster” he met earlier on in the series. We were told that he has to make a bond with the Shinsu on each floor, and when he does this for the first time he meets this creature.

Did he meet the Administrator back then?

Bam, Rachel, and Han Sung at the entrance to the Administrator's test from the anime series Tower of God
Bam, Rachel, and Han Sung at the entrance to the Administrator’s test

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, we need to understand what this Administrator’s test is (as far as we know) and why it matters. The Administrator’s test is a “secret” test people aren’t supposed to normally know about, but that Lero-Ro told Khun about.

Whoever passes the Administrator’s test is apparently allowed to change some of the rules to how climbing the tower works. And the idea is that if they pass the Administrator’s test, they can allow Rachel to climb the tower despite her injuries.

But the issue is that to take the test, you first need to speak with the Administrator, and the only ones allowed to do that are Irregulars. Luckily for us, Bam is an Irregular, so this isn’t actually a roadblock.

And the final thing I want to say about the Administrator’s test is that it’s a double-edged sword. We learn that Irregulars are viewed as outcasts, as is anyone who climbs the tower with them. However, anyone who passes the Administrator’s test with Bam will be able to take a shortcut up the tower, which is a pretty good incentive.


Overall I think this episode actually explained things much better than any of the previous episodes. It didn’t explain everything, but anything it didn’t outright explain or show us, it gave enough hints for us to make some assumptions — like Yuga’s fate.

I’m also interested to see if Serena ever makes a comeback. It seems a bit odd to toss her character aside completely, so I’d like her to reappear at some point. But as I mentioned last week, based on how difficult it was for me to find out her name, I don’t really think she’ll be back.

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