Two Car

Two Car

Two Car Cover Art featuring Yuri, Megumi, and other characters
Two Car Cover Art


Two Car is about two girls, Yuri and Megumi, who are partners in their local sidecar racing team, Ashitabamaru.  This season followed these two girls as they attempt to win their local race and qualify for the “Isle of Man TT,” where their coach is currently participating.

The final episode of the season just aired today, and I don’t expect there to be a second season.  There is still plenty of content for another season, but overall the anime just felt bland.  There was never a week where I was looking forward to watching the new Two Car episode.

Every episode had essentially the same plot.  The teammates of some teams weren’t getting along with each other, then something happens and through the power of friendship, they make up and everything is fine again.

I’m not even going to consider that a spoiler because it’s such a basic formula.  In fact, it feels as though there’s hardly any plot to spoil.


Yuri and Megumi are the main characters of the show.  They’re childhood best friends who grew up living next to each other.  They’re basically the same person.  Their only defining characteristic is that they don’t get along with each other.

Yuri and Megumi from the anime Two Car
Yuri (left) and Megumi (right)

Next are Maria and Yuria, the driver and passenger of rival team Single Duet.  These two are actually twins and so they’re just as interchangeable as Yuri and Megumi.

After those, the characters are all just a blur.  There was a third team that was fairly prominent in the series, but the fact that I just watched it and I don’t even remember their names shows how little of an impact they really had.

The team with the most unique design is composed of two gothic lolita characters, but they get so little screen time I honestly don’t know their names or their team name either.


I had this anime rated at a 5, but I was considering dropping it to a 4.  However, the final episode redeemed the series and in the end, I decided to stick with a 5/10.

As I stated previously, the show felt bland.  With the exception of the final episode, the series is a slice of life disguised as a sports anime.  The series looks nice and the soundtrack and voice acting are decent, but it’s nothing special.

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