Tower of God Episode 11

Tower of God Episode 11

Underwater Hunt (Part One)

I’d like to start off this review of Tower of God episode 11 with a correction. Towards the beginning of the series, I claimed that Anaak was the best girl. Then, later on, I corrected myself and claimed that Endorsi was the best girl. Now I’m correcting myself again (for the final time) to say that Narae is the best girl.

When I saw that some of the other random characters were killed off by the Bull in this episode, I was worried the same would happen to Narae. But she made it through the episode, was actually given a name, and even made herself useful despite being told to sit on the sidelines.

I have high hopes for the continued participation of Narae in the future of this series.

Bam and Rachel in a shinsu bubble underwater from the anime series Tower of God
Bam and Rachel in a shinsu bubble underwater

Best girl Narae aside, the test given to Bam and Rachel was a little questionable when we were first told about it. All they have to do is sit still and allow themselves to be eaten by a seal monster. But, as it turns out, there was more to the test after all. There are a bunch of other things also trying to eat them, and the rest of the gang needs to prevent this from happening.

So, why is this the test? How is this testing Bam and Rachel?

The short answer is: It isn’t testing Bam and Rachel. It’s not testing their luck or their faith in their comrades. It’s not even testing their comrades. The entire test was set up as a plot to kill Anaak (definitely) and Endorsi (maybe).

I think the only reason the test puts Bam and Rachel in a bubble underwater is so that Bam doesn’t interfere with the assassination.

The Bull

When we’re first introduced to the monster known as the Bull, I wasn’t impressed. In fact, I’m still not impressed, but at least I’m less unimpressed than I was originally. Seeing Anaak and Endorsi easily go toe-to-toe with this creature that apparently even scares away Rankers was definitely not what I wanted.

But, that problem I had with the Bull was invalidated when we learned that the Bull was actually being controlled by Ren. And not only was it being controlled by Ren, but he was purposefully making the Bull seem weaker to lure them deeper into the cave.

Once the Bull was able to unleash its true power, it became clear why even some Rankers would fear it. However, the fact that Ren can so easily control it makes me think that it’s still not quite as strong as we were led to believe. Unless Ren is an Anima who specializes in controlling divine sea fish, I’d imagine most Rankers could do the same thing.

Shibisu coming face-to-face with the Bull from the anime series Tower of God
Shibisu coming face-to-face with the Bull

The main reason I’m unimpressed with the Bull at this point is just due to its appearance. Maybe you guys think it looks cool, but I think it looks so stupid. I don’t really have a problem with its head, but everything else about it is pretty bad.

Its mouth, singular eye, and how it’s able to turn it’s head 90 degrees are all fine. The whip-like appendage really feels awkward though. And the fact that it stands upright with its tail dragging on the ground makes it look like an early 1900s depiction of a T-Rex.

Let’s also not ignore the fact that this monster is literally wearing a cape. I get that it’s part of its body, but it looks like it’s tied around its neck.

Ren the Ranker

Last week is when we officially met Ren the Ranker. I don’t remember the name of the other Ranker he supposedly killed and took over the body of, but that’s no longer important. And the reason it isn’t important is because Ren seems to have turned this body into his own at this point.

I’m sure at some point in the future Ren’s true appearance will be revealed to us — probably when he’s about to be killed off. But until then, he’ll probably keep this appearance. It’s a convenient appearance, after all, because only one person knows who he really is.

And even if both Anaak and Endorsi come out of their current predicament alive (which I think they will), does their knowing about him really matter? They didn’t know who he was to begin with, so it’s not like they’ve discovered his secret or anything.

Ren spewing monsters from his mouth from the anime series Tower of God
Ren spewing monsters from his mouth

What I find interesting about Ren is his wide variety (or potentially not so wide variety) of abilities. We know he’s able to control the Bull, so that’s one thing he can do. He can also expel things that look like monsters from his mouth — and apparently eat anything. And, there’s that energy blast he was going to hit Anaak with, which may be separate.

But even with all those varying abilities, there’s the distinct possibility that he only has two real abilities: The ability to control divine sea fish and the ability to eat and expel anything.

If this is the case, then those monster-looking things that shoot out of his mouth in the picture above may be divine sea fish he’s controlled and eaten. Or he could have eaten a witch from Madoka Magica.


What are your thoughts on Tower of God episode 11? Aside from my obvious complaints regarding the appearance of the Bull, I actually thought it was quite good. But how did you feel about the Bull? Let me know in the comments.

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4 Replies to “Tower of God Episode 11”

  1. The thing about rankers run away from bull was wrong (probably mistranslation) . Rankers can deals with hundred of those bulls at once without breaking a sweat. In source material it was said that bull is beast for regulars and there were cases of them killing numbers of regulars instead of rankers stuff about bull.

    So your trouble over bull thing is right, it was anime mistranslation. In webtoon though it was more ferrocious (both appearance and movement wise)

    1. Regulars having trouble with the Bull makes a lot more sense. Nothing we saw in the episode implied that any Ranker would be worried about going up against one of them.

  2. One other thing I forget to mentioned. I enjoyed your review and will be back to read the same if next episode

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be reviewing the rest of the episodes this season, and I’ll likely review all the episodes of any future seasons this series gets. I also already reviewed the first 10 episodes of the series.

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