Train to the End of the World Review

Train to the End of the World Review

Train to the End of the World anime series cover art
Train to the End of the World

Did It Have Potential? Maybe

Train to the End of the World (Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku? / 終末トレインどこへいく?) was one of those anime I assumed would either be really good or really bad. Usually, I feel like I’m right about those kinds of anime, but not this time.

Well, sort of. I think this is a completely average anime from a rating perspective, which goes against what I predicted. However, the rating I gave it doesn’t tell the whole story. It gets an average rating because some parts were good and other parts were bad. Overall, they evened out.

So, what’s this series about? There was a 7G (as in two more than 5G, the signal your phone runs on) catastrophe that caused “the end of the world.” This end of the world transformed various parts of Japan in various ways. And it increased the distances between places.

Nadeshiko, Reimi, and Akira with the Apogee from the anime series Train to the End of the World
Nadeshiko, Reimi, and Akira with the Apogee

Okay, so I know that explanation probably doesn’t make much sense. Let’s start with the distances thing. Do you know how the universe is expanding? That’s basically what happened to the Earth. The “empty space” between locations became larger.

What about the various transformations? Well, this gets into the episodic nature of the majority of the series. The series follows girls on a train journey from Agano to Ikebukuro to find their friend. Along the way, they run into all sorts of crazy people and landscapes transformed by the 7G catastrophe.

For example, in Agano, everyone turns into an animal when they turn 21. Somewhere else, everyone is a mushroom person. In another location, there are zombies. And there’s even a town where everyone was turned into lamp posts and children’s anime characters. It’s a weird show, but that gave it the freedom to try a lot of things.

Did It Fall Short? Yes

While the weird nature of this series could have worked to its benefit, it didn’t. The series fell short, with the majority of the episodes being pretty boring. Yeah, weird stuff was happening. But that weird stuff isn’t exciting if I don’t care.

I’d say the best episodes were the mushroom episode and the zombie episode. They had pretty good stories. The mushroom episode was set up like a horror series featuring a cult. But instead of a cult, they were people being controlled by the mushroom spores.

The zombie episode was about a queen of the zombies leading her pack across the empty expanses between towns. I’ll get more into why I liked this episode, in particular, in the next section. But the main thing is that it introduced a new character whose arc I liked a lot.

Reimi, Shizuru, Nadeshiko, and Akira looking at a map from the anime series Train to the End of the World
Reimi, Shizuru, Nadeshiko, and Akira looking at a map

Most of the weirder episodes didn’t feel like they mattered all that much. There’s an overarching plot to the series. But these episodes felt standalone. Nothing that happened in them furthered the plot in any way. They were effectively 7G “monster of the week” episodes.

Then, toward the end of the series, the plot becomes super important. And this is a pitfall I’ve seen a lot of anime (often comedy anime) fall into. For some reason, a lot of series that aren’t that serious try to get serious in the end. It almost never works out.

I’ve watched 9 or 10 episodes of wacky things happening with barely any plot. Suddenly, the series is focusing on the plot, but because of the earlier episodes, I’m not invested in it. At no point did I care if the girls found and rescued their friend at the end of the series.

Is Kuroki the Best Girl? Of Course

Let’s spoil some of the series by talking about my favorite character, Mito “Kurokin” Kuroki. She’s the queen of the zombies. But as we learn, she’s not actually a zombie herself. She became their “queen” by wearing makeup to make herself look like a zombie.

Why did she do this? Did she want to rule over the 7G world with a zombie hoard? No. She did this so that the zombies wouldn’t eat her. She was just trying to blend in and ended up as their queen because they listened to her commands.

Also, Kuroki learned early on that lewd things make the zombies explode. She destroys a few of them before becoming their queen by lifting her skirt. However, she doesn’t go around and kill all of the zombies in this way. Why? Because she comes to view them as her family.

Mito "Kurokin" Kuroki from the anime series Train to the End of the World
Mito “Kurokin” Kuroki

Without the zombies, Kuroki would have been alone in this strange world. And by the time our main characters meet her, she’s fully committed to leading the zombies. When invited to join them, she refuses because if she leaves, who will take care of her “friends?”

Left to their own devices, zombies will get too wet and rot or get too dry and begin turning to dust. Kuroki is like a shepherd for the zombie hoard. She leads them wherever conditions are best and makes sure they “survive.” I’d say she’s the character with the best development arc in the series.

Who else can really compete with her? Shizuru? Her entire character arc was about begrudgingly admitting that she was a jerk to Youka. Like, by the end, I’m still not convinced that she actually felt she was in the wrong for making fun of Youka’s dream. That’s not good development.

Final Thoughts

Train to the End of the World gets a 5/10 from me. I think if most of the episodes had more to do with the main plot, that would have helped it a lot. It can still do all the wacky things. But make those wacky things actually further the girls’ goal instead of being side quests.

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