Tower of God Episode 9

Tower of God Episode 9

The One-Horned Ogre

I don’t think Tower of God episode 9 was a good or a bad episode; it was average. But what I do like about it is how it’s structured so that the title “The One-Horned Ogre” can be referring to two different characters. I like when episodes have a common theme covering different plotlines like that.

The real one-horned ogre of the episode is Endorsi Jahad. I’ll discuss the second one-horned ogre in the next section, but it seems pretty clear that Endorsi is the primary character the title is referring to.

In the first act of the episode, Endorsi explains her background growing up within one of the 10 main families of the world (tower?). She, like all of her sisters, was adopted into the family because the family was seeking a strong daughter to raise.

Endorsi's memory of killing her "sisters" from the anime series Tower of God
Endorsi’s memory of killing her “sisters”

We can assume the reason a family would adopt daughters and raise them to be warriors is because their standing with the King is directly related to the strength of the Princess of Jahad they produce. This would also explain why the Princesses are highly competitive amongst themselves — they want to bring honor to their families.

The way Endorsi was eventually able to come out on top as a Princess of Jahad is by killing off all of her adoptive sisters so that she was the only option. This event and the lesson she learned from it about taking what you want are why she’s known as an ogre.

But I do want to point out that while Endorsi shouldn’t be seen as a victim, she’s also not really to blame for what she did in the past. It’s pretty clear that this is a kill or be killed world, so if Endorsi didn’t kill her sisters, one of them would have eventually killed her.

The Other One-Horned Ogre

The other one-horned ogre referenced by the episode title is Hoh. Like Endorsi, he attempts to betray those around him so that he can succeed in his dream of climbing the tower. However, unlike Endorsi, Hoh fails to accomplish his goal because he’s simply not smart enough.

Rather than coming up with a real plan of his own, Hoh allows himself to be manipulated by either Endorsi, Khun, Hatz, or a combination of the three. He receives a letter that says if he kills Rachel, Bam — his only real competition — will remove himself from the test.

However, this was all a ploy to get him to do something that would attract the attention of Quant, the Ranker acting as the test administrator. And as you’ll know if you watched the episode, Hoh ends up taking his own life when his attempt to remove Bam from the test fails.

So how was Hoh manipulated?

Hoh taking Rachel captive from the anime series Tower of God
Hoh taking Rachel captive

First, Hoh receives a letter that informs him of the connection between Bam and Rachel. This letter is also where he gets the idea to kidnap and kill Rachel from — he didn’t even come up with that part on his own.

However, that alone wouldn’t have been enough to cause Hoh’s downfall. Quant also received information that Hoh was going to attempt this plot, which is why he was able to intervene.

The real question is: who set Hoh up? As far as I’m concerned, there are three people who could be at least partially responsible. Endorsi knew that something was happening to Rachel and was unsurprised by Hoh’s death — so it’s possible she wrote the initial letter.

As for how Quant came to know about this plot, it was either through Khun or Hatz. We know Khun said something to Quant in order to get him to work alongside him during Team A’s test, and this might have been it. Hatz could have also given Quant this information when he was captured, but I think Khun is more likely.

Who Passed the Test?

Starting with the Spear Bearers, the only one we know passed is Rak. I find it unlikely that any of the others passed, but it’s still technically possible. The other one who initially passed disappeared after Rachel was injured — so he probably wasn’t a real person anyway. Also, Team A lost and the Team B Spear Bearers fled, so they probably all failed.

As for the Wave controllers, it would appear that Laure and Bam both passed. We knew Laure was going to pass, and the fact that Hoh is now dead kind of ensures Bam is going to pass too. Team B won, so Bam should have more points than any of the Wave Controllers on Team A.

And the Light Bearers who passed are probably Khun and Rachel, though I guess others could pass too. Khun is guaranteed to pass, and although Rachel was severely injured, her team did win.

Endorsi and Serena from the anime series Tower of God
Endorsi and Serena

The Scouts to pass should be Shibisu and Hatz. I don’t really see how Shibisu should pass considering he’s not all that remarkable and his team lost, but he seems to be a pretty major character so he probably passed. Hatz on the other hand seems competent enough to pass even if his team didn’t win.

Also, I don’t think Serena passed the test. She seemed to be resigned to the idea that she didn’t have what it takes to climb the tower. Also considering it took me over 10 minutes to find out what her name was told me she’s not an important character.

Lastly, we have the Fishermen. Anaak and Endorsi both obviously passed. Endorsi was apparently already guaranteed to pass, but Anaak wasn’t. This is why Endorsi took out the other Fishermen on Team B — so that Anaak could beat them.


What did you think of Tower of God episode 9? As I said at the start of this review, I thought it was pretty average. We finally got a little information regarding how many people are able to pass the test. and I did like the tale of two ogres. But aside from that, I didn’t think it was particularly good or anything.

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  1. Why didn’t Quant do anything ..he should jav saved Rachel or do something ..he came to the scene did nothing ..he was leaving the scene when Ogre attacked Rachel

    Made no sense

    1. It’s weird. Sometimes the killing of other examinees is fine, and other times it isn’t. He originally showed up because he was told that “something” was going to happen. I think there was no rule being expressly broken in this particular situation, so he didn’t do anything. I’m probably forgetting something though.

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