Tower of God Episode 4

Tower of God Episode 4

The Green April

Obviously there was a huge reveal in Tower of God episode 4, so I might as well get that out of the way first: Anaak wears spandex shorts under her dress. We saw this when she does a flip off of the throne to avoid Laure’s attack. I figured we would just never see under her dress, but no, we can finally stop theorizing.

There were also a few other minor pieces of information revealed about Anaak later on in the episode, but I’ll get to those in a bit. First, I need to talk about this crown game a bit more even though I already covered it in last week’s episode review.

Maybe I misunderstood the rules, but I feel like the rules are changing as the test progresses. Wasn’t the point of the five-round limit that only a certain number of teams would be able to participate? I thought it was five rounds, with up to two teams fighting for the crown each time — one of those two teams being the reigning champions.

Hatz fighting two opponents from the anime series Tower of God
Hatz fighting two opponents

With rules like that, teams would have to choose how late into the test they want to try their luck. If they try too early, they’ll have to fight through more rounds, but if they try too late, they might not get a chance at all.

However, in this episode that seems to no longer be the case. The second round sees two teams enter the arena, and the third round sees four enter. Doesn’t this mean every team is going to have a chance to compete before the final round?

Also, Lero Ro mentioned that the rule about not leaving the thrown was written in the waiting rooms. But he actually verbally stated that rule last week, so there was no reason not to know it.

13 Month Series

The second, and less important, thing about Anaak which was revealed is the fact that she’s the owner of the blade (whip) known as the Green April. This kind of weapon is apparently known as an Ignition Weapon, and I’m assuming it has that name because its “true nature” can be activated by the wielder.

But what’s even more important than that is that there are apparently 13 of these weapons, known as the 13 Month Series (I don’t know what the 13th month is). So while Anaak’s Green April is one of these weapons, Bam’s Black March is another.

Further, we know that these 13 Month Series weapons are the signature weapons of the Princesses of Jahad. And yes, Anaak is apparently one of these princesses — at least according to herself.

Laure using Shinsu from the anime series Tower of God
Laure using Shinsu

I guess the fact that there are 13 of these weapons also implies that there are 13 Princesses of Jahad. However, there could be even more than this, and the others just don’t have weapons from this series. After all, the 13 Month Series doesn’t appear to be the only group of Ignition Weapons around based on Khun’s familiarity with them.

Really, even the fact that these weapons are called both the 13 Month Series and Ignition Weapons implies that there are more of them. Otherwise there would only be one name for them as a collective, not two — the 13 Month Series is more likely a subset of Ignition Weapons.

But, I should also point out that the reason Khun knows about Ignition Weapons could be because he has one himself. It’s already been implied that he’s from some sort of royal family. And from what we saw in this episode, his briefcase has some magical properties that make it seem like an Ignition Weapon.

Princess of Jahad

Going back to Anaak’s claim that she’s one of the Princesses of Jahad, there’s some doubt surrounding it. One of the members of Rachel’s team mentions something about Anaak being a fake — so is she referring to her lying about her title of Princess? And how would she know to begin with?

So to get this out of the way first, I do think Anaak is one of the Princesses of Jahad. The fact that she has the Green April, and that she’s so mad about Bam having the Black March, is proof enough for me. You could say that she stole the Green April, but if that was the case, she wouldn’t have been mad at Bam.

With that established, why would that other girl call Anaak a fake? Well, it might have to do with Anaak’s appearance. The other Princess of Jahad we’ve met so far, Yuri, is a human. And as I’ll get to in a bit, I think we’ve also met another human Princess of Jahad already. So the fact that Anaak isn’t human could be the issue.

Princess Anaak from the anime series Tower of God
Princess Anaak

Isn’t it strange for two Princesses of Jahad to look so different? For this reason, my guess is that Anaak isn’t a fake princess, but instead she may have been born to one of the king’s concubines or something. This would explain why she may not be viewed as a true princess — especially by the other princesses.

And that brings me to the final thing I wanted to say here. The girl who called Anaak a fake may be a Princess of Jahad herself. In my mind, that would explain why she says this to Anaak. But, there is an alternative, and that’s Rachel actually being a princess of Jahad, and the girl who called Anaak a fake being one of her retainers.

If the no-name girl is a Princess of Jahad, isn’t it strange that she asked for Rachel’s permission to kill everyone else? This made it seem like Rachel was actually the one in charge. And if Rachel is one of the princesses, that might explain why she was able to enter the Tower to begin with.


What do you think of Tower of God episode 4? Do you think Anaak is a true Princess of Jahad? Do you think the girl who called her a fake is a princess? What about Rachel? And, what do you think the 13th month is? Let me know in the comments.

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4 Replies to “Tower of God Episode 4”

  1. I’m pretty sure there was a line of dialogue in an earlier episode that said the Princesses of Jahad were selected by the King. So they aren’t born but chosen.

    I also think part of the backstory with Khun was that his sister was a candidate to be chosen as a princess but he helped a girl outside his family get chosen instead and afterwards his family was cast out of their position of privilege. I think he believed the girl he helped would look after him and his family and she didn’t so now he doesn’t trust anyone.

    1. I notice part of my last comment got spoiler tagged. Just to be clear I haven’t read the webtoon this anime is based on (yet) and wasn’t trying to spoil it for anyone. All of that was just my interpretation/inference from the dialogue in the Khun flashback from the previous episode.

  2. this is show is tremendously boring and totally inconsistent
    The Lizard girl tries to make a bet with Bam. If his team wins the Crown Game, then she’ll give him her whip. If his team loses, she gets the sword. Our protagonist smartly replies that he has no reason to take this bet… even though he almost did so anyways. Why? why he didn’t want to keep causing trouble for his team?. On the other hand, I just can’t reconcile his current characterization with the same kid who was ready and willing to kill a stranger in cold blood in the first episode.

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